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Of all the goodbyes, the kind which hurts the most is the one your ears never heard...but your heart knows it is already being said.

- Unknown

The tears in my eyes evaporated at the sight of her face. Suddenly, the world was that much brighter, and even the sun couldn't compare to the radiance of her smile. She rocked me slowly; back and forth in her arms, and began pacing the room with a calming bounce in her step.

"Hush Makira, Momma's here."

I giggled, gazing up at the woman with adoration. She was beautiful, with brown, blemish-free skin and green eyes that shone like rare gems. Another face appeared beside hers; a boy, about five or six with large brown eyes. He peered down at me curiously, poking my arm with a single finger before turning back to the woman.

"She's so small, isn't she Momma?"

The woman smiled, pulling the boy under her arm. He resisted at first, not wanting to seem like the momma's boy he was, but soon relaxed as she ran her fingers soothingly through his curly hair.

"Yes Anthony," she agreed, "She is very small."

She turned to look at him, and the love in her eyes was palpable. I could feel it coursing through me, spreading across my veins and warming my little heart.

Just who was this woman?

And why was I so happy she was here?

"That's why she has you to look after her," she told him, "You are her protector."

Anthony was awestricken if his expression was anything to go by. His eyes were enlarged comically, mouth opened so wide I could see the top of his molars.

"Protector?" he echoed.

His eyes snapped to mine, growing soft and tender as I cocked my head and tried to grab his nose. He reached for my flailing hand, curling his fingers through my smaller ones and giving an affectionate squeeze.

"Hello baby Makira,"he whispered. I blinked back at him. "I'll always protect you, no matter what alright? I'll always be with you."

Past his earnest face I could just make out the small curve of the woman's lips, and I knew, I was loved.

You have forgotten me.

Suddenly the atmosphere around me was shifting. The sereneness I was feeling dissolved, substituted by confusion and doubt. I was no longer in the woman's warm embrace, rather back in the bakery I'd set aflame. The smell of burning wood stung my nostril, and I coughed as the smoke clouded my windpipe.

You have forgotten me, and therefore have forgotten yourself and everything that you once knew.

I was running out of oxygen, crumpling to my knees and clutching at my throat.

Remember... Remember who you are and you will remember all things that were important to you.

The dragon materialized before me, emerald eyes regarding me with a stony countenance. I extended my arm out to it, but it seemed to only drift further and further away.

"Wait," I rasped and my throat felt like it was being torn apart, "Come back! Help me!"

The dragon kept fading away.


The world around me began to dim, morphing and swirling in an intense fiery inferno. I was falling. Plummeting. Screaming. Sobbing. The flames licked at my flesh, caressing my skin and shrouding me in tornado of heat.

Don't forget who you are.

The embers were consuming me. I couldn't think. I couldn't feel. Just descent like a shooting star into the blackness.

You promised me. Remember...

I hit the ground.

I woke up gasping and soaked in sweat. Two hazy figures instantaneously materialized in my line of sight, and I squawked when one of them grasped my shoulder. Startled, the figure who'd touched me reeled back, becoming still as a statue.

"Kira?" a familiar voice probed, "...You alright?"

My head was still swimming as I squinted past the glare of the window to just make out their features, and sighed with relief.

"Margo, Brandon."

Their expressions seemed to calm at my words; Margo wrapping her arms around me in a tentative, yet snug embrace. Brandon was beaming at me from over her shoulder, his dark eyes the most relieved I'd ever seen them. I frowned, pulling back from the red-head girl who made a face, but released me regardless.

"Where am I?" I grated. Brandon, noticing the dryness of my voice wordlessly passed me a glass of water from the small bedside table. I accepted it gratefully, nearly downing it entirely in one swallow.

"You're in Brandon's room," Margo answered. She took the glass from my hands and set it back on the table, twining her slender fingers with my own. I could feel and see the contrast; hers pale and soft, while my own were darker and riddled with scars and callouses.

"I know that," I replied, and I did. Everything about the room screamed Brandon; from the self-taken photographs of horses scattering the walls, to the cowboy boots decorating his navy comforter. What I really wanted to know was,

"How did I get here?"

Both teens hesitated, sharing a meaningful look and directing their eyes to a shadowed corner of the room. I tracked their stare apprehensively, heart nearly leaping out my chest when I caught sight of the lean form propped against the wall. His eyes were already trained in my direction, so when I met them I was left little choice but to become ensnared by their intensity.


