~Its Summer And The Memories Are Just Waiting To Happen.~

Roxy stepped out of her Mom's car, overlooking the scenery, in front of her. It was ten o'clock in the morning, the sky was bright and sunny and she didn't see a cloud anywhere. Her blue eyes traveled away from the sky to what stood in front of her, the entrance to Spring Garden's Sleep-away Camp.

She remembered how her mom would beg her and spoil her with stuff to just agree to go. Apparently, she thought a summer away from LA is supposed to be good for her. She rolled her eyes, believing nothing can change her and if anything could it defiantly wouldn't be some dumb sleep-away camp.


Roxy snapped out of her gaze at the entrance and turned quickly around to find the direction of her shrieked name, but was suddenly tackled in a hug, by body over-sprayed with perfume. The person backed away she found it was her mom, smiling at her big.

"I'm going to miss you, Rox."

"Then why did you practically beg me to come here?" Roxy snapped a little irritated by the fact her mom was going to miss her even though she basically forced her to come.

Her mom sighed, her blue eyes staring challenging at her teenage daughter, "You know exactly, why sweetheart." She spoke calmly.

Roxy rolled her eyes. "Actually, I don't. Please explain to me, why I'm here?" she snapped shouting so loud other teens and parents stopped getting out bags from their cars and looked their way.

"You are not going to be making a scene out of this, Roxanne!" Her mom snapped harshly, her voice low.

Roxy rolled her eyes again, before grabbing her black backpack and suitcase, stocking off through the entrance ignoring the stares of parents and kids she would be spending the rest of her summer with. Once, she pulled herself into the camp along with her suitcase rolling on the bumpy dirt behind, her she find millions of kids crowding four tables. She sighed, realizing she needed to go through the crowd in order to get her cabin assignment. Not wanting, to drag her suitcase practically stuffed with her room inside, through the crowd of teens. She rolled over toward a nearby tree and plopped it down underneath the shade, also throwing her backpack off her shoulders in the process.

She made a quick jog over toward the four tables; she looked up reading the signs hanging from the tables she could just barely make out from the crowd. The first table said, "Boys", the second one said, "Counselors", the third one said, "Volunteers", and the fourth one said, "Girls."She looked over at the fourth table finding rowdy teenage girls crowding all around it.

She snorted, "Oh...joy teenage girls." as she made her way toward the table.

After, struggling to push pass some of the girl's she finally made it to the front of the table to find a women wearing a bright green shirt with, "Spring Gardens Sleepaway Camp"advertised on its front. The women looked up, she seemed to be in her earlier twenties, she had green eyes, a flawless complexion with a few freckles dotted here and there, and her beach-blonde hair was tied back into a pony-tail.

Roxy smiled, "Hi, I'm Roxanne Franks."

The women looked down smiling as she shuffled through a file that was printed with a bold, "F"on it, she pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Roxy saying, "I'm Ms. Nikki one of the camp counselor's and I hope you enjoy your time here."

Roxy nodded and walked away looking down at the black and white map, Ms. Nikki had just handed her. A cabin called, "Fierce"was circled on the map, which she assumed was where her bed would be for the rest of the summer. She sighed, already missing her friends back in LA who were probably writing a new song for their band at this moment.

Not forgetting, about her much neglected suitcase and backpack she stocked off toward where she left it under the tree, but found two boys going through it pulling out all of her clothes and things, like it was a treasure box.

Roxy was pissed; she carefully sprinted toward them, facing their backs she snapped, "What the hell are you doing?"

The two boys caught in the act quickly turned around fear present on both their faces. Both boys looked fifteen, her age. The boy on her left was tall, but built, he had short blonde hair, brown eyes and was wearing athletic clothing. The boy next to him seemed Hispanic and was a few inches shorter than the boy next to him, a smirk suddenly playing on his face.

