Yesterday -
The grass was brown
And the sky was brown,
The water was brown
And the flu was brown.
The trees were brown
And the birds were brown;
Have I been mistaken,
Or was everything yellow?

Today -
The grass is green
And the sky is blue,
The water will flow
And carry the flu,
Trees will be rooted
Upon the ground,
And birdies will sing
Without a sound.

Tomorrow -
The grass is blue
And the sky is green,
The wind shall flow
With waters clean,
Birds will be rooted
In the green sky,
And trees will settle
And start to fly.

In a million billion million years -
The grass is invisible
And there is no sky.
The water's not there
And the wind will not sigh;
Trees are dead
And so are the birds -
The world has exploded
Two seconds ago.

Isn't that perfectly lovely? (At least we know that it won't happen yesterday, and it definitely didn't happen tomorrow.)