Last Day

It was a cold winter night,the wolves were out and fires were lit in the tiny log cabins owned by the folk of Miners Village. Inside one cabin there was a family of four, a mother a father and a son & daughter. The father was called James the mother Lily, the children were called Rose and John. The family was celebrating Christmas little did they know this Christmas would be their last. "Hey dad your back!" shouted John "yes son i am back..." Said James with a somber look on his face, fright, worry, determination these were the only three feelings he felt. "What on earth is wrong James?" asked Lily "family sit down in the living room" the family all walked into the living room and sat down then James stood up and said "family you all know Thomas from next door" everyone nodded "well" continued James "today tom went crazy while we were hunting he ran after me trying to bite me eventually his face started melting away until it was nothing but a thin layer of skin he started crying blood and then caught up and went for my throat and i did not know what to I-I...-I shot him".

As James said this he started crying "Papa did he manage to bite you?" asked Rose James nodded Rose then burst into tears and muttered " I'm gonna miss you daddy" no one heard her but one single wolf.