Survival of the Fittest

Chapter I

I ran into the narrow alleyway in an attempt to hide from the people who wanted me dead; away from the people who would kill me for fun; away from the people who would kill me to survive. But that was a mistake. A mistake because the way was packed with very hungry-looking dogs. I turned around, but my way was blocked, and I was trapped.

"Get away!" I screamed desperately. That plan failed. If anything, they seem hungrier. "Stand back!" I attempted again. The biggest one took a step closer.

I stared at it.

It pounced.

I ran.

As I did, I let out a humorless laugh. That was all that I was good for. Running. I had been running all my life. Ever since the start of the war, ever since I was orphaned, as I had been doing was running. I'm surprised no one has caught up.

I made my way around the corner as the Central Square Clock struck midnight, nearby an explosion was heard.

Great. I have a pack of hungry dogs after me and I might just get myself caught in a crossfire. Hm... Which one is the most preferable way to die?


I continued running even as it began snowing. Life loves me, doesn't it? I haven't eaten anything in days either.

After a while, I stopped and collapsed to the ground. My toes are all black, I have no place to stay at, and I'm hungry. Ah, screw it.

"Eenie, meenie, miney, mo," I started chanting as I pointed at each house around me. "Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers let him go. Eenie, meenie, miney, mo." I smiled as I made my way to a rather homey looking home and picked at its lock.

I went inside and snooped around for the kitchen. Apparently, whoever lives here is nice enough to leave a bowl of hot soup on the counter.

Said bowl of hot soup(mushroom, by the way) was devoured in a record time of 3 minutes. Then the lights flicked on.

I turned to look at the person who was probablz preparin to kill me and saw a big, buffed, guy with grin on his face. Of all the things he could be doing, he was grinning. At a stranger. Who lock-picked the door of his house. And ate his bowl of very delicious mushroom soup.

Is he insane? I could be a killer. Well, I'm not, but...

"Hey kid!" He greeted cheerfully. "Looks like someone finally decided to make their way in. Good." What? "Every night I cook up some hot soup in case someone decides to come in and look for shelter. Looks like you're the lucky one!"

Apparently, he is.

"So... What's you're name, kid?" Norman asked me over my 15th bowl. He told me his name shortly after we met and agreed to let me stay the night over. HE seemed like a good person.

I swallowed before burping. He chuckled. "My name's Trent."

"Well, Trent, why don't you tell me about yourself?" He suggested, all smiles. I put my spoon down.

"I'm an orphan." That put him down to earth. "I lost my family 2 week after this damned war started, I don't know who or where they're from but I know their faces. And when I find them, I'll make them pay."

He nodded. "So, the vengeful type, eh? " Norman leaned forward , a serious look on his face.


"How're you gonna do that when all you do is run, run, run?" I froze. "In this world of ours, the weak will die and the strong will survive. As for those who run... they just get caught little later." My thoughts flashed back to the dogs from earlier. I shuddered.


He then grinned. " So why don't you stay here and let me train you?"

I looked at him like he had gone insane, then thought about his offer. It would mean food and clothes, and not to mention shelter. If I accepted I would get the 3 basic needs...

I was about to nod when he added, "Not for free of course."

"But I don't have any money."

He laughed. "If you want to stay here, you're going to do chores as well. Just look at how much you eat!"

I accepted the offer.

Norman got up and led me to am empty bedroom. Empty meaning there was just a bed and a side table. And yet, when I hopped in, it was warmer than any other place I had been to.

The next day, I was awoken by the noise of Norman and someone else arguing.

"-get that kid out of here, I. Will!" Wait... this is my fault?

"I can't just send him back to the streets! He could get killed!" Image of dogs. I shudder.

"So what!?" Ouch. "He's just some pathetic, useless kid with no family. He should be greatful to join his family!"

"Honey..." Egh. People still use that term? "He's a kid. Trent' still got a future ahead of him." Whoa there... We just met yesterday. "All kids do." Oh... "And it's our jobs, as adults, to make sure that thez change the world for the better."

