"Hello? Who's there?" The figure pointed to itself, as if it was asking, 'who, me'. "Yes, you, the one with the match. Who else would I be talking to?"

Chapter 2: Introductions

The person shifted slightly, and the match dimmed.

"Oh, now look what you've done. The light has gone out. Whoop de doo. I hope you feel proud of yourself." I stated, adding a hint of sarcasm in the last two sentences.

Suddenly, the light flared up again, but much brighter this time. The change surprised me and I blinked rapidly, taking a few seconds to let my eyes get used to the light.

"Yes, I most certainly do feel proud of myself, thank you very much. If I hadn't found that gas lamp, the match would have run out and we would all be in the dark again." Replied the person, although they were still turned away from me.

"Oh, how nice of you to finally talk to me. Although, I bet I could have found that lamp if I'd been the one holding the match." I shot back, not wanting to be defeated by the obviously arrogant human being sitting in the cage to the right of mine.

The person turned towards me, obviously infuriated, and I realized that it was a guy.

Well, duh. An independent part of my mind told me. It's not like a girl has a voice that low. Or looks so… nommy…

I quickly shut that little voice up.

But he was rather hot. With dark brown hair that was perfectly spiked up in every direction, chocolate brown eyes, lightly tanned skin and a muscle t-shirt that left nothing to the imagination, he looked like a god.

But he was still an arrogant twat.

"Like what you see?" He smirked at me, noticing my wandering eyes.

"Ew, no, why would I want that?" I said while pointedly looking up and down his torso and face.

His face screwed up in anger, but before he could explode a small object whizzed through the bars of the cage and hit him on the nose.

"Ouch, that hurt." He whined.

I hid my smile behind my hand.

"Booyah! And she scores- a direct hit on the nose!" The voice came from the cage opposite Mr I'm-so-amazing.

Speaking of him, he had lifted up the gas lamp and was currently glaring at the girl who had thrown the offensive object. She just grinned.

I took a moment to look at her. Dark brown hair curled softly down to her shoulders and even darker eyes, almost black, glowed happily in the fire-light. She grinned cheekily and I couldn't help but grin back.

"Hi, I'm Shay, and that idiot is my brother Castiel. We're twins." She said.

"Oh, hi. My name's Kayela. I-"

"Oh god, just shut up! Or at least talk quieter. Some of us have headaches over here!" Another voice cut through the semi-darkness.

"And that, my friend, is Alexis." Shay pointed to the cage to the left of mine, where a girl with green eyes and pixie-cut blonde hair sat.

"Yeah, but if you call me that I'll have to kill you. I prefer Alex." The blonde muttered, no doubt trying to tame her headache.

"Okay, so it's: Castiel, Shay and Alex. Great so that's everyone. Now ca-"

"Um, not quite everyone. There are two other people in here." Shay interrupted.

"What? How big is this van? And why haven't they introduced themselves?"

"Well, think of it this way; three cages on your side of the van, three on mine. Anyway, the boys haven't introduced themselves because Tyler's asleep and the other one won't talk."

Squinting, I could just-about see a lump in the far corner of the van, the cage to Shay's far right.

"So that's Nameless." I said, pointing to the cage I was looking at. I then turned so I was facing the cage in front of mine, where a boy with long black hair was curled up, sleeping. "And that's Tyler."

"Precisely. Me, Tyler, Nameless, Alex, you, Castiel." Shay summed up.

Uh hu. Right. Now can I ask my question?"

"You had a question?"

I sighed. "Yes, I have a question. I've been trying to ask someone, but you always interrupted me."

"Sorry… You can ask us now."

"Good. My question is; where the hell are we going, and why are we locked in cages?"

Voila; Chapter 2. Sorry about the lack of interesting stuff, this chapter is kind of just there for you to meet the main characters. And no, Nameless' name is not 'Nameless'. Just wanted to clear that up. Also, there is no description of him because the light doesn't quite reach his cage, so Kayela can only see a 'lump'.

I'll try to update as soon as possible!

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