~Don't rush into love because even in fairy tales, the happy ending takes place on the last page.~

Roxy fluttered her eyes open; she sat up in her bunk bed and slowly rubbed her eyes. Throwing the white blanket off her body; revealing her bare pale legs to the chill. 'Chill? When has it ever been chilly in the cabin?'

Her blue eyes snapped open, her blurry vision suddenly becoming clear. She looked around realizing she was no longer in the cabin, but in a bedroom. The bedroom had nice pale pink walls, a shelf full of old books and a wide window with lavender curtains that were currently shutting out the rays of sun.

The chilly breeze hit her bare legs once again; she looked up finding it coming from a fan that was currently running on the popcornceiling of the room. She threw the blanket back over her bare legs, closing her eyes, and smiling at the warmth enveloping her body. Her blue eyes snapped open hearing the door creak. Aunt Isabella was peeking through the white door and smiled kindly as she stepped inside making her way towards Roxy. She sat down next to Roxy, on the bed still smiling at her.

"Roxy do you remember what happened last night?"Aunt Isabella questioned, concern gleaming in her eyes.

Roxy thought for a moment, the only thing she remembered was crawling into her creaky bunk bed in the back of the cabin and falling asleep. She shook her head and yawned tiredly.

"Well honey, last night you went sleep walking out of your cabin."

Roxy's blue eyes suddenly, widened horror struck throughout her facial features. "Has this happened before?"

A million memories suddenly flashed back through her head of those terrible nights. She would sleep walk in the middle of the night, at first it was harmless sleep walking and her parents would just send her back to bed. Soon, the sleep walking became horrid for her and her family. The whole night she would be screaming, she would be reliving one of the scariest moments in her life. The only reason she agreed to come to Spring Gardens Sleepaway Campwas because, she had finally stopped sleep walking and reliving an actual real life nightmare after she saw a therapist.

Roxy shook her head. "No."She lied.

She knew it was wrong to lie, especially since it caused her trouble in the past and Aunt Isabella only wanted to help her, but she hated pity. She could take care of herself, she knew she sounded stubborn, but she didn't want to scare anyone off so it was just better to keep this sort of thing to herself until the right time comes.

Aunt Isabella stared at her with her brown eyes unconvinced, but let it go. She got up off the bed and grabbed hold of the door's silver doorknob. Before, leaving the room she turned towards Roxy. "Would you like some breakfast?"

Roxy snapped her attention away from the sheets, still covering her legs and looked at Aunt Isabella. Cocking her head slightly she questioned. "Don't I have to get breakfast in the Mess Hall?"

Aunt Isabella chuckled. "Remember the sick always get served the best. I've got chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and milk out in the kitchen. Unless you want to go to the Mess Hall for some expired fish sticks?" She cocked her eyebrow Roxy's way.

A smile made its way across Roxy's plush pink lips. "Nah, I'm sick." She stated before throwing the white blanket off herself and following Aunt Isabella out the door. They passed by the sitting area and walked through a thin hall leading into a medium-sized kitchen. While, Aunt Isabella prepared a plate of food for Roxy. The blonde hopped onto the bar stool and watched as Aunt Isabella prepared her breakfast. After, about five minutes a green metal plate consisting of two chocolate chip pancakes, a piece of toast, three pieces of bacon, and a pile of scrabbled eggs was placed in front of Roxy, along with a glass of milk.

Roxy smiled. "Thanks."

"No problem sweetheart." Aunt Isabella responded sweetly before, fixing another plate of food.

Roxy picked up a piece of bacon with her fork and right as she was about to eat it, it was suddenly snatched from the silver utensil by a hand. Surprised the blonde spun around on the bar stool, to watch the one and only Jake who was wearing a tight white muscle shirt and grey jersey shorts; engulf her piece of bacon into his mouth. He smirked at her and leaned down kissing her forehead quick. "Thanks, sweetheart." He chuckled childishly before sitting at the stool next to her.

Greg and Mateo also came into the kitchen looking like lifeless zombies sliding into the bar stools next to Jake. Roxy glared at the brunette before, stuffing a piece of pancake in her mouth.

"Here you three." Aunt Isabella stated, setting down a plate full of breakfast foods with glasses of milks in front of the three boys. Roxy rolled her eyes watching them dig into the food like they haven't eaten in a year.

"Wait...what are you doing here?" Mateo asked glancing down the table at Roxy, his thick spanish accent showing.