All movement in the room had terminated, completely silent except for my slightly irregular breathing, and Brandon's uncomfortable cough. At the sound the prince's eyes broke from mine, gazing at the window behind me instead. My heart was beating so hard it hurt, and I clutched at the material of my shirt to help calm it.

What was he doing here?

And more specifically…

I snuck another peek to make sure I wasn't imagining things.

Why wasn't he wearing his mask?

Didn't he realize my friends could recognize him as clear as day?

Margo, who was inspecting my face the entire time, seemed to read my thoughts.

"Prince Dominic told us everything," she revealed with a pointed look, then her entire visage darkened and she shoved me crudely. I would have dropped right off the bed if Brandon hadn't caught my arm. Once righted, I rounded on my best friend with a heavy scowl.

"And just what the hell was that for?" I growled. What was her problem?

She sneered, grey eyes flashing with ferocity.

"That," she hissed, "Was for not telling me that Keeble was abusing you, nearly killing yourself by setting the bakery on fire, and not telling me you knew the fricken prince of the entire country!"

She emphasized each point with a hard prod of her finger to my collar bone, and I winced, trying to still her hands to no avail. She wasn't finished yet.

"Not to mention there's a dragon living inside you and you're the long, lost princess of the Fire Country!"

I stilled at her words, my dream coming back in sporadic flashes.

"Hush Makira, Momma's here."

"I'll always protect you, no matter what alright? I'll always be with you."

You promised me. Remember...

Goosebumps erupted across my arms.

Was it true? Was I really some princess?

I unconsciously sought out Dominic, and as if understanding my expression he stalked towards us, stopping just a foot short of the bed. Brandon shifted over to make room for him, but he hardly noticed, eyes trained solely on my face.

"You're starting to remember, aren't you?"

I averted my gaze to my hands, which were still linked with Margo's. She gave a subtle squeeze, reminding me of the boy in my dream. The realization drew an incomprehensible pang from my chest.

Just who was he?

The woman?

And just what the hell had I promised?

I was beyond creeped out by the entire situation, yet I wanted to know so badly. I couldn't help it. The agony of not knowing who I was, or where I came from was almost physical, and I had no way of knowing how much longer it would be before I cracked. It was taking its toll on me.

"I had a dream," I told him. He didn't display any emotion, simply came closer, slipping in the space beside Margo and claiming a hand from her that she passed without question. I tensed at his warm touch, but he didn't seem to notice, waiting patiently for me to continue.

"The dragon came to me after I had blacked out when Keeble was…" I trailed off and heard Brandon swear colorfully while Margo and Dominic frowned. I swiftly changed topics.

"Anyways, the dragon came to me and lent me it's strength, but I guess I couldn't control it very well and I set the whole bakery on fire."

I paused, taking a much needed breath. I was still very much parched, but refused to be waited on hand and foot, and ignored my prickly throat.

"It...the dragon, said it would help me if I said I wouldn't hide it anymore and then I had this weird dream of this beautiful woman, and a little boy who looked so familiar, but I couldn't remember...then I was back in the bakery, and-and there was fire. Everywhere! It was- it was overwhelming me and I was falling...I hit the ground..."

I lagged, embarrassed by my rambling and the incredilous/amused looks I was getting.

Brandon whistled.

"That sounds like one hell of a dream."

"You have no idea," I muttered.

"Oh Kira..." Margo let go of my hand to pull me in another embrace, leaving the prince with both my hands. I flushed at the thought, hastily retracting them from his grasp, but not before noticing the bandages. And they weren't just on his hands either. They extended up his wrist, disappearing beneath his sleeves, and no doubt trailing up the full lengths of his arms. I caught a flash of white inside of the collar of his shirt and my stomach constricted with remorse.

He had saved me, hadn't he?

I remembered falling and there was someone calling me.

Someone with blue eyes.

He had grabbed me even though I was on fire and carried me out, burning himself in the process.

Dominic followed my stare to his bandaged hands and grimaced, hiding them behind his back.

"C'mon, don't get all sentimental on me now," he teased, but I could tell his grin was forced, "What happened to the feisty girl that told me off yesterday by the river?"

