Chapter 17

"You're not alone, there is more to this I know"

He looked down at his friend, his heart feeling strangled as he stared down at the expressionless face that was always so full of life; his eyes lighting up as well, the green always more dominant then the brown when he was laughing.

Scott let out a small sob, the small sound having a big affect on his heart, "No!" He cried out, his sobs sounding more broken and raspy. He gripped his hair, not caring for the dirt and blood that was being smeared into it, "AHHHHHH!" He screamed into the night sky, his sonic boom coming out in waves. He let Alvin drop from his arms as he punched the ground. But not even dismantling the ground made Scott feel a little more at ease, not when Alvin wasn't there with a witty come back.

And then he felt it. It was like a snapping sensation in the back of his mind. He could feel the poison from before rushing through his veins, this time giving him power. He growled when his fingernails grew slightly longer; howled when his canines grew longer; and panted when his eyes went fully black.

He stood up on unsteady legs, inhaling the cool air. He thrust out his arm using his telekinesis to stop the projectile coming at him. He cocked his head to the side, staring intensely at the spider legs inches from his hand. He closed his hand torturously slowly into a fist. The spider legs easily crumbled into ash before his midnight black eyes.

He chuckled, feeling great satisfaction at the cries coming from the monster. It shot one of the tendrils at him to which he dodged quickly, "Tut, tut," He wagged his finger at it, scolding it in a playful manner. To him, at least. The monster just got more riled up and charged at him.

Scott crouched down, grinning gleefully at the challenge, and ran towards it. He disappeared before its eyes, reappearing in the sky, his foot on fire. He kicked it in the face sending its head reeling to the side before snapping creating a burst of flames that erupted in the monster's face.

He cackled at the monster that groaned in pain from the fire. He caught one of the legs coming at him. He broke it in half watching the black goo pool out of the broken hole. He gripped the rest of the leg and threw it to the side. The thing roared as it flew away from him.

Scott bounced on the balls of his feet, eagerly ready to kick some more ass. He could feel the poison pump more power into him, going straight to the core. He jumped a little higher, feeling like a little kid at the toyshop, knowing they would get all the toys.

He brought out his hands, and manipulated the light pole next to the monster bending it to trap the thing. He brought his hand to his ear feeling very giddy at hearing its cries of pain. "Mon, mon, mon," He clapped his hands, his canines and rage filled mind making him unable to form a coherent statement. After this, he was most likely going to make himself not sound like an illiterate idiot.

The monster seemed to break free from the dainty light post and charged at him once more with a vengeance. He swiped upwards, cutting it in the face. Scott growled lowly when it came right back up. He sped towards it, jumping in the air and bending his fingers slightly letting the electricity flow out and frazzle the monster. It roared maliciously at him. He laughed vehemently back.

For some reason, the more he stared at the monster, the more his mind was shoved into the back seat and his bloodlust took rampage. He shook his head, his mind in a puddle of goo. He couldn't exactly find a reason to stop fighting.

He wanted to make it suffer; to suffer more than him. All his life he suffered, never once catching a break until he got his powers. And when everything was supposed to be easy, this thing came to ruin it. Even taking the life of his best friend, the one person he could trust with his whole life, the person who could understand him, and relate to him. He didn't need a reason to let this thing live, it didn't deserve to.

His mind was shoved once more before he let it stay. Just because he didn't want this monster to live didn't mean he couldn't have a logical mind in this fight. His instincts took flight again when he had to dodge the thing coming at him.

Scott whipped around towards it, using his nature manipulation abilities to force the air out of it. The monster choked a bit before charging once more. It seemed to not need air like humans. It made sense because it was a hideous monster.

He punched it between the eyes; eyes that once he glanced at, he seemed frozen. For some odd reason, he remembered those crazed, evil silver eyes. They were the eyes that haunted him every night when he was a child. They made him have insomnia till high school when he got over the fear of the eyes.

If anything, this made him want to kill the monster even more, but then he remembered something his grandmother said when he had first gotten his powers. He had a monster inside of him which meant the monster the monster had a piece of him. He felt sickened by the thought. His features changed back to normal.

The monster growled and panted seeming to notice that he was back to normal. Kaku, Kaku was its name. He chuckled inwardly at the name; even that sounded evil and disgusting. He couldn't kill it, not fully at least.

Scott pushed Kaku away from him with his telekinesis and waited for the next attack. It charged at him. He used his energy beams from his hands. They shot out, hitting it straight on. It screeched and erupted into bubbles again leaving Scott there, panting.

Every hero always felt better, stronger after the enemy was defeated, but as he looked at the bubbles floating above him, he didn't feel triumphant, he felt empty.