Skullduggery –

"Did I say that?" The hawk asked and flew off her shoulder and onto the edge of a tub. "Well, oops, I wasn't supposed to tell you, but you figured it out, so I might as well."

Rodwen walked to the tub and shook her head, "Oh, then don't tell me anything else. I don't want you getting into trouble because of me."

The hawk stared at her, surprised, "My dear child, didn't I tell you that I outrank the lizard? The only trouble that will come is upon the dumb beast for forbidding it in the first place."

"He forbade you telling me that he was once a man? That's odd," She said and began the water in the tub. The hawk jumped away from the water and sat on the sink instead. "I sort of guessed it, you could say. I mean, when my parents told me stories of dragons, he didn't exactly live up to my expectations."

The hawk would have laughed if he could, so he screeched, "Oh, I like you! Maybe you can shrink his pride down to size. And what were your expectations, hm? Did you ride here knowing he resided as a lizard?"

Rodwen turned off the water and removed her sling. The hawk graciously turned around, shaking his feathers in embarrassment.

"No, I was on the trail when my horse spooked. I found the castle by chance. Honestly, I thought he'd kill me on sight." She said and stripped, finally dipping into the hot water. She sighed in content.

"Well, you're lucky then girl. You managed to find the nicest dragon out here. He wasn't always so angry. He used to be a fine scholar." The hawk said and Rodwen nodded before dunking under the water. The hawk politely left the room.

Prompt: Trouble

Word Count: 300.

Notes: I decided to answer your questions and lovely reviews below. I hope this helps! Also, if you have a request for a prompt, let me know, I'd be happy to write one based upon your prompt. Here is another chapter since I did not update for two days straight, sorry! Enjoy and review!

Complex Variable: I truly appreciate your thoughts and insight. I know everything seems so confusing right now, but there is a purpose to my having two separate names, which I will explain in time. Rodwen, though I have not said her age specifically, is only in her teenage years. While it is set in a fantasy world, her maturity is still the same as it would be here, though not as much. Ainion (the hawk) just has that personality of puns, distaste for Daeron (for a reason), and a soft spot for Rodwen. The reason some of my dialogue sounds strange is because I have simply not explained the reason behind them yet, everything will make sense. But like Rodwen, being so new to everything, so is the reader in her experiences. Chapter 5 was a extension of Chapter 4, think of it as part II. I am not necessarily writing in chapters, but in parts, so ignore the chapter numbers. I get my prompts from hourlywritingprompts on tumblr (its wonderful and creative). Again, with the tongues, I know it is confusing, but I didn't just write it in as filler: Daeron will eventually have to explain to Rodwen what he meant by 'his tongue'. Thanks for your constant reviews, they are great!

DrEaMxtHexDrEaM: Oh, I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for your kind words. Rodwen is a very sweet character am I really happy to be writing. And yes, the hawk is great, he is a favorite. You'll just have to see! Thanks for your reviews!

Anonymous: Thanks for the heads-up, but I have never even heard of the series and many books have similar titles. I have a reason for it to be called Skullduggery and I do not want to change it. I'll look into it though, sounds interesting. Thanks for your review!

Ney13: Firstly, thank you so much for your support. I agree with you and I am not going to change the title. Secondly, I will also explain why Daeron said what he said about tongues in due time. Finally, thank you again, I am super happy you like it so far. I really needed to read your words about this story being mine, so thank you!