It's dark and I'm alone
But I'm not afraid at all.
My face devoid of emotions
And my heart is forever gone.

At first, I was scared
But thought someone would come.
Yet nobody came
And I stayed in the dark.

I got more scared and freaked out.
I shuddered at the cold.
But eventually I realized
I am forever aloneā€¦

So I stayed in the dark.
No effort to get out
Because I knew no one would save me.
I knew no one would come.

But as I realized this fact
Something unknowingly happened.
I felt two drops of water
Roll down my cheek.

I was in fact crying.
I was crying silent tears.
Because in that moment I understood
that I was alone
that i was the only one here.

So that was a poem I wrote some time ago and edited just now. Just so you people know I was simply exaggerating how I felt in one point of my life so...yeah. Hope you enjoyed this since this is my first post on Fiction Press.