Skullduggery -

The slow, deadly walk of the beast made her tremble. His claws scratched the simple cobblestone and made her teeth ache at the sound. She hid her pale face in her arms when he walked close to her, too close for her not to feel the warmth oozing off of his scales in subtle breezes.

The winter around her began to slowly melt, and after sitting in the puddle of water—what used to be snow—she finally lifted her head.

"You are trespassing, girl," The beast said, a deep baritone voice coming from his throat, mixing with the sounds of twinkling bells. "This is my land, get off my property at once."

The scales on his back lifted and he showed his fangs to intimidate her. It worked, the show of dominance, as she cowered back into her arms, quitely crying.

"Please," She whispered and sniffed into her filthy arm. "I think I have broken my arm and my horse has run off."

The beast reared his head in annoyance, bellowing out steam from his nostrils. The heat felt like an oven opening, warming her slightly against the chilling wind.

"I don't care," He hissed, more serpent-like than human now that he was irritated. "You still can use your legs, crawl home."

He turned around towards his lonely, dark castle.

"Dragon," a voice called, testily, and the beast halted, "Think of the curse. Do not be overthrown by the serpent inside you to leave this pathetic girl such a fate."

Looking into the trees, the dragon narrowed his golden eyes at the wise bird.

"Girl!" The dragon roared and the girl trembled again, "Follow me, if you wish to live."

His brass and rusted copper scales rustled in irritation again, his breath melting the snow around his ebony claws.

Prompt: Imposing.

Word Count: 300.