She hadn't set an entire building on fire.

The guilt was gnawing at my insides, pulling me deeper and deeper until I couldn't stand it.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

He frowned, his handsome features twisting in bewilderment.

"For what?" he inquired, "I already told you I heal fast-"

"That's not the point!" I snapped and the room was deathly still. Everyone's eyes were wide in astonishment, watching as my body started to shudder violently.

"Kira?" Margo ventured carefully after a moment and that's when I broke down. I was sniveling like a baby, sobs so loud I heard the horses become restless outside the window. I clung to Margo like she was my life-line, burying my face into her chest and snotting all over her frilly, white blouse. She cuddled me gently to her, murmuring soothing words as she caressed my wild hair. I could only imagine just how uncomfortable this was for the boys to witness, especially Dominic, who'd I'd rather die than let see me this vulnerable, but I couldn't seem to stop. All the pent up fear and frustration was pouring out like a river, and once the tide was moving, nothing could cease it.

"Shhh..." she cooed, "There, there, it's alright."

But it wasn't, and I told her so through my hiccups.

"I could have killed someone!" I babbled hysterically through my tears, "I would have killed the Keebles' if they hadn't escaped. I can't control this power! It's too much! I don't even know who I am! I'm...I'm afraid."

I felt pathetic admitting it aloud, but it was true. I was petrified.

Who was I?

Just what was I actually capable of?

Who would I hurt next?

"Who are you?" I heard Brandon echo in confusion, "You're Kira-Kira, who else would you be?"

I didn't answer. I didn't know how.

His response made sense within itself, yet it wasn't entirely accurate. Sure, I was called Makira, but just who was she?

A baker?



"Next time it could be you guys." I indicated quietly and could feel Margo shaking her head adamantly in denial.

"No way! You'd never hurt us Kira, we're your friends!"

I wrenched away from her then, glowering at her trustful nature. She reached for me, but I drew back, giving her a hard look.

How could she be so naive?

"Don't you get it?" I hissed. I was bordering on frantic; she had to understand how dangerous I was becoming, "I could kill you. I can't control it anymore. Once I let the dragon free my power was increased ten-fold. One wrong move and I burn you to a crisp. Even now..."

I paused, feeling the heat steam of me in waves.

"I can't be around you guys anymore."

Her bottom lip began to wobble, and I knew what was coming even before the first tear fell. Brandon was rapidly at her side, pulling her into his arms and regarding me with sad, puppy eyes.

"What are you going to do?"

I exhaled, comforted that at least one of them understood.


"She's coming with me."

I whirled on the prince in astonishment. He hadn't uttered a single sound during the entire exchange, and I had all but forgotten he was there. I flushed, abruptly ashamed of my teary outburst. I was not, by any stretch of the imagination a pretty crier, and probably looked horrific.

"Why?" Margo demanded frostily. I'd never heard her use that attitude in regard to the prince, so admittedly it startled me a bit, "What could you possibly give her that we, her friends can't?"

His eyes caught mine despite my efforts to avoid them, and remained there.

"Makira and I have already discussed this," he replied dispassionately, matching her tone, "I can help her control her powers and in other matters as well, but only if she wants to."

My heart gave a particularly loud thump, and I shifted anxiously, hiding behind my hair.

Did he have to make it sound so...intimate? Even if I wanted to, it would make everything awkward if I accepted after that.

Margo was giving him a spiteful look, while Brandon seemed thoughtful, although a bit bitter. He sighed, running a frustrated hand through his already disheveled hair, making it stick up in odd angles. I would have laughed if he didn't have such a solemn appearance.

"You should go with him," he said and his girlfriend shoved him in disbelief.

I was stunned myself, eyes wide and mouth hanging agape.

Did he really say what I thought he said?

"Brandon!" she yowled, "What the hell. He's trying to take Makira away from us!"

Brandon rolled his eyes.

"We don't own her Margo," he shot back and she snapped her mouth shut in surprise. He hardly ever challenged her, however, now he seemed to be standing his ground. Her eyes narrowed.

"I never said that Brandon," she quipped, "But she's our friend and I don't want her to leave!"

He was growing frustrated, I could tell by the slight tick in his jaw and the barely perceptible curl of his lip. His patience was waning, and I could only remain still and watch as the whole scene unfolded in slow motion like a prison riot.