The Hispanic boy turned around quickly snatched a pair of her panties, before running away along with the blonde boy. Roxy was hot on their heels chasing them onto the cabin pathway. As she ran, she felt her breathing start to get slower and her long blonde waves whipping into her face. She would've tied her hair up but it would just slow her down. She found herself off the pathway now, chasing the two perverts into a forested area. They ran into a small building, she stopped and looked at the sign, it read, "Boys Restroom and Shower area." She was about to just walk away and get them later before, she remembered they had stolen her panties. She took a big breath before jogging inside the boys' washroom, jogging past the stalls. Since, no one was in there all the stall doors were wide open. She turned the corner jogging into the shower area.

"Hey!" She screamed finding the two boys huddling over in the corner by a running shower.

Their eyes widened in shock as the girl raced toward them. They quickly high-tailed it out of there before pulling down the shower curtain, that fell on top of Roxy.

"What the hell!"

Roxy heard a male voice shriek but, paid no attention
to it as she threw the shower curtain off her small body, she flipped her hair out of her face,finding a male teen staring down at her in shock and anger.

Roxy could feel her blue eyes widened as huge as saucers, before she slapped a hand over them stating, "I didn't see anything! Get a towel on!"

She could hear the boy grab something from a rack and shuffle to slide it over his body.

"It's clear." He stated awkwardly.

Roxy slowly removed her hand from her eyes and looked up at the teenage boy in front of her. He seemed to be her age, also. He had shaggy locks of wet brown hair smoothed out on top of his head in a messy fashion, his face was dotted with a few freckles, but she couldn't help but to gawk at his chiseled chest and six-pack as he reattached the shower curtain to its hooks.

He cocked an eyebrow at her, a smirk dancing on his face."You like what you see?" He asked cockily, flexing his arms out.

Roxy rolled her eyes, "Shut up."

"Knock! Knock!"

"Camp inspection!"

"Oh crap! We gotta hide!" The boy shrieked.

Before, she knew what happened he grabbed Roxy with his wet hand and shoved her inside the still running shower. He looked at her for a moment telling her to indirectly stay where she was. Roxy frowned slightly not very comfortable by the fact that a shower was drizzling over her head.

Sitting there in the dirty, wet shower she could hear foot-steps coming inside and closer to the shower. The footsteps then stopped.

An unfamiliar woman's voice spoke up, "Is it only you in here? Uh...Mr.?"

"Just call me Jake." The said boy replied "And yeah but another guy is in the shower also."

Roxy heard some shuffling of what sounded like a folder full of papers, assuming it was the woman making all the noise.

The woman sighed, "Well tell your friend there to get out of the shower I need to do a quick inspection of all the showers and toilets to make sure they work well for this summer.

Roxy's eyes widened, as she immediately started to panic knowing it wouldn't look good if this woman found her in the shower and Jake looking like he just got out of one.

"You hear that buddy get out! I'm going to be late to my meeting if you don't get out now!"

"Uh...look uh...Miss there is no need to rush her..er him how about you check out the stalls on the other side first." Jake suggested sounding a bit frantic.

Roxy rolled her eyes. Smooth.

"Oh...okay I will."

Roxy's eyebrows shot up surprised the woman didn't notice how this shower-boy Jake was trying to get rid of her. She heard the shuffling of the woman's flip-flops fade away to the other side of the large restroom.

Jake then flipped the shower curtain open, but only small enough so he could see Roxy's face. He opened his mouth, but Roxy cut him up feeling very panicked.

"What are we going to do? I can't get in trouble on my first day! My mom already thinks I'm a nutcase! Oh my god were going to get in so much-"

Jake slapped a hand over her mouth giving the girl a stone cold glare indirectly telling her to shut up. Roxy immediately stopped freaking out by the warmth of the boy's skin over her lips and as he gave her a cold glare she couldn't help but notice his sparkling blue eyes. His eyes just popped out so much because of how his hair was brown and his white skin was slightly tanned.

He smirked letting his hand fall from her lips. "Look, we don't got much time, but quickly climb over the shower there's an out of order shower to this one that has a window right next to it, unlatch the window and get out of it. Roxy nodded understanding his instructions, Jake smiled before disappearing from the shower curtain.

