I couldn't trust Declan Kirkendall as far as I could throw him.

And I could barely even push him let alone throw him.

I've known the kid for far too long, but we pretend that we barely know each other. We don't exactly hate each other nor are we secretly best friends. We're just…he's just…we're not…I don't know. It's hard to describe us.

"Audrey, sweetheart," I slowly turned around to find Henry looking like an idiot as per usual.

"Hey," I replied looking back at my stuff. I had found myself in the student council room hot glue-gunning things. How I got myself into this was beyond me.

"So," he paused dragging the word out for suspiciously too long.

Something was definitely up. I opened my mouth to intervene but he was flapping his obnoxious lips before I could.

"Audrey you know you're my best friend and seeing as how both of your best friends are on student council I was wondering if you could do me a solid."

Right, my other best friend Sophia was the reason I was hot glue-gunning things. She was about to strangled Noah because be totally messing something up once again.

"No." I replied without much thought. If Henry was being sweet then I would totally regret saying yes.

"Don't be such a bitch Aud." Now that's the Henry I know.

"Wow, you call me a bitch and expect me to do you a solid? As if, bitch." I replied with a pleasant amount of sass.

Henry rolled his eyes, "Look, I seriously need you to do this for me. Or else I'll die."

"You won't die."

"I will! You're the only one who can help me and I'm pretty sure Sophia and a shit load of other people will tear me apart if I don't get you to do this."

"Do what exactly?"

"You have to agree before I tell you."

"Over my dead body." I frowned and stuck a ribbon on Henry's arm. He flinched from the hot glue but didn't bother complaining.

"Look, I'll owe you big time if you do this for me."

"You probably owe me big time anyway."

Henry sighed, "Okay yeah I do, but I'll owe you again. Please? Please?! I beg of you I swear Audrey I will-"

"Just tell me what you want me to do then we'll see."

Henry ran his fingers through his hair and sucked in some air.

He put both his hands on my boney shoulders and pushed some of my light brown hair aside, "You know you're such a pretty girl Audrey."

I gave him a look and he sighed.

"Okay fine, you know you're hot and a lot of guys want you-"

"Did you try to sell me again?" I interrupted.

"No, and I was drunk and Declan thought it would be funny to mess with me. But anyway-you're pretty and such a good dancer…so I kind of want to sell you…but in a different way."

"Excuse me?" I examined Henry's face to make sure he wasn't totally insane.

"Okay before you freak out listen, we're having a people auction as a fundraiser." He fakes a smile.

"Dear god," I stick another bow on him but this time on the face.

He frowns but ignores it, "It's not like when I drunkenly gave you away. This is for the school. You'll either be sold for a date or a dance lesson. It's still undecided but whatever. So, please?"

I scoffed, "Over my dead body."

"Okay, okay what if it was just a dance lesson. It's not like Sophia will let the student council sell you for a date."

"Yeah she would," I sass, "She's all for school spirit and whatever."

Henry nibbled on his bottom lip silently agreeing with me through weird head movements, "Alright fine. You're absolutely and totally right Princess Audrey. But can you just do this for me? Can you agree and help your best friends out? I promise I won't ever try to sell you again."

I sigh, caving in, "Fine."

The thing about Henry Cranston is that he's a complete and total hooligan. I've known him since before we could speak, but when Henry learned how to talk, boy could he talk. He never shuts up. He's always getting into some weird kind of shenanigan, and worst of all he's kind of best friends with Declan Kirkendall.

I mean it makes total sense since they're both…I don't know, weird? Completely disregard everything? Do whatever the fuck they want? Whatever it is they both have it.

Trisha, her boyfriend Elijah, and Nora sat with me. The four of us peacefully chatted over our various lunches until Henry and Sophia showed up. Dear lord.

"Audrey!" Sophia beamed, "Okay fabulous news, you're going to give a dance lesson! So we won't be dancing around prostitution laws. Ha ha get it? Dancing?"

Along with everyone else at the table, I rolled my eyes.

"Okay I'm so glad you aren't pimping me out." I reply sarcastically.

This time Sophia rolls her eyes. I continue to eat my caprese salad as Henry and Sophia open their lunches.

