Chapter 16

"You can make it out, you will live to tell"

He dropped down next to a newly broken down building. His heart thumped hard against his ribcage, his fear for his friend escalating just by looking at the ruins. He swallowed, "Alvin? Alvin!" No answer, no form of life except the blood that painted the giant debris. What the he-, His thoughts were cut off abruptly when what felt like a soft cloth, but burned like acid, wrapped around his neck.

He gagged at the pushing against his Adam's apple. He was suddenly thrown to the side, destroying another building. Scott grabbed his throat, feeling his skin start to heal itself. He winced when it still felt raw to his touch. He ripped off the remaining cloth from his turtle neck and turned to the thing. He had to keep from retching at the sight of it.

It had the face of an angry wolf, a torso and legs as big as an elephant, giant spider legs coming from its back, and tiny tendrils that looked like skin tags hanging from its body, unintentionally letting Scott know what grabbed him. And over all, to add to its menacing nature, it was pure black with silver eyes, and white choppers in its mouth.

It suddenly screamed inhumanly towards the ruins. A black dust appearing before it, and Scott could feel the air getting colder. He stood up, ready to stop it when it shot one of its spider legs at him, piercing him in the shoulder.

He yelped at the pain over flowing in his shoulder. He could feel a kind of liquid seeping into his bloodstream, seeming to paralyze his arm. He grabbed the appendage, ignoring the burning sensation in his hand and ripped out the leg. He gripped his shoulder, his arm feeling numb but he was able to move his fingers slightly.

The monster, noticing Scott was free, turned its full attention on him. Scott grunted and stood straight, silently willing his arm to heal faster. The monster lashed out aggressively, making it slightly harder for Scott to dodge.

Scott made an energy ball in his hand and threw it like a baseball towards the monster. Luckily with his powers, he had great dexterity and was able to hit the monster in the eye. It shrieked louder than usual causing Scott to cover his ears from the harsh noise.

He was distracted from the blood pouring out of his ears giving the thing a chance to get him. Another leg lashed out, bigger this time, and went through his thigh. He clenched his jaw, holding in the scream ready to burst from his throat. His knees shook from the intense pain erupting in his legs and spreading like wildfire.

He ripped off his goggles, and used his heat vision to sever the spider leg. It screamed again, giving Scott enough time to rip the remaining piece in his leg out, "Son of a…" He muttered, feeling his body break into a cold sweat for the first time in months. This thing, He groaned at the poison running through his veins, I can't-I can't.

This time it shot out one of the legs the size of elephant, hitting him in the jaw sending him flying into another building. He clenched his fists this time, afraid his jaw might be broken, and stood. He summoned the energy in his torso, shooting a vicious red beam from his chest to the monster.

He mentally sighed in relief at the healing of his body. And for the first time since he got his powers, he was afraid. Not only could this thing injure him beyond belief, but it could probably kill him. And yet, he was the only one that could kill it. That fact made him feel at ease, even by a little bit.

He felt hopeless trying to fight it. Every time he did something, it would one up him. It was like playing a game of chess, and he hated chess because he never got it. And the more hopeless he got, the more dread filled his stomach of the thought of Alvin being injured by this thing. Knowing this monster's tactics, it wouldn't let him have the last breath.

Scott shook his head, ridding himself of the black dots appearing before him and looked at the thing with determination in his eyes, "Come on, you mutt."

It lashed out again, this time with two spider legs. Scott caught them, not letting the pain register, and hooked them under his knees. He bent himself backwards and flipped away, taking the top part of the legs off. While in mid-air, he shot a blast from his hand hitting it in its side. Once he hit the floor, ignoring its high pitched wails, he brought up his hands creating an earthquake and brought chunks of the ground in the air.

He pushed them towards it, taking a slight relief at its lowered cries. Spider legs lashed out once again. He shot his spider web at the legs; right hand going to right leg and left going to left. He fell to his knees, spinning and ripped the legs straight from its back, and watched them disappear into ash.

He exhaled harshly, feeling his blood pumping in every vein. Even if he could keep this up, he would probably die from exhaustion. He was-is-half Awesonian, he had to beat this thing. But he was also half human which meant doubted himself a bit.

Scott shook his head; he couldn't have doubt when so many lives were at stake, in his hands. He clenched his fists, ready to take on the monster once more. He stopped suddenly when he saw movement from the debris.

"Scott." He heard thanks to his super hearing. He sped over to the rubble immediately, moving it aside. His heart stopped dead when he saw Alvin lying there nonchalantly; his arm mangled and bloody, his right eye shut, Scott had a feeling it wasn't there anymore, and blood pooled around him. "Did you get him?" Alvin asked; his voice so raspy it brought Scott to tears. Alvin was always the stronger one. Scott shook his head making his friend chuckle, "It's okay, I believe you, bud." Alvin hissed when Scott put him in his arms.

"I'm so sorry," Scott whispered, a few tears falling.

Alvin shook his head, and put his head to Scott's temple, "It's not your fault," He inhaled sharply, his body going rigid, "I love you, buddy."