Sexuality is not something that will change over time

Nor is it something you can fix and it is definetly not a crime!

Being Bisexual, gay, lesbian, or anything else does not change

the fact we are not animals that you can cage

we are not a disease that needs to be cured

neither are we demons sent by satin as a curse

the people who fought for EQUAL rights

all those men and woman who died with EQUALITY in their sights

would be disgusted by how unequal this country has become

by just how much pain we go through for love

every day people fight to have gay marriage become illegal

but why should it not be legal?

Religious people talk about loving your neighbor and to not hate

But they still go on and say we are unnatural and they still hate

They hate us for loving and for refusing to hide are true selves

If they preach about love and not hating then why do they try to hide us on some shelf?

Back far away were no one will be able to see us and "catch the gay"

But that is a lie, again we are not a plague, who are they to say

That we are the ones who need to be fixed?

That this was a choice? Something we picked?

They no nothing! We did not choose this! This is not something that can be changed!

We are not freaks… we are peole.. people who are different… why cant the world just accept us…