"Okay, so please explain why you're selling Audrey, again?" Nora asks.

"One time…I sell her one time…" Henry mumbles and I can't help but smile a tiny bit.

"We're having a people auction for a fundraiser. Like Audrey will be teaching dance lessons, I'll babysit, the Offerman twins are putting up a suit in their dad's hotel for auction, and one girl's mom owns a gallery so you can buy a spot in her shows, yada yada yada."

Elijah looks impressed, "That's actually a really good idea."

"Thank you!" Sophia beams, "I came up with it."

I nudge her with my elbow and she sighs as he big head deflates a bit.

"So Henry isn't contributing, as usual?" Trisha teases.

"Wow, thanks Trish," Henry feigns hurt, "I actually got my dad to put up cooking lessons."

"I love your dad's food! I'd totally buy it." Nora gushes.

"And you can! Just come to the auction. Teachers, students, and family members are all welcome. The more the merrier!" Sophia smiles.

We all share a look, "Soph you don't need to go all saleswomen on us we'll come anyway." Nora pats her on the back.

"Sorry! I've been in total business mode recently." Sophia shrugs and casually dips her French fries into an array of condiments.

Henry continues to shovel food down his throat while we switch to a different topic.


I look up slowly as Mrs. Blackwell looks at me expectantly, "Could you read the next few lines?"

I look over to the person to my left who shows me where we are. I then proceed to read the passage in smooth French.

As soon as I'm done Mrs. Blackwell picks another student until she reaches Declan. I glance at him and he gives me a sly look. I shake my head and attempt to finish the rest of my AP Biology homework before the end of the period.

With a few questions on the endocrine system left that I just can't seem to answer I decide to give up. I glance at the clock to find a grueling twenty minutes left in class. I could actually pay attention but that doesn't seem appealing. Mrs. Blackwell steps out for a second and I flip through my planner.


I write down all the homework I have to do for tonight.

"Audrey," The voice goes from a whisper to a whisper yell.

"Audrey," again my name is said but in a normal speaking voice.

"What?" I finally acknowledge Declan and look over to my right.

"I need to talk to you."

"Uh okay," I urge him to go on.

"After class,"

"No," I decline pointedly and return my attention to my planner.



"Seriously Audrey, I just need to talk to you."

I give him a look and Mrs. Blackwell walks back in, thankfully.

And soon enough another block of AP French Literature is over. A bunch of the kids in my class hurry to leave while I take my time.

I can't help but sigh as Declan saunters over to me. He pushes his thick black rimmed glasses and looks at me with his light blue eyes. Then he runs his fingers through his messy bed-head.

He just towers over me all casual and whatnot.

"So," He starts.

I stand there with my arms folded waiting for whatever he has to say.

Declan sticks his hands in his sweatpants pockets and his cardigan just hangs off his tall frame.

"I know you absolutely hate spending time with me," Declan rolls his eyes, "But if you're not busy I need you to come over tonight."

I sigh, "Well I'm busy."



"Things…and we should talk about Henry's birthday coming up."

I lean against my desk and Declan seems to gravitate towards me. Why does he smell so good and why is he so attractive?

"The last time we tried to talk about things we ended up in a very compromising position that got you in a fight with my last boyfriend."

Naturally Declan gets this cocky smile on his face, "You act like breaking up with that asshat wasn't the best thing ever."

"I think this conversation is over now Declan." I move to walk away, but of course Declan steps in my way.

"Okay, I'll be serious. We can only talk about Henry's birthday if that's what you want. Promise."

"But we both know your promises don't mean much." I can't help but tease him a little.

"Princess Audrey, would you please grace me with your presence? I am but a lowly peasant."

"Maybe," I pat his firm chest and start to walk away. I bid Mrs. Blackwell a goodbye and head to my next class.

I'm pretty sure Declan's ulterior motive was to break me and my boyfriend up last time, and he was right that it was a good thing, but I'd never tell him that.

Declan is a cocky, tricky bitch. It's too hard to tell what's going on in his head or what he's going to do next. Sometimes he creates this sexual tension that can fill a room. And sometimes he likes to play these games that make me want to rip his face off.

