I scream in shock as he charges toward me, seemingly in slow motion. I dodge to the right instinctively, and the man misses by a millimeter, his sharpened teeth just brushing past my shoulder.

At the sight of blood, he halts and stares at me, a hungry look on his grimy face. I scramble to the back wall of the convenience store. The man is wearing ripped clothes and covered from head to toe with wounds. There's a huge chunk missing out of his leg, still bleeding, but he doesn't even seem to notice as he starts toward me again. He's insane.

Now there's no time to think. I look across the shop floor for some kind of weapon and grab a piece of jagged metal, although it cuts into my own hand. The man jumps toward me again, looking ready to take a bite of my flesh. I lash out with my metal and it cuts him on the arm; amazingly, he has absolutely no reaction. Why? No, no time. Right now I have to kill him before he kills me. Before he can attack again, I hack his arm, deepening the cut almost to the bone. I grab one of my cans of beans and throw it toward the man's forehead as hard as I can. He is knocked back for a second, and that gives me the perfect opportunity to drive the metal into his neck.

He falls back, gagging as blood spurts out from his neck. I watch in alarm as he flails around hopelessly, arms and legs kicking wildly in the air. He looks directly at me for one awful moment before going completely slack. And that's when I notice something about his eyes.

The irises aren't brown or blue or green. No, they're a misty white, like fog. In the very center of the iris, I see a tiny speck of an inky black pupil. It's unsettling but mesmerizing at the same time. I finally look away and kneel down, trying to make sense of what just happened.

I… I… just murdered somebody. But this man was completely insane; he tried to eat me. I killed him in self-defense. Maybe it's just a full day of being surrounded by carcasses, but I don't feel so shaken.

Is that what happened to the city? Cannibalistic maniacs slaughtered everyone? No… it can't be. This is the kind of thing that is in a movie, not real life. But then I flick my gaze back to the man's body and the gaping hole that has been scooped out of his leg. A normal person would have reacted to that even if they were out of their mind. Heck, a person shouldn't even be able to move.

The thing I just faced was not human.