Chapter 1: A Serial Killer and A Police Van

My phone beeped as I walked down the sunbaked pavement. Well, walking isn't exactly the right word; it was more of a swagger. You could even go so far to say that I was dancing down the road. Obviously, I was attracting quite a few stares from passers-by.

It might have been my wavy, multicoloured hair that attracted their attention. Or the violet contacts I wore. Maybe it was my clothes; not many girls wore black Nike high-tops, incredibly threadbare grey trousers and a white tank top in this heat. It didn't really matter how I got their attention, just that I kept it.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't an attention seeker. Well, not really. I didn't dress like I did to make people look at me, I dressed like this to show that you could look different from others and still catch a guy's attention.

My theory was working, as well. Already, I could see about five boys looking at me. Their faces held all emotions from bewilderment to awe, and I grinned, mentally congratulating myself on this minor success. The next step on proving my theory was for some girls to notice why the guys weren't staring at them.

While I waited for the accusatory glares to head my way, I checked my phone.

Honey, you need to come home right this second. I know that you're probably going to ignore this message anyway, but a serial killer has been spotted in our area. You're not exactly the most inconspicuous person around, so could you at least stay with a group of people?


Sighing, I tucked the phone into one of my trouser pockets. Mum could be so overactive sometimes, although a serial killer was something to be wary of. Anyway, if I stuck near some other people I should be fine.

I looked up, then almost jumped back in shock. I had previously been walking down a road filled with at least thirty other people, but somehow everyone had filtered off onto the side streets. It was just me, a couple of parked cars and an old man hobbling down the pavement on the other side of the street.

I watched as he turned onto a housing estate, finally walking out of sight. Turning back to the road, I saw a police van heading towards me. The driver pulled up to the pavement, then rolled down the window. Cool air rushed over me and I closed my eyes, relaxing into the breeze coming from the van's air-conditioning.

"You shouldn't be out here at the moment, young women. Haven't you heard; there's a serial killer roaming around nearby." My eyes snapped open when the officer spoke to me.

"Um, yeah, sorry. My mum just texted me to tell me that. I was going to stick with a group of people, but everyone had walked onto side streets." I replied, hoping that the officer wouldn't comment on why I didn't just head home.

"Oh, that was a very clever idea. Well done for thinking of that. However, I think you'd be much safer if you stayed with us." He said, looking at the other officer for conformation. He nodded, and the policeman turned to me again.

"Are you sure? I wouldn't want to be intruding."

He nodded at me, smiling kindly.

"Okay, but I only need to go up to the town center." I said, opening the back doors of the van.

Too late, I noticed another man waiting in there. Before I had a chance to say anything, he grabbed my hands and pulled me into the van. Shutting the doors, he quickly turned back to me and shoved me into a cage. Locking the hatch, the man sneered at me and went through a door into the front of the van.

I sat there, the recent events slowly catching up to me. How could I have been so stupid? I had been taught since I could talk not to get into vans with strangers. But here I was; kidnapped, locked in a cage, sitting in the back of a van.

I heard shuffling, then a little tapping sound. All thoughts of self-pity abandoned, I looked around for the source of the noise.

There was a small scraping sound, then a light appeared to the right of me. Turning round, I tried to see who was holding the match.

"Hello? Who's there?" The figure pointed to itself, as if it was asking 'who, me'. "Yes, you, the one with the match. Who else would I be talking to?"

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