"Liam, Val," I laugh. I fix my high ponytail as Val does a cartwheel.

"Let's go Audrey, let's salsa." Liam smiles from ear to ear as he takes one hand and puts the other on my waist.

Val laughs continues to fool around in the studio.

Liam follows m lead until he surprisingly twirls me. My flowing mullet skirt twirls around my legs and I can't help but smile. Then suddenly someone's arms are around me that definitely aren't Liam's.

This touch is far too sensual and definitely familiar.


Both of his hands are clutching onto me and I am fully aware of the way he smells-the faint hint of tobacco mixed with Old Spice, Irish Spring soap, and something else.

The tip of his nose is awfully close to mine.


"Well aren't you two cute." Val teases.

"Extremely," Liam agrees.

"See Audrey, even they agree." Declan says quietly to me.

I figure that most girls in this situation would be flustered, regardless of who's whispering their ear and holding them intimately.

And okay that prickly feeling in the pit of my stomach was hard to ignore, but that didn't mean I couldn't pretend to not give a fuck.

"Why are you here Declan?"

"Why, baby girl, I'm here to take you home." He gives me a big old smile and I sigh.

"Henry left early and asked me to drive you home. And could I even consider saying no? I couldn't, that what."

I sigh again and disentangle myself from the boy.

"Fine," I walk over to my dance bag and put on a thick cable knit cardigan. Liam kissed the top of my head and Val gave me a hug goodbye.

As soon as I got into the passenger seat I let my hair down as Declan started the car. Sometimes I regretted carpooling with Henry, but this wasn't one of those times.

I mean eight-five percent of the time I'd rather not be around Declan. Fifteen percent of the time though Declan is a really great distraction.

"What's up, Princess?" Declan asks nodding toward me.

I shrug and run my fingers through my hair detangling knots.

"You can't just shrug and expect me to leave it at that Audrey."

I rest my chin on my palm as my elbow digs into the arm rest.

"I hate my stepmom." I pout.

He eyes me with a sly smile, "Does that mean I'm taking you to my house?"

"You better be."

"I definitely don't mind your stepmom."

I give him a small push and he chuckles.

Declan tosses his keys aside and carries both our bags.

"Declan," His mom calls. It didn't register in my head that she could be here. His mother is a nurse and works all the time at odd hours so I've never met her.

"Hey Ma," He replies. Declan takes my hand and pulls me to the kitchen. He drops our bags down and runs his fingers through his hair, "This is Audrey."

"Hi," I reply with an unsure smile.

Declan's mom tilts her head to the side slightly and looks at me, "It's nice to meet you Audrey."

She's so pretty it's a bit unsettling. She looks tired though, but it isn't too surprising. Her hair is darker than both of her sons' but they're the same blue as Declan's.

Declan's little brother comes down the stairs and says hi to me.

"Declan stop staring at Audrey and help me set the table."

He shrugs and does what his mom said.

I shake my head, "Do you want any help?" I ask.

"If you could help Dec then that'd be great. He manages to break something every time."

I look at him amused and he frowns.

"Thanks Ma."

"It's true."

Declan hands me a few plates and I set them down on the cute vintage looking table. I expected him to turn around and grab more things but he ended wrapping his arms around my waist. Declan snuggles into the crook of my neck and I try to think of things besides kissing him. Except for some reason my mind went to how I just finished dance practice and probably looked gross while he just came from swim practice. And then it dawned on me that he did not in fact smell like chlorine which meant he showered. And honestly I could do without the thought of water running down his body.

Declan's mom laughed and looked at us endearingly, "Well I better get going to the hospital. Look after Ethan. I'm sure I'll see you again Audrey."

"Bye Ma," Declan doesn't move away from me though. In fact I can feel his lips grazing my skin.

"It was nice meeting you."

"Bye." Ethan says before he takes a sip of water.

When their mother is out the door I hit Declan.

He frowns and rubs his chest, "What?"

"Nothing," I give him a look.

He sighs, "Well are you hungry?" He asks the both of us.

"Not really."


Ethan helps me put the dishes and utensils back.