"It's not about us Margo," he snarled, "Stop being so damn selfish! This Makira's future on the line. The Keebles' are going to press charges against her and with no money to pay them back for the damage she could be thrown in the dungeon."

I paled at the mention of the dungeon and Brandon sent me an apologetic look.

His girlfriend opened her mouth to object, but never got the opportunity to speak. He steamrolled right over her.

"She has a family Margo." he said softly. His eyes connected with Dominic's and a sense of understanding seemed to pass between them, before he directed his eyes at me. "A real family that's waiting for her and can keep her safer than we can. Yes, we love her. And yes, we're going to miss her, but we aren't what's best for her at this point in her life."

A somber smile pulled at his lips.

"We have to let her go."

I could feel the pressure building behind my eyes, but refused to cry again. I'd done enough of that. Instead, I hauled my friends into a group hug, crowding Dominic off the bed as we all squeezed in together. If he were bothered by it, it didn't show as he wordlessly watched on. I pulled them closer so that their heads were right beside mine, feeling a heavy ache in my chest at their dejected faces.

"I guess it's settled then," I mumbled and Margo let out a wail, clutching me tighter. Brandon mirrored her action, but said nothing.

"When you meet your real family, promise you won't forget about us," she sniffled.

I snorted, tweaking her nose playfully. She scowled, pulling away from my fingers.

"You guys are my real family you drama queen." I snickered.

She pinned me with a severe look that would make a monster piss his pants, yanking roughly on my ear.

"Promise!" she commanded.

I grinned, shaking my head at her persistence.

"I don't know how I could possibly forget nuts like you two," I assured her, "But I promise."

"And remember to pack several pairs of underwear."

I rolled my eyes.

"Yes mother."

Margo didn't appreciate my sarcasm, glaring in my direction as she set her fists on her slender hips.

"Well excuse me for making sure you're prepared!"

Another eye roll.

"I don't think I'll forget underwear Margo, it's kind of essential."

She had a impish spark in her eye that instantly set me on edge.

"Or you could always go commando," she suggested slyly, "Then you give Dominic an 'accidental' peek. That should really turn him on."

I blushed nine different shades of red, impulsively tossing a random t-shirt at her suggestive face. She squealed, grappling blindly at the air.

"There will be no accidental flashage!" I roared in embarrassment, just what the hell was she thinking? Then more quietly, "Besides, I already told you, he doesn't like me like that, he-"

"Was just trying to use you for his own personal gain," she interjected boredly and tugged the shirt off her head, "Blah, blah, blah. Regardless, you still benefit from this."

I quirked a brow.

"And how exactly is that?"

She grinned, raising four slender fingers.

"One," she lowered one of the digits, "You get to find your family."

I nodded.


"Two; you get help controlling your powers."

I agreed.

"And three; you get to travel with an extraordinarily sexy prince who might just sweep you off your feet."

I pulled a face.

"Margo that's only three," I pointed out flatly.

She giggled.

"That last one counts as two points."

I groaned, focusing back on my packing. I began dutifully folding my pants, meticulously ignoring my friend's rambunctious laughter.

I liked it better when she was giving him the third degree.

"Margo..." I sighed, exasperated, "I don't like him alright? And he doesn't like me either, so just drop it."

She scoffed.

"As if I will. This is your chance Kira. He could be The One."

The One? Was she high?

"'The One' wouldn't deceive and lie to me!" I retorted, "And we aren't even compatible. There are way too many holes in this story for it to possibly work out."

Not that I even wanted it to. The prince and I are traveling together strictly on business terms.

Nothing more.

"But that's what makes it so romantic," the red-head argued, "It's like Cinderella, only he was the one disguising his identity and you detest balls."

Her hands were clapsed together in her signiture dreamer pose as she no doubt imagined my entire fantasy romance with her overactive imagination.

"I'm glad you seem to believe my life is similar to some sappy fairy tale, " I retorted sardonically, but she was too far gone to even hear me.

"I could be your Fairy God Mother," she breathed, grey eyes glittering, "And Brandon could be the horse carriage driver..."

I tuned her out after that.

Was I actually going to miss this senseless woman?

