Chapter five

A couple hours passed before our next visitor came by and I hadn't slept a wink. From the restless sounds around me I guessed no one else had either. Still, after so many hours in the pitch black darkness, the light flooding the room from Florissant lighting blinded me and so needless to say the person's arrival scare all of us to death.

When my eyes finally adjusted to the new light I looked up to see who had come and was surprised by what I saw.

Before me stood a man; probably in his mid-forties. He was average height standing about five foot eight but looked weaker than most men his age would. With eyes the color of night and light brown hair that hung long down to his shoulders to match the brown tinges of his skin.

In short he was pretty average in every way; not the kind of guy who you'd think use to be handsome but not the hideous idea you think of when picturing murdering rapists.

Of course, being that we were locked in an underground shed in the middle of a forest somewhere over the ocean from home, I wasn't willing to judge his lack of obvious creeper appearance as proof he wouldn't try something like rape or murder. There was no way to know.

He came to a stop in the center of the room and looked at each of us individually, scanning from one side of the room to the other, before speaking.

"Welcome," his gravelly voice rang out sounding overly loud to my ears after so much quiet, "My name is Gerard and all of you are currently my…guests."

He smirked to himself looking so evil it gave me shivers. The pause, though lasting for a while, was obviously planned and there was no doubt he was not done.

Another moment passed and the suspense to hear why he brought us here was nearly killing me. The others must have felt the same because just as I thought I could handle no more, Josie broke down. Tears slid down her cheeks and she shook but her voice didn't shake any more than usual.

"Guests? Guests are invited and choose to go last time I checked! W…why did you bring us here?"

It didn't take a genius to figure out that she had made the wrong move and before anyone could react Gerard was in front of her. With one simple sweep of his hand he sent her sprawling onto the ground cupping her cheek, more tears pouring down her face but this time she stayed silent.

When he was confident she had gotten the message he moved back to his spot in the center. Arms crossed he glared around the room, daring anyone else to speak up. When no one did he smiled and continued.

"As I was saying, all of you will be my guests and will be staying in this building for the next couple days while preparations are made. I'm afraid I can't tell you what the preparations are for since that would ruin the surprise but I can tell you this, it will be quite exciting.

In the meantime, my men will be taking care of you here. I would appreciate all of your cooperation. I am trusting all of you to behave and do as you are told while you're here. Anyone who doesn't will regret it. I promise."

After his little speech, Gerard turned his back on us and headed back out into the light. The only good thing that came out of his visit was he had left the lights on.

"Well that was fun." The blonde athlete said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Oh shut up Kyle! No one wants to hear you right now man." The Hispanic boy countered, sounding tired.

"Why don't you shut up Michael? 'Cuz I want to hear myself so who cares what you think about it?" Kyle definitely had the stuck up jock thing down to a "t".

"Seriously man, does this look like the time to be an ass?" the dark haired one chimed in.

"Yah man, back off you're being stupid!" curly haired boy added.

Kyle glared at them, "David, don't tell me what to do its annoying." He then turned his glare directly on the curly haired one, "And Lucas, just don't speak ever idiot."

David turned red and leaned aggressively towards Kyle, "What the hell is wrong with you Kyle? This isn't like at school, you're not some special boy that everyone adores. In fact, I'm pretty sure most people here hate you by now so get off you high horse or I swear I'll…"

"That's enough!"

We all looked over at the far wall to see who had spoken up.

I instantly felt a strange tingle in the pit of my stomach at the sight of him. To say that it made me uncomfortable to react to the sight of him would be a major understatement.

Still, he was perfectly tanned with the perfect amount of muscles- like a soccer player or track runner- and to top it all off his hair was the most intriguing color I had ever seen. It was so dark it was nearly black with hints of lighter golden browns that reflected in the light, drawing your eye. Hanging a little long, the shaggy style went perfectly with his strong jaw, full lips, and slightly prominent nose that couldn't be called pug but that was the closest I could think to describe it. His strong brow framed entrancing green eyes, the color of sea foam, which were framed by long, coal black lashes.

When those eyes shifted and met mine I finally snapped out of my trance. I looked down in embarrassment at being caught staring but luckily no one other than him seemed to notice.

Wow Iza smooth going, you get kidnapped and locked in some room by a psychopath and you're checking out a stranger! God I'm an idiot!

Ironically, I was mildly relieved when some of the guards came filing in the room to distract me from my idiocy. Only six came in, all carrying an assortment of things.

All the girls were led through a door that led to a very small room. The guard looked at us emotionlessly before throwing a bundle at each of us and walking out, locking the door behind him.

We each opened our bundle curiously and found clothing inside. Each girl's was different, in mine I found a thin but tightfitting yellow spaghetti strap top that hit just above my belly button, black athletic shorts that only reached mid-calf, and a cheap pair of black tennis shoes.

I dressed quietly and when I had finished I looked around to find that everyone's outfit was a different color but fairly similar in style.

All of us had a tank top of some light color and black shorts. The only style differences were the cut, amount of flesh covered, and if it was a tank, spaghetti strap, or short sleeve shirt. Nikki wore a short sleeved pink top; Kelly wore a long green spaghetti, Shana an orange tank top, Diana lavender short sleeved, and Josie a light blue tank. Much to my dismay, mine was the only outfit that hit quite so short and revealed my stomach, though Shana's and Kelly's were fairly revealing in the chest.

When the door was opened we all filed out and headed back to our previous seats. I felt awkward and kept my arms wrapped around my midsection to try and shield myself from the others.

"Nice outfits ladies!" Kyle said with a wink.

Creep! I thought while giving him the best glare I could muster all things considered.

The boys had obviously changed as well though their new attire made me seriously uncomfortable. Each wore a pair of long shorts, hitting just above their thigh and black tennis shoes similar to what the girls wore. That wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for the fact that was all they wore. Their chests were bare and it was driving me nuts!

Turns out it can be very hard to play it cool no matter what the situation when multiple well-built and handsome guys are half naked no matter what stress you're under.

Stupid hormones!

Like our attire, the boys were all brightly colored and it didn't take long to figure out one of each of them matched us.

I felt my stomach clinch at the thought of possible implications of this. I quickly began looking at each boy to find the one wearing bright yellow.

Please don't be him, please don't be him, please don't… oh god it's Jace.

I knew he had come to the same conclusion as me by the look of understanding when his eyes met my panicked ones.

"Well Iza, I'm going to guess this means we're either partners or enemies for whatever our host has planned."

I gulped nervously at this.

"Hopefully," he continued, "it's the prior."

Great, just freaking great.

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