Okay, so, I've had this idea in my head for a little while and FINALLY finished typing everything up and blahblahblah.

Kind-of a side story to MS&TC, but not necessary to read.

I don't really feel like writing a lengthy background, so if you have any questions, just ask in a review or PM me. Simple as that.

I will just say, when you see "Swallows" mentioned, it is Midnight Swallows, which is the singing/dancing club at the school that they compete with. Yepp.

Okay, read on and enjoy!

"C'mon, Dalton! Soccer game!" Shelby exclaimed, pounding on the bathroom door as Courtney laughed.

"Chill your tits, woman!" Dalton replied as he ran his fingers through his bangs.

"No! Aaron isn't going to care what you look like! He wants to jump you no matter what!" Shelby said, causing Courtney to laugh even harder.

"You have no evidence of that," Dalton huffed as he walked out of the bathroom and grabbed his jacket.

"How about the bedroom eyes he directs your way every time we're around people?" Courtney asked as they walked out of Dalton's room.

"He does not," Dalton scoffed as he locked his door.

"He so does," Shelby and Courtney replied in unison. Dalton rolled his eyes in response as he zipped up his jacket some.

"Just because you don't necessarily notice him giving you bedroom eyes doesn't mean it doesn't happen," Shelby added as she pulled her Cookie Monster hat down over her ears more.

"Whatever," Dalton sighed as they walked outside, all of them a deep breath as the unusually col April air hit them.

"We going to wish Darren luck?" Courtney asked.

"More like going to give him body heat because you know he is probably freezing his cute, little butt off," Shelby replied, causing Dalton to snort and Courtney to smile.

"Probably," Courtney added as they headed towards where they knew the soccer team would be.

"Oh my god, save my soul," Darren gasped as they approached, immediately throwing his arms around Shelby, who giggled.

"Aw, is Darren cold?" Courtney asked.

"Yes! Now give me body heat!" Darren exclaimed, pulling Courtney and Dalton closer. They both laughed and hugged Darren as well as he shivered and buried his face on Courtney's neck. "It is too cold for this."

"Oh, shut up. You'll be fine once you're playing," Dalton chuckled as he reached out to ruffle Darren's curly hair.

"Questionable," Darren replied, moving his head away from Dalton.

"Aw, don't want ruffled hair today?" Shelby asked.

"Nope. Body heat," Darren responded.

"Well, seems like you're getting a lot. Mind if I steal some?" Aaron asked as he walked up to them. Darren looked back at Aaron, eyes hardening slightly.

"G'head. I mean, Dalton is your boyfriend," Daren replied.

"Yep," Aaron agreed, giving Darren a wink before pulling Dalton away. Dalton let out a small squeal before giggling and allowing his arms to wrap around Aaron.

"Hi," Dalton giggled as Aaron nuzzled into his neck. "Your nose is cold."

"Mhm," Aaron hummed in response, arms tightening around Dalton's waist. Dalton just smiled and looked over towards Darren, Courtney, and Shelby. They were all leaned together and talking, Darren's expression looking slightly annoyed and angry. Aaron lifted his head and looked over as well. "Y'know, sometimes it annoys me how possessive Darren can be."

"Aaron, no. It's not like that," Dalton said, arms tightening around Aaron's shoulders.

"Sure seems that way sometimes," Aaron replied.

"C'mon, we've known each other since we were three. We're just protective of each other," Dalton said as he looked over towards the other three again and Aaron nuzzled into his neck again. Darren looked over then and caught Dalton's eye before giving him a small smile. Dalton returned the favor before Aaron pulled his attention back by kissing his neck lightly.

"Mkay, I trust you," Aaron added.

"Thank you," Dalton replied as he pressed a kiss to the top of Aaron's head as Aaron hummed in response and kissed Dalton's neck again, causing Dalton to giggle. "Stop it."

"What if I don't want to?" Aaron asked as he lifted his head to smirk at Dalton.

"Then you won't get to play soccer," Dalton replied.

"Hm, I think I could miss one game," Aaron said, leaning down to kiss at Dalton's neck again as Dalton laughed.

"Nope. GO play soccer. I'll see you later," Dalton added, pressing a quick kiss to Aaron's neck before shoving him away playfully.

"Dine. Have it your way, Dalt," Aaron chuckled, swatting at Dalton's ass before walking away and sending a wink in Dalton's direction. Dalton smiled and rolled his eyes before walking over to Darren, Courtney, and Shelby.

"That was classy," Shelby snorted.

"Yeah, yeah,yeah, shut up," Dalton replied as he pulled Darren in for a hug. "Good luck, Dare. May the odds be ever in your favor."