But I knew I would. I glanced around her bedroom with a melancholy feeling, noticing the drawings we'd scribbled of each other when we were twelve plastered on her wall. Margo had drawn my eyes too big, so I retaliated by making her head as large as a blimp. We didn't speak for three days after that. There was a large photograph of her, me, and Brandon on her night stand beside her clock. We looked around fourteen, Brandon tall and gangly slinging an arm around a smiling Margo's neck while I was scowling, shoving him away from me with a look of utter revulsion.

He and I weren't the best of buds during those times. In fact, I found him more irritating than I do currently, but somehow the dumb guy had managed to grow on me.

The door creaked open and said male poked his head in, giving a still swooning Margo a weird look before directing his stare at me.

"It's time Kira-Kira."

I nodded, zipping up my duffle bag and slinging it over my shoulder. Margo and Brandon shadowed me through the narrow hall and down the stairs where Margo's mom, Dominic, and two strangers were waiting in the entryway. One was a burly male with a massive sword strapped across his back, and hair so blond it was nearly white, while the other, female, had a dark complexion and even darker attire. She caught me watching her and smirked, flickering her attention back to Dominic.

I felt my brows snap together.

And just what was that about?

Margo's mother was embracing me and I instantaneously forgot about the woman's bizarre behavior, winding my arms around her torso. Her eyes, the same grey as her daughter's, were misty when she pulled away, holding me at arm's length.

"I don't know how those two are going to get on without you," she choked, dabbing at her cheeks, "But good luck Dear."

I chuckled, patting her twice on the back before stepping away.

"I'm sure they'll be fine."

"Damn straight," Brandon agreed which earned him a smack from the older woman. He yelped, and Margo giggled at her boyfriend's misfortune.

"We should head out now." The room grew silent when the prince spoke. His voice was the type that commanded respect, and you found yourself listening whether you wanted to or not.

"The Keebles' have already filed for Makira's arrest and the guards should start patrolling at sunrise."

I stiffened at the news. I knew they hated me, but not that much.

Maybe traveling with Dominic was actually a blessing in disguise.

"What you waiting for then?" Brandon demanded, "Get her out of here! Vamoose."

That earned him another smack from Margo's mother.

"Show respect for our future ruler boy!" she rebuked, then turned to the prince with a practiced curtsey, "Forgive his impedance your highness."

Dominic smothered his smile behind his hand, but I could still see the humor in his eyes.

"No worries Miss," he answered politely.

He bowed chivalrously and her cheeks reddened.

"My word, such a nice, attractive young man," she crooned, fanning herself, "If only Margo weren't dating this hooligan, I'd set the two of you up!"

"Hey!" Brandon exclaimed, but was expertly ignored.

"I doubt I'm his type," Margo interjected, shooting me a all-knowing look I cringed at, "He prefers his woman with bigger -ahem- accessories."

I could have died on spot my body temperature spiked so high. Suddenly the room was sweltering, and I was physically incapable of meeting anyone's eyes.

I am going to kill that woman.

Dominic and the rest of the males in the room were the epitome of clueless, while the females were sniggering at my expense.

"Accessories?" He repeated with a furrowed brow.

Margo grinned.

"You know..." she trailed off, squeezing what appeared to be imaginary oranges.

He looked even more muddled than before.


I snatched her hands down, pinning her with a black look.

"Enough Margo," I hissed, face blazing, "The prince doesn't seem to understand."

Thank God.

Said girl cackled, giving a mischievous wink.

"Relax Kira," she jeered, "I was only stating that the prince preferred women with cantaloupes and I only have grapes."

The blond with the enormous sword eyes suddenly lit with understanding, and his gaze lowered to my chest, warming my entire body with humiliation. I shot him a dirty look, turning so that my boobs were hidden from his exploratory eyes.


Dominic still looked lost, and his female counterpart what outright howling with laughter along with Margo's mother. Even Brandon was starting to comprehend the innuendo, a small smile gracing his lips, and I knew it was only a matter of time before the prince did as well.

Like hell I'd let that happen!

"Alright, let's go!" I shouted, my voice a tad higher than usual.

Dominic noticed, the crease in his brow becoming more pronounced.

"Are you..?" he started only to be cut off as I spontaneously grabbed his hand and dragged him out the door and into the frosty air. I heard his comrades following us, their footsteps barely audible on the concrete. I vaguely wondered if they were ninjas only to be pulled back to reality when I felt Dominic flex his fingers against my palm.