Jake laughed as he took a sip of his milk. "She probably faked having bad cramps from her period so, she could eat Aunt Isabella's wonderful breakfast."

"Don't be rude." Aunt Isabella scolded Jake; taking a seat on the other side of the bar, digging into her own plate of breakfast. "A counselor found Roxy sleep walking last night." She trailed off thinking for a moment.

"Actually, now that I think of it. I recall the counselor telling me they found you at good timing Roxy, because you were about to step inside one of the boys cabins. I think it was the Wild Onescabin?" Aunt Isabella questioned herself before glancing at Jake. "Wait, isn't that your cabin Jake?"

Jake looked up surprised, his head turned towards Roxy, his gaze instantly meeting her blue eyes, he immediately looked away and at his Aunt sitting before him. "Uh...yeah it is."

"Sounds pretty stalkerishto me." Mateo whispered childishly in a teasing tone next to Greg.

"Or someone has a crush." Greg added in also in a teasing tone.

Roxy rolled her eyes before, lifting her head out over the bars counter, glaring daggers at the two boys still chucking. "Sounds like someone wants a certain blonde to go dragon kick there asses all the way to China."

The boys instantly shut their mouths, giving off an innocent look, before stuffing their mouths with another pancake. Roxy leaned back onto the bar stool triumphant.

"So, Roxy went sleep walking. I don't get what the big deal is?" Jake stated as he wiggled his fork around in the scrambled eggs.

Aunt Isabella rolled her eyes at her nephew, wiping a napkin across her red lips before crumpling the fabric and throwing it onto her have emptied plate. "Jake this isn't like the time you went sleep-walking and urinated on your father's drum set."

"Isabella."Jake snapped harshly, glaring daggers at his Aunt watching her take a bite out of her toast. He could feel his face instantly turn red, the embarrassment overwhelming his emotions. Roxy, Greg, and Mateo started to crack up.

"Dude! You peed on your dad's drum set!" Mateo cracked up loudly, his accent becoming very deep.

"Jake shook his head staring straight at his plate."Shut up!" He yelled rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly feeling his cheeks burn.

Aunt Isabella chuckled at the teens antics, before shushing them. "Anyway, as I was saying. Today, there are a lot of different things that 'cause sleep walking that we need to watch out for especially in teens. Roxy could have sleep deprivation, headaches, encephalitis, bloated stomach, physical or emotional stress, premenstrual period, medications, alcohol abuse, mental disorder, and-"

"Can we just say she was her period and move on." Jake cut off his Aunt, noticing she was going into a professional lecture, he didn't feel like hearing about at sevenin the morning.

Mateo suddenly choked up milk he had currently been drinking down all over his breakfast. "Wait! So you two had sex while she was on her period last night! Doesn't the bl-"

"You two had sex!"Aunt Isabella screamed, looking extremely angry at a wide eyed Jake.

"Jake! I can't believe you would do such an irresponsible thing with some girl you just met! I thought you knew better than that! Especially, after what Katie tried to pull on you last summer! For Pete sake I hope you two used protection! And Roxy wait until I personally call your mother-"

"I'm not on my period! And Jake and I didn't have sex!" Roxy screamed irritably her pale cheeks suddenly becoming flushed, the room turning silent.

Mateo stuttered out. "But-t Kyle and Austin said Katie sent them out to check if you guys were actually-"

"We know we heard them coming." Jake stated, running his fingers through his brown locks again.

"That's why we faked it."Roxy added in. "At first I was just going to hand my underwear off and look like I just had sex with Jake."

"But we had to improvise, realizing the Katie sent them out to see if it was true." Jake finished for Roxy keeping his eyes on his plate full of half eaten food.

Greg and Mateo stared at the two in bewilderment. "How the hell do you fake sex?" They both exclaimed exchanging looks.

Jake rolled his eyes, really wanting to get off this subject. "I don't know. I just winged it last night."

Aunt Isabella forcefully picked up Mateo's and Greg's plates, a noticeably big fake smile plastered on her face.

"Hey! I wasn't done!" Mateo snapped showing his thick Spanish accent.

"Me either." Greg whined childishly pouting.

Aunt Isabella rolled her eyes gritting with a big smile still plastered on her flawless bone structure. "Oh, okay so you two want to stay for the sex talk?"

Greg and Mateo instantly jumped from the bar stool and scurried out of the room mumbling they weren't hungry anymore.

