Deeper than my soul can go

My Lord has gone and all I know

Already known, and my despair

Is but distrust for all His care


And this distrust is but a creed

By the Devil to mock my need

And taunt me by my blinded eyes

With the loss of all I prize


But not undone, my soul is still

Surrendered to the Father's will

And if I ever lose this sight

Dark indeed must be my plight


Which I create for my own end

Not done by Whom I should depend

Upon. But I trust Him, for I know indeed

He has answered all my need.


Not once but many times again

I've borne, but never was my pain

A tenth of what my Lord has known

Reaping what my sin has sown.


Tho' once I thought, unique to me

Was all the hurt and misery

For who indeed could understand

That misty, groaning, shadowed land?


Who indeed could walk my road

Along with me, and bear the load

I only bear? All I comprehend

Unique. Beyond the reach of friend.


Beyond the reach of even words

Upon a page, although I purge

Away my passions thus. I find

E'n more within my mind.


A well, a fountain opened up

To taste the gall on which I sup

That mockery, to self-express

What I would not dare confess


My strength in words! Ah yes, indeed

Thus the passions written, freed.

But what behind? For every word

Must meaning have or be absurd.


And cheap to find upon a page

Is wisdom or opinions sage

Of men. Who have from dawn of time

Outwritten any poem of mine.


I've tasted of that earthen well

Within where all opinion dwell

That man may give, and paid the price

They ask for heeding their advice


Thus turning all my eyes and ears

From Truth, to only what appears

And pleases men. But I found they lied

And by their folly many died.


That tainted well not fit to taste

And all my mind is put to waste

In slavery. Far too great a cost

And nothing gained for what is lost.


I turned away from words of men

Within or yet without my ken

My child's heart reached out for hope

And found it not in human scope


For I had need! And on it drove

Me to find that Treasure Trove

Wherein is stored the Substance sought

The Truth which over men have fought


Elixer of all Life, to drink

From this Well, stand on the brink

And cusp of our Eternity

And find an Answer to my plea.


An Answer greater than I knew

Encompassing all! Substantial. True.

Wisdom not of man, and real

Enough to pardon, and to heal.


I wanted more than man could give-

I wanted Hope wherewith to live.

I wanted Life itself to be

My passport to Eternity


My life was empty, and was vain

Despair a mockery of pain

My soul, a broken wounded thing

Without a voice wherewith to sing


God granted healing from His Book

And simple faith was all it took

In simple Words, which out of love

God sent to men from up above.


Not far from me, but close at hand

The Truth I sought to understand

Not hard to find, but clear as day

Once I bowed my head to pray


His Spirit and my soul combined

In battle for my heart and mind

Which once surrendered to His care

Put the lie to my despair


I found His Truth sufficed for all

My pain and troubled mind. That Call

Once heard had given purpose; life

And stilled my heart of inward strife.


My Grounded Hope is strong and sure

Despite all tempests I endure

My passions may be changing; weak

But not the Truth whereof I speak