I stopped abruptly; dropping his hand like it was on fire. Which it would have been if I held on a second longer. My skin was so hot I woildn't be surprised if there was smoke coming out my ears.

I was holding the prince's hand!

Do you get thrown in the dungeon for stuff like that?

I sure hoped not.

He was eying me inquisitively.

"What was all that about?"

"Nothing," I snapped a bit too forcefully. I could tell he didn't believe me, but thankfully didn't comment. His friends had caught up by now, the blond grinning from ear to ear and the woman looking bored. Dominic smiled at them, waving a hand in my direction.

"A bit late for this... but guys this is Makira," he introduced. I gave an awkward wave. I was terrible at meeting new people. The blond grinned wider and the woman merely stared. "She's the girl I was telling you about."

Blondie chuckled, extending a large hand.

"Name's Night," he greeted suavely, hazel eyes twinkling, "But you can call me anything you want gorgeous."

I noted that he was staring below eye-level the entire time he was speaking and curled my lip, giving him an obvious once-over. He wasn't unattractive, a bit handsome actually, with a chiseled jaw and muscular form loaded with armor. However, his lecherous tendencies were rubbing me the wrong way.

Besides, he wasn't my type.

Not that I even had one.

"A knight named Night," I answered frankly, ignoring his hand, "How ironic."

He smirked, retracting his palm.

"What can I say? I was destined for this job, especially since me and Nicky here have been friends since diapers."

At my mystified look the woman sighed, prodding Dominic in the shoulder.

"He means him," she droned, "The idiot has nicknames for everyone since he could never remember their real names."

Night pouted.

"Aww, c'mon Sunshine, you know that's not true!"

'Sunshine' glowered at the large man.

"My name's Griselda you imbecile," she snarled.

I thought that name suited her much better. Her entire outfit consisted of black, and I breifly wondered if she even knew any other color existed.

Dominic was hardly fazed by their antics, shaking his head as he grabbed the woman's arm before she lunged.

"Enough you two," he ordered, "We need to get going now. The longer we wait the bigger chance Makira has of being caught."

He met my eyes.

"And once you're caught, even I can't save you. No one is above the law, not even royalty; it's the way my parents wanted it."

I shivered at the mention of the king and queen, shooting him an anxious look.

"Do they... do they know that I'm traveling with you?"

He shrugged a broad shoulder.

"Who knows. Maybe. They sort of let me do my own thing."

I moaned internaly.

Cause that just made me feel so much better.

"It's almost sunrise," Griselda spoke suddenly, and one glimpse at the sky proved her right. The sun was barely visable over the horizon, light splashing across the sky and illuminating the trees below a soft orange. I could just make out what used to the bakery, now a blackened hole in the wall, and a petite figure approaching rapidly.

Night automatically reached for his sword and I placed a retstraining hand to his arm before he could unsheath it. I recognized that figure.

"Margo!" I called, sprinting to her. I vaguely heart Dominic muttering about losing time, but didn't care as I crushed my best friend into a tearful hug.

"I'll miss you," she whispered in my ear, "And I want you to have something to remember me by, so here."

I was speechless as she slipped a necklace over my head, settling the small, marsh-colored pendant against my chest with a fond smile.

"It matches your eyes perfectly!" she gushed, but I could only stare at her.

Was she crazy? I couldn't accept this!

"Margo," I breathed, "You know I can't possibly take this. Brandon gave it to you on your first anniversary together."

She waved off my concern, nonplussed by the doubt clouding my features.

"And we both want you to have it," she declared firmly, "Whenever you feel alone, or think that no cares about you just look at it. I promise it'll make you feel better."

"But-" I protested only to be silenced by her glare.

"It's like your brother's knife," she reasoned, "This way I know we'll be in your heart forever."

She stepped away from me then, a sad, yet determined smile on her face.

"I'll see you again one day," she vowed.

I could only nod, throat too clogged to form actual words.

I know.

She wavered a moment longer before turning on her heel and leaving the way she came. I stood watching her back until it faded from my view, eyes damp despite myself. I turned to find the others already there, and if they noticed the moisture in my eyes, they didn't let on, wordlessly leading the way into the forest.

For once in my life I was searching for answers.

And I'd be damned if I didn't find them.

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