"Well...uh." Jake trailed, pushing his plate away. Roxy following suite of his actions." Me and Roxy we'll just get going then-"

Aunt Isabella smile instantly fell into a scowl. "You two sit now!" She growled pointing at the bar stools Jake and Roxy had just gotten out from. They both sighed following her orders and sitting back down on the silver stools.

"Tell me everything. That happened last night!" Aunt Isabella growled giving the two daggers.

After Roxy and Jake taking about fifteen minutes of summarizing the whole event up and how nothing really happened people just think something did seemed to calm Aunt Isabella down a bit. She sighed, relief washing over her tan complexion for a moment, before she peered back over the two teens.

"You two promise you didn't have sex?" She asked them suspiciously glancing between the two teens.

They both blankly stared at her shaking their heads. "Yes." They both replied.

She peered over the two sitting in front of her. "Fine." She waved off. "Go. Get ready and meet the rest of the campers in the Mess Hall."

The two hopped off the bar stool and sprinted out of the kitchen. Roxy came back through after Jake ran off finding Aunt Isabella wiping down the pale blue counter of the bar.

"Uh...Aunt Isabella?" Roxy trailed gaining the Aunt's attention. "Did anyone tell you if I was talking in my sleep or well was I talking in my sleep when they brought me to you?" She questioned peering at the young woman silently.

Aunt Isabella thought for a moment before making another stroke along the counter and plopping the purple rag in the sink. She turned around facing Roxy's blue eyes, cocking an eyebrow. "No. Why do you ask?" She inquired suspiciously, leaning her hands against the counter.

Roxy chuckled awkwardly pulling out the messy bun that was sitting lazily on top of her head, letting her blonde waves cascade down her back. "Uh...no reason, just curious." She stammered quickly heading out of the room, before she questioned her any further.

Roxy made her way into the Mess Hall, looking around the worn out building she caught sight of Jake, Greg, and Mateo laughing hysterically at one of the picnic tables in the back. She made her way over towards them taking a seat next to Jake who was still laughing.

He calmed himself and glanced at Roxy out of the corner of his eye. "Hey, Roxy." He greeted waving a hand.

Roxy smiled. "Hey." She then looked around the large building seeing that the whole camp was inside here. "Uh...guys? Do you know what we're doing today?" Roxy trailed off turning back towards the guys, who were sitting there with bored looks.

Jake shrugged. "I don't know usually they have four separate activities each day, we choose one and just do that for an hour or two than switch off."

Roxy sighed picking at her black polished nails, her blue eyes glanced up at the front of the Mess Hall, widening excitedly at the sight of the huge poster hanging above them all. It was a Rock Your Life poster. Rock Your Life is an organization that got started in L.A. California. Basically, bands of under aged kids ranging from twelve years old to seventeen all over the world come to perform two songs in front of the judges. Whoever is the last two has to a have a face off and whoever wins gets a huge record deal. Of course, your band has to audition privately for the judges before being sent off to wherever Rock Your Lifeis being held, because there are so many people.

Roxy should be in California right now practicing for Rock Your Life with the guys, but because of what happened a month ago, her parents sent her to camp. She tried convincing them that she was perfectly fine, but nothing worked. Unfortunately since, she won't be able to be with her band she left them, giving them permission to find a new lead singer and guitarist until she came back. She also told them to win Rock Your Lifewithout her.

Roxy's mouth dropped open at the sight of Rorri Westfield walking inside of the stingy Mess Hall. Rorri Westfield owns one the most greatest Record Companies in the United States called, Studio Records; she also one of the head judges of Rock Your Life. Rorri Westfield was a tall, thin woman in her mid twenties, she was African American, but had a bit of a British accent since she grew up in England. The young woman made her way in the front of the Mess Hall,gently holding a megaphone in her hand. She brought it up towards her mouth.

"Hello, ladies and gentleman." She greeted, a smile coming across her face. "I am Rorri Westfield and this year we are having Rock Your Life hosted here at your camp at the end of the summer in this Mess Hall." She explained gaining the teens attention whom started to murmur quietly throughout the Mess Hall.

"And for any of you who have a band that are interested please meet with me after I'm finished talking and sign up on this-"she trailed off holding up a plain clipboard, "lovely clipboard here. Auditions to be in the show are in three weeks. Use your time wisely." She winked placing the megaphone down on the picnic table.

