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"Slow Time at Applebee's"

Fiona was hesitant in accepting the transaction mission. She learned how to act in one, and how to complete one, but had never applied it to anything. She wasn't even sure she remembered everything. She felt entirely too unsure about doing it.

Rose was the one who enjoyed transaction missions, and the entire communications part of the job. They were simple, but very controlled and Rose loved that. She also liked taking a mental profile of whoever was receiving or giving the information. She would've been a much more willing and competent person for the job.

Unfortunately, Rose was faced with the challenge of getting a suicidal teen-turned-recruit into tip-top condition psychologically. She was in charge of anything that had to do with tearing someone down or building someone up with plain words. However she was much better at making someone feel like they were worse than dirt. So this was most definitely a challenging job.

Fiona arrived at the place the meeting had been assigned to. She had been surprised when Rose told her Applebee's stayed up so late on Fridays. Fiona assumed she would have a late meal with whatever man or woman the other side sent to disperse the information. Less people to witness the transitioning of papers the better would be the method they were using. It was rather ingenious and the simple intelligence that was used further stressed Fiona out. The more stressed she was the less she'd be able to think. What was Rose's method of calming down to think?

Before she could remember she stepped before the hostess, right as a speaking young man stepped away from her.

"Hello welcome to Applebee's. Are you with someone else or will you be alone tonight?" the sweet girl asked. She looked like she was in college.

Remembering what Rose had reminded her Fiona answered with, "I'm a party of one tonight." The hostess grabbed the one menu and led her to a small table on a higher platform in the restaurant. Sometimes the person giving the information would simply slip it by them somehow. If they didn't, and actually took the time to sit down and have a conversation, it was easy to pretend the meeting was a coincidence. There was still no such thing as a coincidence in Fiona's world.

The hostess left and in passing told her that her server would be "Dustin," whoever that was.

It was several minutes later before a tall guy, with dirty blond hair, but just blond in some places with green eyes and scruffy hair on his lower jaw appeared at her table. His green eyes were bold behind the glasses he wore. He looked like a mix of funky and kind. He was Dustin.

"Have you decided what you wish to have tonight miss?" he asked politely. He was relaxed and happy. Fiona would think his attitude would be a little more negative for someone who had such a late shift. She smiled and nodded at his question.

"Can I have a sweet tea? With a lemon? And I suppose the Chicken Parmesan?" He nodded, looked up from his order pad with a smile, and with one last word was off to give it to the people in the kitchen. She went back to her quiet evening with loud thoughts.

She went through various text messages Rose had sent her over the course of time from when she left the house. Most were laughable, her complaining how their duties tonight should be reversed. Some of the things that she sent were thoughts on her progress with Sam, the suicidal teen.

In a shorter time than Fiona expected. Dustin came back with her food. He exchanged a few words with her.

"The food has arrived at the hour, pretty exact huh? Did you plan that?" Strange that he would say that- considering that someone did roughly plan the times. She brushed the words off as a coincidence.

"How funny. Of course, you could have timed the delivering of my food perfectly," she lightly flirted. He smiled, then spoke a few more nice words, and then he was off once again.

Fiona's phone vibrated against her leg during her meal. Another update from Rose about Sam. She then sent another text asking Fiona about what was going on. Glancing around the room efficiently, she typed out her response.

She told Rose of how no one had shown up and she'd been there for the better half of an hour. Rose replied without missing a beat, sympathizing that no one to analyze and mess with took the fun out of it. Fiona wasn't quite sure she really felt the same as Rose, but Rose did suggest that the next time she went on a transaction mission that she bring a book to read.

Fiona didn't want to do this a second time. This time was nerve-wracking enough. She was getting to the point where she wasn't even sure if she came at the right time. Maybe she didn't even go to the right place. This wasn't something she wanted to go through again.

Dustin came back, his waiter's uniform off. He pulled back the chair opposite Fiona and sat in it. He reached behind his back and pulled out a think manila envelope, and slid it across the table.

"There are a few different sets a papers in there, about 3-5. Coordinates, personality profiles, and tips on how to proceed on recruiting these few individuals are in there. There's more, but I'll let you see that stuff for yourself," he informed her.

Fiona felt like her jaw dropped to the floor, but her lips didn't part more than an inch. This whole time the person she was going to get the information from was serving her! That was a surprising twist she never would have been able to figure out. Wait till Rose heard about this.

"Um, thank you. I appreciate the briefing," she breathed, doing her best to appear on top of her emotions. He immediately grinned at her, seeing right through her poorly done act.

"Is this your first time doing a transaction mission? You've been a little nervous the entire night. You've got no reason to be though, I work for one of your closer allies. I don't bite," he commented further. On those words, Fiona blushed a deep red. It was useless to even try and change his impression of her, he knew that she was nervous and hesitant- not strong in this area, completely unsure of herself. She was easy to take advantage of. That further scared Fiona.

