Marvin+TheMachine- OMG It's Aaron...Who's Aaron?

Damn, they put up the video...

MadMariaMarvels – OMG! You and Aaron! No Way! : I can't believe you :'( Traitor!

KylieKantKount – OMG Axl put the video on Facebook.

AaronsAwsomeAntics – I know I could kill him! Hi gorgeous 3 J

AxlWantsApples – Wow! Everyone's angry at me Lol

Grr! Dumb knuckle head!

KylieKantKount –Your damn right we're angry you stupid head! :

AaronsAwsomeAntics –Yeah! Why wouldn't we be mad?! It was a SECRET

AxlWantsApples – If I underlined things and put them in capitals LIKE THIS I could make you look like the bad guy too.

The next few days were awful at school everyone knew about me and Aaron. They had all seen us two kiss on video and Valentines day was coming up so we were afraid that Axl and Co. would get it on the TV. So, because it was already out about me and Aaron we could go on dates anywhere we wanted. We still weren't taking any chances with kissing in public (we didn't need any more publicity).

But worse was just around the corner. Me and Aaron were stood in the corridor, by the lockers outside the maths rooms, talking.

"You know I never thought you'd actually like me!" he said to me.

I smiled, laughing, at how stupid that sounded, I mean he's the most popular kid in school, who doesn't like him.

"I've liked you since year seven when we had to work on the art project together" I said, "I loved that. You know when we had to paint the portraits of each other? Mine was awful. Yours was brilliant. Wouldn't it just be fantastic to have you picture painted by a famous artist like hmm...Dylan Rogerson. She's an amazing artist don't you think?"

He laughed, he has such an amazing smile, 'so... not long then? Yeah, it would be brilliant".

I laughed, I don't think there has ever been a moment that I haven't not fancied him but I wasn't about to tell him that (it would be the equivalent of your Mum running into school waving your underwear or your crush finding your diary).

"Hi you guys", Axl said smiling and putting his arms around us.

"Go away Axl", I said laughing and pushing him away.

I started jabbing him into the stomach until he covered his stomach and tried to run off. At which point Aaron grabbed him and pushed him into the corner.

"Oi! Unfair advantage! Two against one! Ref! Ref!" he shouted. We were all laughing.

"Hi Kylie, Hi Aaron!" came Maria's voice from above us, she beamed as she said hi to Aaron but near enough spat out my name, "Err what are you doing?".

Me and Aaron stopped attacking Axl and carried on laughing.

Maria gave me evils because she'd had a crush on Aaron for years (they went to the same primary school and their parents are near enough best mates so she's known him since she was 4) and is now really not all that happy for me.

"Hi Chelsea" I said as Chelsea came over. She was positively beaming.

"Umm...Chelsea could I have a word?" Axl said nervously.

"Sure!" Chelsea said smiling.

"In private" Axl said staring at all of us. We all took a step back. They talked for a bit and you could hear the murmuring of their voices.

Finally, Chelsea said "Oh my God! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Guess what!" She smiled.

"Oh, I don't know" I said rolling my eyes.

"Axl's asked me out", she said nearly bursting. Axl went bright red.

"You two, Kylie and Aaron, I want a word" Mr Fregling said making everyone jump as none of us had seen him coming. Me and Aaron jumped apart we didn't want Sir seeing us holding hands.

"What have you done now?" asked Axl, raising one eyebrow, he knew perfectly well what this was about.

"I dunno" grumbled Aaron.

"You two aren't in trouble" said Mr Fregling, " It's the complete opposite actually"

Axl smiled knowingly. I wasn't going to enjoy this.

Me, Mr Fregling and Aaron walked into room 22. Me and Aaron perched on one of the tables, Aaron put one arm round behind my back, and Mr Fregling leaned against Mrs Twines' desk turned on us. "I've watched that video you two gave to m-" I stopped him mid sentence.

"Wait a minute, what video is this?" I asked confused.

"The one of you two kissing. At first I was confused wondering why you'd sent it to me and then I got it", Mr Fregling said smiling, "You want to be in this years Valentines play and who better than two people who are already comfortable with kissing each other?"

"What? We never gave you any videos let alone that one. Who would do this to us?" I asked. Who would and why?

"Oh, I know who would" Aaron said moodily, "and he's a dead man, hold that, did I say man I meant little idiotic boy".

"But will you do it?" Mr Fregling asked obviously desperate.

"Sure", I said smiling. Aaron shot me a horrified look. I mean, why not? It's perfect, everyone already knows we're going out so why not?

"Great," Mr Fregling said smiling, "rehearsals start tomorrow"

"Why did you say we'll do it?" Aaron said the second we were out of the maths room.

"It'll be fun and we can say Axl, Frankie and Gideon really want kissing scenes to and match them up with random people. Like Axl and Chelsea, Frankie and Maria and Gideon and hmm... we'll work one out for him", I said smiling, "Mai, possibly?"

"Oh, you two" Mr Fregling joined us "you'll have to sing". Mr Fregling thrust two scripts, song lyrics and CDs into our hands.

"What!" Aaron said shocked.

"Oh and do you know anyone who wouldn't mind doing a scene like a romantic scene type thing" Mr Fregling asked ignoring Aaron.

"Oh yeah we'll get back to you with a list" I said smiling.

School dragged by that day. I didn't tell anyone what Mr Fregling wanted.