Cold and damp.

That's how she felt as she sat crumpled on the floor in the tiny cement room. Her wrists tingled with a pain she no longer felt. Hadn't felt it for centuries. Not that it would matter if she felt it or not. Her mind was too busy focusing on other things. It would simply be a waste of time if she were to dwell on the pain.

A deep sigh escaped the young woman's chapped lips. Sighing was all she could do; her voice had been taken away from her the moment the chains were clasped around her wrists and ankles. The chains were rusted silver, stained with dried blood. Her blood that had shed so long ago. She'd been trapped in this tiny cell for days? Years? Millennia? She didn't know how long exactly she'd been imprisoned; however, she knew her time had only just begun.

The chained woman lifted her head slightly when she heard muffled voices coming towards her tiny prison. It was a rare occasion for anyone to come near her; however, she knew what it meant. Meal time.

The men opened a hidden door that blended into the plain grey walls and slide a small tray of food in the room. Without even a glance or word the door was shut and locked, leaving the woman alone once again in her cell of cold and damp misery.

Another sigh escaped her lips as she moved her stiff arms to reach out to the tray. As she reached out the chains began to pinch her tender and swollen skin, causing her to be thrown back against the rock wall.

She was a chained dog, unable to reach the food she longed to consume. Her eyes stung as they grew wet with hot tears. This wasn't the first time she wasn't able to eat, to be honest it happened almost every meal time. She hardly noticed the gnawing ache in her stomach anymore.

She was numb with cold hollowness as she withered away, locked in chains.

Something I wrote because I was bored and felt like writing something.

Andromeda is a constellation "Chained Lady", just incase anyone was wondering.