The Ghost

For want of all the things I crave,

I reach to take from beyond the grave.

Raps upon the bedroom door,

Possessions thrown down onto the floor.

Your things I'll tear and smash and break,

Just so you'll know the dead can wake,

I want to make it plain and clear,

That I am most assuredly here.

I'll pinch you as you try to sleep,

And out of bed I'll make you leap.

When I think of what will never be known,

I yell and howl and shriek and moan.

I shall not leave, I will not go,

For there are things I want the world to know.

Beyond this life is a gleaming light,

It is a most amazing sight.

There is but one thing holding me back,

And that is the justice I feel I lack.

For in this room did I leave this life,

Hacked to pieces by a carving knife.

The one who did this hear me say:

"You shall live to regret that day!"

Revenge is sweet if you know what to do,

For my vicious murderer, it was YOU!