When you bite your lip and tilt your chin,
I always know what's about to begin.
Your eyes shine and that smile creeps in.
With a look like that, you'll always win.

Your words are charming, as they roll off your tongue.
They make my heart stutter and my breath leave my lungs.
You make me want to sing every song that's been sung
and you heal all the wounds of where I've been stung.

You've revived a hope that has long been dead
and a whole slew of thoughts have now been bred.
If only you knew what happened in my head,
it'd be harder to put those hormones to bed.

That's why the words that I write are always a tease.
The only way I've found to barely appease
the thoughts that would lead to softly whimpered pleas
towards a dangerous path that a simple "yes" frees.

They remain tucked away so one day they might be
something to share between you and me.
For now, though, you have to just wait and see
what that one little "yes" just might set free.

"What You Do to Me"
Devin Liotta