"Ugh, fine! If you won't listen to me then fine!" She must've started to leave the house 'cuz the next thing I heard was a "Hey! Where are you going!?" from Norman.

"A walk!" Then I heard the door slam.

Cue my entrance. "Hey, Norman."

He looked up at me(he was sitting) and smiled. "So, you heard that?" Norman gestured to the door with his thumb.

I shrugged. "Pretty much."

Norman laughed. "And yet, you don't seem fazed by what she said at all."

"I've heard it so many times before that I completely ignore it." I shrugged again before looking down. "Sorry..."

He ruffled my hair. "Don't worry about it. This was my choice."


"But if you really feel sorry, you can go take a bath and then eat." I stred at him, then broke out laughing. This guy...

"Alright." I said. "Where's the bathroom?"

"It's the door before your room."

"Got it."

There was a mirror in the bathroom. I looked into it.

My face didn't have any fats, so did the rest of my body. I was very sickly thin. You could even make out my bones and veins. My raven hair was long and reached my waist, and not mention messy. It looked like a bird's nest.

I took off my ragged(and holed) shirt. My ribs were very prominent, my waist was very small, and my stomach was barely there. Heh, I look like some kind of anorexic person.

After I took off my equally ragged shorts, I went in the tub and started scrubbing the dirt off me.

I took ages in there. After getting rid of the dirt, I started fixing my hair. It was hard, to say the least. And now, I have newfound respect for girls with really long hair.

After that, I got a pair of scissors and faced the mirror. Hoo boy. How am I gonna do this?

I allowed a minute or two of procrastination before starting.

An hour later, I had a pretty decent hair cut so I changed back into my clothes and went down to the kitchen where Norman and his wife, I suppose, were waiting for me. They're going to kick me out, aren't they?

The woman - I should really ask for her name - pointed angrily at me. "What is he wearing!?" That's the issue here?

Norman looked at me then facepalmed. What? "Sorry. I forgot to give you a new set of clothes." What?

"Well, then go give 'em to him." What?

Norman nodded. "Right," he then left the room. What?

Woman smiled at me and gestured for me to sit down. "So, you're Trent?" I nodded. What the hell is going on? She got a bowl of soup and put it in front of me. "Eat up. I'll do the talking." I did as I was told.

"Norman told me that you heard our argument." I swallowed the food in a gulp. This isn't poisoned, is it? "I suppose he hasn't told you about out child, has he?" What child?

I shook my head.

She gave a bittersweet smile. "Our daughter, Antoinette, should be turning 14 next week." That's how old I am. "But we lost her to the war." I nodded. The pain of losing your family is more painful than anything. "She was caught in a crossfire." That's what almost happened to me last night. "You see, she was chasing a butterfly," lulwhut, "but then a grenade hit her." She was crying now. " Funny thing is, the butterfly got away." She let out a humorless laugh.

I hugged her.

"Wh-what are you-"

I cut her off. "I'm sure, wherever your daughter is right now, she's happy." I told her. "But I'm sure she feels regret as well." She gave me a questioning look. "Antoinette is probably sad because she left her parents at such an early age, she's probably sad because her parents are still sad about her death." Man... this feels weird, but she needs it. "If you don't come in terms with it, she won't have a happy afterlife because she doesn't want you sad." I let go.

Norman's wife looked at me like I was insane, then laughed. "You're right." Heh... "If we keep grieving, she'll never be at peace." She ruffled my hair. "Thanks."

Norman chose that time to get in. "So...?"

"You're right." Wife answered before looking at me, "He's a keeper." lulwhut. "I'm Erin, nice to meet you."

I smiled at her. "Nice to meet you too!"

Norman dropped a bunch of clothes in front of me. "Get changed." I did.

Wait... Did I just get adopted?

I smiled. This should be alright, right mom? Right dad?

This was the start of something new.


Hello to those of you reading this piece of junk! I say junk because this thing didn't turn out the way I wanted it too. For one thing, you can't even smell the angst, and angst is an important detail in these kinds of stories.

Whatever. I'll just roll with it and put more angst next time.

'Till we meet again *Ninja vanish*