Hush little baby

it's alright

just clench your teeth

and close your eyes

through the pain and the blood

you can bear it

your misunderstood

but you don't worry

one day it'll all be over

someone will find you

and you'll be safe forever

my word is true

Hush little baby

I wish I was there

like all mother's should be

to give love and care

but i was taken

far away

you'll meet me though

some other day

thats why daddy

does what he does

yells and beats you

and he has to cuss

it's not your fault

it's nobodies

he lost himself

his dignity

so hush little baby

don't you cry

i can't be there to sing lullabys

but i can tell the angels

about you and your life

hush little baby

it'll be alright