7:50 on the dot.

Not a fun time

to be heading

to class.

Not for a night

owl like me.

Stayed up til

3 this morning

watching a damsel

wrap a hero

around her pinky.


Nope, not a

good idea that one.

Too sleepy to walk straight

let alone pay attention in class.

A little squirrel chitters

and climbs a nearby tree.

How cute.

At least he is happy.

Another yawn and

a final stretch when

something beams me

between the eyes.

Clasping both hands

to my newly aching forehead

and looking around.

I spy an acorn

that was not there before.

Did it fall?

The squirrel chitters away

as I look at him.

Another beam to the face.

"Did that squirrel just

throw his nuts at me?"

Oh, no he didn't,

not to this Xena

in training. Picking

up the acorn I

threw it back and the

squirrel scurries off.

What a fun beginning

to an all too early day.

I wonder if I ruined his day?

Stupid shameless squirrel.