"When was the last time you guys actually sat down and ate?" I ask Ethan.

"Hm, besides breakfast, probably last Christmas." He shrugs, "I like to eat early, Dec eats whenever, and Ma is usually at work."

"Our mother likes to imagine that we eat dinner together." Declan tells me.

"Eating with Declan is actually one of my least favorite things, actually." Ethan chuckles as his brother nudges him.

"Hey, I'm your favorite person ever," Declan points at his brother, "Finish your homework."

"You should probably start your homework. "Ethan sasses and heads upstairs.

I wouldn't say that I spend a lot of time here, but the Kirkendall brothers are just really friendly people. They always make me feel welcome. And I know I make it seem like Declan is the biggest nuisance ever, but he really isn't. He's a big nuisance, but not the biggest.

My cold toes brush against Declan's legs which are tangled up in mine. One of his arms is encasing my body and rubbing my exposed skin. While I lay on the other arm that's holding his book, Declan has his attention half on his book for English.

I use his firm chest to write on. For once math homework doesn't seem too terrible. When my attention span doesn't seem to hold up I start to tease Declan. Of course he catches on and murmurs something into my hair. I use my pencil to play with his shirt and draw on him. I feel him tense up. But then Declan drops his book and grabs my face in his hands to smother me with kisses.

"Come on Audrey," Sophia puts her hands on her hips, "Wake up."

"Mhmf," I roll around my bed.

"It's five in the afternoon. How are you asleep?"

"I'm taking a nap." I bury myself deeper into my pile of sheets.

"Well we have the people auction to go to! It's at six-thirty."

I put on whatever Sophia tells me to and I do my makeup as usual. As I work on my hair Sophia speaks, "So is your dad still mad?"

"Well I'm still ignoring Maria, so he's still a bit annoyed to say the least."

"Maria isn't that bad."

"I know," I roll my eyes, "But sometimes she's just insufferable."

Sophia shrugs unable to argue with me. She even knows how annoying my step-mom can be. She's nice, but nags too much, and sometimes she acts like she's still in high school when she's in fact older than my father.

"Well this'll blow over like it always does."

"Probably," I shrug. Sophia tosses me a pair of heels and we head out.

When we arrive Sophia immediately starts to get everything together. Henry finds me and we wait. I sit on his knee as we play games on our phones.

Henry looks like a slob in basketball shorts and one of his swim t-shirts. While I, on the other hand look nice and purchaseable. At least that's what Henry said.

When the silent auction begins Sophia grabs the both of us. I have to stand where she tells me to while Henry gets placed a few feet away from me. Surprisingly a shit load of people showed up. Sophia and the rest of the student council, minus Henry, went around advertising things.

At some point I noticed Declan standing idly with Henry. But I didn't pay much attention to them as people started striking conversations with me.

When my feet started to hurt I started to text my complaints to Sophia who ignored me, then Nora who was somewhere in the vicinity and in just as much pain as I.

"Hey," I looked up from my phone to see Declan standing there. At least he managed to put on slim jeans, but he could've at least put a belt on.

I looked right through him.

My usual attempt at ignoring his existence didn't quite work.

"I'm Declan." He introduced himself even though I was quite aware of his name.

But I looked at him.

I looked at Declan Kirkendall and his unfairly attractive face. Seriously, who even has a nose that perfect? Or lips that inviting?

After some internal struggle I decided to play along, "I'm Audrey."

"Well, Audrey, I can't wait for you to teach me how to dance."

Before I could question the grinning idiot I found myself making out with the bitch for who knows how long. I couldn't really recall where we ended up. All I could think of was how his nose and lips were brushing against mine. My hand found their way under his shirt and tugging at his belt.

"Audrey," He whispered.


He chuckled and continued to sprinkle my face with kisses.

"Hey you two," Henry interrupted with us wistful smile, "Soph is looking for you guys."

I bite my bottom lip and follow Henry.

When I thought Henry would have kept quiet he opens his big fat mouth, "You two definitely have explaining to do."

But quite frankly the last thing I wanted to do was to talk about me and Declan and yet I knew I'd find myself spilling my guts out.

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