"Oh my god! I didn't know Rock Your Lifewas happening here! Oh my god! I hope we get to watch the show live!" Roxy exclaimed hopping up and down excitedly in her seat.

An amused smirk played on Jake's lips as he watched her excitedly bounce up and down on the wooden bench. Her blonde waves bouncing on her head as her bangs feel against her face, her blue eyes wide in excitement.

"Why don't you sign up to audition?" Jake asked scooting closer towards watching, feeling his muscular shoulder graze her bony one.

The excited smile suddenly fell to a frown, her blue eyes staring up at the brunette sadly, she sighed. "I was supposed to." She trailed, watching about twenty teens getting in line to fill out the forms.

Jake cocked an eyebrow.

"I actually was part of a band back in L.A., but my mom sent me to this camp, so I just told them to find another lead and win Rock Your Life, for me. I figured just because, my parents don't understand my dreams doesn't mean I have to hold them back from achieving theirs. You know?" Roxy looked away from the sign, meeting Jake's gaze, both their blue eyes locking on one another.

His face fell. "I'm sorry. I didn't know."

Roxy shrugged, a half hearted smile spreading on her pink lips. "Its okay-"

"No. It's not." Jake stated a serious expression forming in his face. "You could be in L.A. with your friends practicing for the auditions right now, but you're at this camp." He trailed off, shaking his head, flipping his brown locks out of his face. "I never thought you would let your parents hold you back like that."

Roxy couldn't help it but something inside of her tiny body snapped at his words. "Don't say that! You don't even know me!" She snapped getting up from the bench, standing over the teenage boy. Jake followed suit now standing tall over her, there blue eyes gazing intensely at each other.

Jake rolled his eyes. "Please! It's obvious! You're a daddy's girl!" He snapped gaining the attention of other campers.

Roxy could feel anger boil up inside of her. "You-you" she stuttered out suddenly feeling her eyes becoming watery.

"I'm what? An asshole?Go ahead call me that one more time!" Jake sneered harshly his blue eyes wide in anger.

Suddenly, the memory comes back into her head. She starts to feel dizzy, the room suddenly spins, Jake's blue eyes turning into a million. Staring, back at her. She stumbles back onto the bench, grazing her forehead lightly with her fingertips, feeling a flashback wisk through her mind.

"I can't believe you Adam! Why the hell would you do that? You can't just vandalize my parent's car just because, they hate you!" Roxy screamed, as the rain poured down on her bare skin, causing goose-bumps to grow throughout her revealed body.

Adam chuckled squeezing her closer to his waist. "C'mon baby! That car's apiece of crap anyway, they've been needing a paint job.""A piece of crap." Roxy inquired angrily, shoving him away from her. "My parents got that car as a gift and you totally ruined it! She glowered at him angrily taking the black jacket that was tied loosely around her waist and covering herself with it.

Adam shrugged not having a care in the world. "So, there rich they can always get it fixed or a new one what's the big deal?"

"What's the big deal! Are you freak'in serious? It doesn't matter if we have money or not! Adam its still completely terrible to do!" She screamed at the teenage boy, her blonde waves whipping in front of her face, by the force of the strong wind.

"You-you." She stuttered out the cold breeze of the storm making her teeth chatter."I'm what? An asshole? Go ahead call me that one more time!" Adam sneered roughly grabbing on Roxy's collar and slamming her up against a brick wall. Roxy stared at him, her blue eyes wide in horror. She bit her lip, holding herself back from retaliating knowing the consequences wouldn't be good.

Adam chuckled sardonically,"Good. But if you ever try to spit names at me again, I suggest you don't if you know what's good for you."He threatened dropping her on the wet ground, slowly making his way down the street.

Roxy slowly came out of her flashback, gently fluttering her eyes open. Meeting her gaze with Jake's blue orbs, she started to shake her head quickly. As she slowly stood up from the bench.

"Roxy what's-"

"No! Don't even! One minute you wanna kiss me! The next you-you are making fun of me and judging me! When you don't even know me! I'm just-just done with you!" She trailed off storming away down the Mess Hall. She then turned on her heel. "And maybe, Katie was right! Maybe, you were just using me to convince everyone you aren't gay!"

"Man! Fuck you! You bitch!"

Roxy spinned around one more time her hand on the door of the Mess Hall. "Remember? You did that last night dumbass!" She snapped, storming out of the Mess Hall, letting tears spill down her flushed cheeks.