"Yeah, thanks. And you can really stop quoting that book, Ton," Darren replied.

"Nope," Dalton said before shoving Darren towards the rest of the soccer team. Darren smiled and rolled his eyes before running over and jumping onto Jacob's back.

"Darren is like a body heat leech," Courtney laughed.

"Yeah, pretty much," Shelby agreed as they walked off to go get sets.

"He's a cuddle whore as well," Dalton said.

"As are you," Shelby laughed.

"You too, Shelby. They three of you are all cuddle whores and I get sucked in," Courtney snorted as they sat down.

"This is true," Dalton agreed as he pulled his hood up and then buried his hands in his pockets.

"Cuddling is one of the best things ever," Shelby breathed, burrowing closer to Dalton's side and pulling Courtney along with her. Courtney smiled and rolled her eyes even though she pressed closer to Shelby's side.

"Most of the time. I don't like to be strangled," Dalton laughed, a puff of visible breath appearing in front of his face.

"That was an accident...and Darren's fault, not mine," Shelby replied, causing Dalton to chuckle and Courtney to shake her head. Then, the soccer team emerged and they spotter Darren, who was still on Jacob's back.

"I swear, if Jacob was bi or gay, he and Darren would be dating," Courtney commented as Jacob pretended to drop Darren and causing Darren to screech before laughing.

"Or just fuck buddies," Shelby added with a shrug. Courtney shrugged also and nodded in agreement.

"Nah. Darren doesn't want a fuck buddy. He told me so after Shane asked him to be one," Dalton said as he buried his hands further into his pockets.

"Excuse me? Darren and Shane?" Shelby screeched. Dalton nodded and shrugged one shoulder.

"They were drunk after we won a Swallows competition," Dalton replied.

"Oh yeah, I remember that," Courtney said. "He turned up at my room at three in the morning smelling like sex and claiming his room was too far away."

"Yep," Dalton snorted. "He showed up at my room in the morning complaining about his headache and looking for cuddles."

"I can't believe you guys didn't tell me," Shelby hissed before pouting. Dalton and Courtney both shrugged as they turned their attention to the field since the game was about to start.

"It was Darren's story, not ours," Dalton added as Aaron looked towards him and smiled. Dalton smiled back and pulled one hand out of his pocket to wave. Aaron sent a wink back and Dalton rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, and he doesn't wanna jump you all the time," Shelby snorted.

"He doesn't," Dalton replied.

"I call bullshit!" Courtney sang.

"Whatever," Dalton huffed out as he hunched his shoulders and the soccer players started running around the field. Courtney immediately let out a sigh, a small smile on her face.

"I appreciate how short their shorts are," she breathed.

"Essentially," Dalton agreed as Shelby rolled her eyes. Dalton chuckled and nudged her shoulder with his own. "Just because you don't like penis..."

"Nope!" Shelby replied. "I am just here to cheer Darren on, not ogle the team."

"I certainly do," Courtney snorted as she watched the game intently.

"As does Dalt, but he has more of an excuse. His beau is on the team," Shelby said.

"Yep," Dalton agreed as he watched Aaron running down the field.

"It is so disappointing Darren is gay. His muscles," Courtney said. Shelby snorted at this and Dalton smiled and rolled his eyes before looking towards where Darren was standing and watching, hands on his hips.

Then, Darren's eyes widened and he jumped straight up just in time as someone slid across the ground towards him. Dalton's eyes were immediately drawn to the strip of skin that was exposed as Darren jumped and his shirt lifted.

"Damn, I had forgotten about Dare's happy trail. That thing is ridiculous," Shelby laughed, having seen Darren's shirt lift as well.

"Mhm," Courtney hummed in agreement. Dalton just stayed silent, his eyes now glued to Darren and how his muscles worked as he ran.

"Woo!" Shelby and Courtney suddenly exclaimed as Darren scored a goal. Dalton smiled slightly, but his eyes were still glued to Darren, who jumped in the air triumphantly, causing his shirt to rise and expose his stomach again.

"Aw, he is so pleased with himself," Courtney giggled.

"He usually is when he scores," Shelby replied as she winked. Courtney snorted and Dalton shook his head.

"I would hope so," Dalton added.

"And you would know...?" Courtney asked with raised eyebrows as she looked over at Dalton, who blushed furiously.

"Well, not him specifically," Dalton said.

"Mhm, not that you wouldn't want to know first hand, huh, Dalt?" Shelby asked as she continued to watch the game.

"No, not really. I have a boyfriend that I am perfectly happy with," Dalton replied.

