As I walk to the café, as I do every single morning for my daily addiction.. My self prescribed prescription.. I see a marvelous sight awaiting me ever so patiently.. He stood there in all black, sophistication was surely something he did not lack. I looked him up and down, and he informed me he was new to the town.

I smiled, relieved he made no notice of my staring. "I'm Nicole. Yours truly. I mean..-" He chuckled softly, taking a Starbucks card out and a pen out of his suit. I watched bewildered, wondering what he was up to. He scrawled something quickly and handed it to me.

"I've been here for about 3 weeks now. But, I see you everyday.. So you'd probably make better use of it." I looked at the card, and saw his number written elegantly. I could not contain how happy it made me. I hugged him tightly, and he chuckled yet again.

"Look at the amount first, Nicole." I look back down at the card and decided the guy was out of his mind. This was a card that had $100 dollars on it. I said to him "you're too kind." He waved this off like it was no big deal. So, I pulled out a poem and signed it, wrote my number where he's bound to find it. And put in the corner a heart with the words "your coffee girl" beside it.

Then I winked and said, how about we go out sometime?

He grinned as he turned to walk away, but not before he replied "how about later today?"