Yet he swore that he was a friend, an ally, and that he wouldn't hurt her. Besides, it would be easy to find out who did hurt her if he did anything to her.

"It is my first time on one of these. I got the training for it so many years ago, nearly a decade. Based on what Rose has told me I was expecting a mental analysis of each other, and a tense atmosphere. This isn't quite like that," she confessed. He chuckled, and fidgeted with his glasses coolly.

"Your sister, I suppose she is to you, expects mental analyzing. She expects tense and controlling because that's who she is. I've done this dozens of times- many of those times were with rookies, like you. I always set the meeting up here because I have a very civil and nice job here. It works out a lot because my boss lets me lock up. You're safe, believe me," he reassured her. She nodded. That little line was enough to settle her nerves almost completely.

"A civil job," she murmured, smiling. "I would love one of those. Just something that I don't have to think about and associate with violence ever. I've never been one to kill. It seems like this dark urge found the wrong person," she sighed. She was speaking about the once-in-a-while urge that involves killing another human. She hated it. She felt like a psychopath when it finally went away.

"It's not hard to get one. There might even be an opening here in a couple of weeks. One of our waitresses is going out of state for college, and definitely won't be needing this job. You could apply. You could make up a past job for your résumé, use Rose's phone number as the reference. She likes doing different voices, different fronts for her to use," he suggested. She smiled and nodded, agreeing without words that Rose did like that. Then she paused.

"Wait, how did you know that about Rose?" she asked. He shrugged and put his hands behind his neck.

"We meet up sometimes. We're favorites of each other. My chilled attitude appeals to her. Old friends," he explained. Fiona narrowed her eyes.

"Do you think she knew that you were the one that I was going to meet up with?" she asked. He shrugged again.

"Well yeah. She was the one that called me to set this up after all," he revealed. Fiona let out a breathy "ha!". She felt almost completely relaxed in front of him now.

"Of course. She was always a good liar," she laughed. He laughed too, knowing that this was the truth.


Somehow that word confirmed the bond.

"I can't even believe you right now! You sent me over there fully knowing who I was meeting with, and how he did his meetings!" Fiona reprimanded her sister when she got back. Rose calmly looked up from the book she was reading, and she was very much cuddled into the couch.

"You've been gone for four hours," Rose responded a minute later, after staring at Fiona, and then looking back to her book.


"You've been gone for four hours. When anyone else goes on a transaction mission it doesn't take them very long at all. Two hours, tops. You've been gone for four. What were you two doing?" Fiona couldn't speak, but opened her mouth and tried to. Then she closed it, and then opened it again. She looked like a still fish outside of water.

"Well?" Fiona was sure Rose was suppressing a smirk, and that made her irritation grow. That in turn helped her to speak.

"You know what? You lied to me. I don't need to tell you anything," Fiona finally said, sticking her nose up in the air and turning on her heels. As she started up the stairs Rose let an amused grin grow on her face.

She'd ask Dustin what they did later, if she had to.

"Hi," Fiona greeted her date. She smiled at him widely and sat down in the chair opposite him. They were both dressed in beautiful formal wear.

"Hello Fiona," Dustin greeted her, smiling at her obvious ease and happiness. She looked great in that dress.

"I can't believe you got reservations for this place. It's amazing," she breathed, looking around the place. Dustin chuckled.

"I didn't. Rose did, she's got connections everywhere. She helps her friends out," he admitted. Fiona sat there shocked.

"Does she know that your date is me Oh, she does doesn't she? She saw me getting ready for this date-"

"She's known the entire time Fiona. When she called me back she used your name specifically. I'm almost sure the first time we met was Rose trying to set us up, and I knew about it! Why don't you want her to know?" he responded, amused.

"You're kidding. I didn't want her to know because- well- she didn't tell me anything! I can't believe she's playing matchmaker. That's never been an interest of hers," Fiona was mainly speaking to herself.

"Well, with Rose you never really know. Now how about we quit worrying about the big brain your sister has and all the secrets she keeps? She can't bother us on our date if we don't let her," Dustin suggested. Fiona grinned.

"As much as we both know that's not true, she can mess with our brains until we go insane, but I like the way you think," she responded. They exchanged smiles.

Fiona waltzed in the large house, humming to herself. Her dress swirled around her. She was smiling with her eyes closed, obviously thinking about her date. Rose watched from the balcony, holding in laughter.

"Yeah, he's just the best, isn't he?" Rose mocked. Fiona stopped what she was doing, startled, and then glared up at her sister.

"He is, as a matter of fact. Do you want me to kiss your feet now, or do you want to wait for someone else to come home?" she sighed. Rose laughed.

"No, I'm perfectly happy with this. You should be too, he's a hopeless romantic. Why else do you think he likes to meet up with girls he's never met before during a slow hour at Applebee's? Always hoping to meet a girl he actually likes," Rose sighed, faking a dreamy smile. Fiona pursed her lips.

"You think he likes me?"

"Yeah I do."

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