Have you ever wondered what happens to our essence after we pass on from our current life? Or how about that moment you meet someone who seems so damn familiar! This person…it seems like you've known them all your life, but honestly you've just met.

There is something inside of us that doctors and scientists cannot see. It's the spark that makes us who we are. It goes beyond our genetic makeup and neurons or synapses. It's what makes us like rock music or attracted to someone of the same sex. It's the unexplainable part within ourselves that we cannot deny.

What happens to this part of us when we die? Can this essence live on? If it did…how might it change over centuries as the way of life changes?

This is the story of two souls and how they've changed through time, but the blue prints that draw them together still remain. Some might call them soul mates….some might compare them to Romeo and Juliet…and others might say it's simply a coincidence that cannot be proven.