I dumped the cellphone as soon as we got to the airport. Rex ushered me to the right places: I'd never been on a plane. All my jobs were in the nearby area, and if they needed me to move…I took their private heli or something. Nothing like taking a plane. Apparently, though, this whole murder club thing was pretty well funded because we snagged seats in first class.

Wrinkling my nose at their meal of a sandwich, I stuck to water. I didn't want much in my stomach in case it made a reappearance later on. Rex started to explain all the members of the operation to me.

"So, Opal's really sweet. She's nice, gorgeous girl, and has a knack for –well, she does the whole 'control plants' thing."

I found myself pouting at this, though I had no idea why. It was….odd. I signaled for Rex to continue. He did so after taking a moment to look at me with a funny look on his face, like he was trying to figure out why I was pouting. I kept silent.

"Talon is a year younger than me. He's got blond hair, green eyes, the whole shebang. And of course, wings. His are white, though. Not like mine."

I nodded, recalling the spotty brown of Rex's wings.

"And then the others….well, they'll introduce themselves. Gamma's like a big brother to us all. He's twenty. He was third oldest. When Alpha was killed breaking us out, he took control. Beta took you and ran. We never knew what happened to you."

I gestured to me. "I don't know, either. I grew up on the streets, alone."

"Even as a baby?"

I shook my head, thinking. "No, she must have left or something when I was about two."

In fact, I had some memories of Beta. I always assumed she was my Mom in my memories. Long, shiny, jet black hair and darting amber eyes. Very beautiful, the memories stopped where my street life began. Nothing could surprise me at this point. "So how's this whole us being partners thing fit in?"

Adjusting his seatbelt, Rex grimaced. His wings were probably cramped up pretty badly against the rigid seat. "We're in teams. I was with Opal, but Gamma decided I needed to go find you. We'd heard of an extremely capable teenager murderer for hire over our sources, and we figured that must be you. Anyone else would have gotten themselves killed."

I smiled. "I'm good at what I do."

"At what you used to do." Rex reminded me. Uncomfortable, I shifted to face him.

"Right. So what do we do, exactly?" I asked him.

"We're a specialized team," he explained, looking apprehensive. "We do whatever they ask us to do."

Wrinkling my nose, I asked him if this meant we were basically a puppet of the government. Rex managed a tiny smile, replying that no, we weren't. Only sometimes. Most recently, the team had retrieved a kidnapped foreign dignitary from some nasties up in Russia. Easy jobs for me. I leaned back in my chair.

"That stuff is easy."

Rex huffed, sounding amused. "Training isn't."

I was left to wonder what he meant, to let those thoughts wander around my ADD brain. My thoughts were dangerous things.

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