"Mhm," Shelby and Courtney hummed in unison as they exchanged a glance. Dalton just rolled his eyes and looked back out to the field, eyes immediately drawn back to Darren as he flipped in order to kick the ball into the goal again.

"Mmh, that boy," Courtney breathed. "He is probably made to ride things, just like his older brother."

"If Darren was a bottom, yes. But he's told me that he would prefer topping...so maybe he will just fuck his partner up against walls all the time," Shelby laughed. Dalton shook his head as Courtney snorted.

"You both have issues," Dalton told them as he shifted slightly and tried to stop the images that were popping into his head at their words.

"Whatever, man. But don't sit there and pretend you don't find dominance to be huge turn on," Shelby said as they all watched the game.

"Preach," Courtney agreed, giving Shelby a high-five. "We know you like when Aaron owns you."

"Shut up," Dalton grumbled as he buried his hands deeper in his pockets and pushed his jacket forward slightly as he tried to ignore the ache in his hips and the images floating around in his head. Shelby and Courtney exchanged a smirk before turning back to the game.

Dalton's eyes remained glued to Darren, no matter how hard Dalton tried to look away. His eyes roamed over Darren's legs as Darren ran, the amount of leg exposed being just enough. Dalton shifted in his seat and felt his cheeks heat up as the image of Darren hovering over him and taking control popped into his head.

The rest of the game passed in a similar fashion. Shelby and Courtney would make offhand comments as Dalton attempted to battle his mind and body. Once the game ended, the three made their way down to the field.

"Congrats, Darren baby!" Shelby squealed as she threw herself at Darren as he laughed.

"Thanks," Darren replied as he hugged Courtney.

"Yeah, congrats! I'll see you later!" Dalton squeaked before running off to find Aaron, leaving Shelby and Courtney giggling behind him. "Congrats, Aaron!"

"Oh! Thanks!" Aaron replied as Dalton jumped at Aaron and wrapped himself around Aaron. Aaron smirked up at Dalton with a raised eyebrow Dalton smiled back. "Well, hi."

"Hey," Dalton giggled as Aaron leaned down to start kissing at Dalton's neck and press closer to Dalton. Dalton let out a happy sigh and then looked over to see Darren staring over at him with one raised eyebrow and a slight glint in his eye. Shelby and Courtney were still giggling and talking to Darren as Darren smirked. Then, Darren sent a wink in Dalton's direction and Dalton let out a small moan.

"Mmh, wanna go to your room?" Artie said he wouldn't be back for a while," Aaron said.

"Yes," Dalton breathed before dragging Aaron towards the dorms as Aaron chuckled. As soon as they got into Dalton's room, Aaron pushed Dalton up against the door and dropped to his knees. Dalton let out a groan and buried his fingers in Aaron's blond hair. Aaron hummed appreciatively as he shoved Dalton's pants and boxers down before taking Dalton into his mouth.

Dalton let out a groan and let his head thump back against the door as he closed his eyes. He let himself get lost in the feel of the wet heat around himself. Then, as he looked down he let out a strangled gasp, because instead of seeing his fingers buried in his boyfriend's blond hair, his mind showed his fingers buried in a mass of dark curls.

Aaron looked up then and winked at Dalton before humming. Dalton groaned loudly and leaned heavily against the door, head falling against it again. Dalton closed his eyes tightly and tried his hardest not to imagine that his best friend was in the place of his boyfriend kneeling in front of him. Dalton could tell that Aaron had tugged down his own shorts and underwear as well and he let himself think of that.

Then, Aaron let out another hum and Dalton gasped out a groan as his muscles released. Aaron swallowed around Dalton as he groaned as well as Dalton panted. Then, Dalton pulled up his briefs and kicked his pants off of his ankles before walking over to his bed and collapsing onto it. A few seconds later, Dalton felt his bed dip and arms wrap around him as Aaron laid down behind him.

"Mmh, that was fun," Aaron breathed as he nuzzled into the back of Dalton's neck. Dalton just hummed in agreement, trying to fight against his brain, which was still providing images of his best friend in his boyfriend's place.

Dalton let out a sigh and leaned into Aaron's touch. Who knew going to a soccer game could cause such a mental battle?

Once Dalton could tell Aaron had fallen asleep, he reached over and grabbed his phone to text Shelby and Courtney.

I have a slight problem. I didn't see Aaron when I looked down...

A few minutes later, his phone went off. He grabbed his phone to see both his friends had sent winky faces back to him. Dalton grumbled and stuffed his phone under his pillow before falling asleep, where his dreams were filled with dark curls and muscles hidden just beneath a soccer uniform.