Roxy then stood up and took a hold of the silver nozzle, built into the wall. She slowly turned the nozzle turning the shower off now only seeing drips of water hit the dirty tile. She then gripped the wall making sure her hands were in the right places before jumping up on her high-top Jordan's. She then moved up the wall a bit before grabbing the other side and jumping up. She smirked triumphantly landing on her feet as quiet as a mouse she then stood up from her crouched position on the floor and found the window in front of her. She quickly unmatched the small dirty window and started to climb out of it. She felt something tug on her shirt she looked up to find that the window had closed on the fabric of her shirt.

Roxy sighed. Of course, this happened to me.She thought glumly.

She pulled as hard as she could on her shirt, the fabric tearing from the window. This caused her to topple back and land in a bush. She slowly got up from the bush feeling aches all over her body, she groaned in pain.

Roxy stood up and looked down at herself. All of her clothes were wet and sticking to her skin, because of her tearing the fabric from the window a huge gaping hole was in the right side of her shirt revealing a good look at her dark purple bra. She accepting the fact that there was nothing she could do about how she currently look; she trudged off down in the unknown path.

Standing in the path for about ten minutes being very clueless to where her cabin is and where the front of the camp is Roxy plopped down on a nearby log and pulled a hair-tie off her wrist, twirling her long, wavy, blonde hair into a messy bun. She then shuffled through her light-wash jean short pockets trying to find the map the Councelor had given her earlier. Roxy felt what seemed like a folded up piece of paper and pulled it out of her right pocket. Unfolding the black and white map she realized how wet it was from being drizzled on through her pocket but she was still able to read it clearly. Once, she figured out how she could get from the bathroom to her cabin she started to take the opposite path. Roxy then stopped finding herself, standing in front of the four large cabins.

Apparently, each cabin could only hold ten girl's, meaning there were only ten bunk beds placed in each of the cabins'. The first cabin to her far left was named, "Rebels" the second one was named "Fighter" the third on was named "Fierce" and the last one on her far right was called, "Courage."
Roxy shrugged finding the names of the cabins strange but started making her way towards "Fierce"where she would be staying for the summer.

Some girls and guys were hanging out at the picnic table in front of the cabin, most likely already done with their unpacking. Roxy groaned she forgot to go back and pick up her suitcase. She just shook her head and decided she would go back for her suitcase once she convinced some nicegirl in her cabin to let her borrow a hoodie to cover her current shirt until she gets a new one.

As Roxy walked by the picnic table she heard some wolf whistles being thrown her way.

A girl then called her over, "Hey! New girl! Come over."

Roxy looked up from where her eyes had been currently watching her feet with each step and looked over at the picnic table. The girl who was looking at her with a smirk she guessed was the one with the high-pitched voice that called her over. The girl had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing dark jean shorts and a tight fitting purple T-shirt that showed off her breasts a little too much to Roxy. Next, to the girl was a girl with bright red hair and a girl with bleached blonde hair who she assumed were friends of the girl. The rest of the table was surrounded by some guys.

Roxy really didn't want to go over there, but just sighed knowing this girl was the type who would drag you over if she had too. She forcefully walked over towards the picnic table.

"Uh...what do you want?" she asked impatiently.

The girl flashed a fake white-toothed smile at her and replied, "I was wondering why you have a gaping hole in your shirt?"

Roxy shrugged. "The reason doesn't concern you."

The girl seemed to get a little ticked by Roxy's answer. "Excuse me, but I don't need your attitude! I wanted to try and be your friend but you know what who wants to be friends with a hole-gaping shirt slut like you anyway!"

"Hey guys-" A boy said running towards the picnic table but stopped realizing the tension going on between the two girls.

Roxy looked away from the girl who was currently giving her a dirty look and let her eyes travel to the male voice that had just came into the group. Her mouth fell open as she met eyes with Jake the shower-boy. He also, seemed surprised to find her standing there too.

Roxy then quickly looked away not wanting to be caught staring to long. "Look! I'm sorry whoever you are! I didn't have a great morning and my shirt got caught by something and ended up tearing a hole!"

With that said the overly-stressed blonde left making her way up the steps of the "Fierce" cabin and slammed the door behind her. She ignored the stares from the other girls in the room and took the bottom bunk all the way in the back of the room jumping on top of its mattress. She shoved the barely fluffed pillow under her cheek and drifted off into a much needed deep sleep.