The Call of Nature!

The call of nature is the gentle swoosh of the wind playing in the trees!

It's the twitter of the bird's song!

There is a whole lot more to nature than what you can see!

The call of nature is the bubbling creek!

It's the white clouds that are like cotton moving along

As the wind pushes them along!

It's the pitter-patter of the rain on the ground!

The call of nature is strong and is not to be ignored so listen carefully!

It's the light rhythmic sound of the ant's marching parade!

The buzz of bees hard at work in the hive!

The gentle calls of baby animals to their mothers!

The call of nature has a whole symphony if you only listen!

Listen hard and you will hear the call of nature!

The call of nature is the song of praise that the creatures

Sing to God!

Let the call of nature be a joyful song in your ears

Then you will understand the fullness of the call of nature!