ok this is a poem i wrote when i was depressed.. im bullied alot ... just saying...

bullied till her self-esteam

withered and became a daydream,

labeled a freak for being herself

and misunderstood by everyon else.

she spends her days dreaming

about ways she can stop from hurting

she has thought about cutting,

burning, scratching, or even killing

all because people dont understand

that their words hurt just as much as their hands

how much pain does she have to endure,

how many rumors, how much torcher,

how many tears have to fall

before someone hears her silent call

for help, help to save her from the pain

the pain that has been etched into her brain,

the pain that has hurt her more then any blade could,

the pain that killed her so many times that she would

scream for hours in the night just to be heard

but no one did and she is still being hurt

she is still that smiling outgoing girl every one sees

but under that mask lies a world of uncertinties

she keeps it all bottled up inside herself

but deep down she knows she will never get help,

she knows no one will ever here her please

she has decided she will not let them hear her screams

because no one really cares

no one will take the time to let her share

all of the reasons she doesnt let herself shine,

all of the reasons she says shes fine

she will keep it to herself and let everyone think shes okay

so no one will have to pretend to want to give her the time of day

to let her explain what it is that is really on her mind