"It's just like him"

Have you ever read comic books about superheroes or heroes? Like Superman, X-Men, Spiderman, etc.? Well, you think it's unique for one person to have such abilities; sorry to burst you bubble, but it's all kind of copyright. See, there's this alien race called the Awesonians, and they have all those powers that those superheroes have. Don't think that they only have a few, trust me, they have more than you can ever dream of.

Awesonians were supposed to be these perfect beings; blue eyes, blonde hair, model bodies, and godly faces. Everyone wanted to be them. And yes, I mean humans. Awesonians would come down to earth, and just be there. They wouldn't become heroes or anything; they would just be there and become famous for their looks and talents. They only had one rule; don't fall in love with a human.

Humans were so imperfect in their eyes that if they had that kind of power they would destroy themselves. Awesonians would have thought that was funny if that were to happen, but they weren't the type of race who took pleasure in pain.

There was one man who broke that law. He fell in love with the most imperfect being to Awesonians. She had brown hair and brown eyes, and a kind heart. To Awesonians, she was nothing more than an insect. To humans, she was a kind lady. That Awesonian fell in love with her; that man was my dad.

You may think you've seen Awesonians now, but you'd be lying. The Awesonian race was wiped out about 18 years or so, give or take. Only about two survived, but you can't really tell. They might've been powerful, but they were so pure of heart, evil would most definitely triumph. And that's what happened.

After I was born, he came; Kaku. The most evil thing you could think of. It's in your nightmares, the dark corners of your room, in the minds of people who kill. Just pure evil, and when it came to Awesonia, they weren't ready for such evil. It destroys everything. It doesn't give mercy to anyone. It destroys planets, and people, and gets power off their begs and cries for mercy. The only reason two survived was because one was half-human and the other gave up their powers to save the Halfling.

After the Awesonians and their planet died, the woman gave up her baby to another Awesonian who bound Kaku inside of the baby. While doing that, she also bounded his powers. Garrett Stanfield, my father, was dead. Selena Moore, my mother, fell into depression and couldn't take care of me. Elise Stanfield, my grandmother, gave up her powers. And me, Scott Stanfield, I'm half-human, half-Awesonian with my powers and Kaku bound. Until now.