Hey y'all!

Anyway I decided that I'm publishing it as I write it, so updates will be sporadic.

Also from now on most things in parenthesis will be Finn's thoughts during what's happening, the narration is a sort of retelling and looking back on Finn's part

Tik Tok

Wakin' in the mornin' Feelin' like P-Diddy, got my glasses, I'm out the door, gonna hit this city...

The next morning I woke up with the WORST hangover of my life (actually more like my first...) and it hurt like a son of a b- really badly. As I was laying there, I was thinking bout how nice this bed is and how warm the blankets are. (This room could due with a makeover, this blue-silver is not my color...)

"WAIT, this isn't my room!" I screamed out mentally and physically. (What did I do last night! I mean I know that I was drinking! But still! It couldn't have been more than like what!? Two-three glasses?!

"Keep it down! Some people are trying to sleep...", a rich and deep voice rumbled beneath the blankets.

"Oh Sorry! Wait... WAIT... W.A.I.T!" As I was laying there freaked out of my mind, what happened next could only be the product of my dreams... Percy, yes that Percy, came out of the blankets and was stretching and yawning. (God... Look at his wavy hair in the sunlight and stretching muscles across his body...) As I was drooling, which he thankfully didn't notice, I suddenly snapped back to reality.

"Morning, cutie~," he yawned out,"Are you feeling better?"

"Ahhhh ye-yeah..." Was the only thing that stumbled out, then I realized our current situation,"Wait! Did we do anything last night?! Was I that drunk!? I hoped I didn't do anything else stupid! How did I get here?! Look a-at me ramble o-on..."

"Hmmmm No, yes, yes, I carried you, and don't worry you look cute all flustered like that," he replied smoothly with a wink. And I died. I'm rotting. Corpse.

"S-sorry, it's j-just that I d-don't usually drink and t-things like this don't usually h-happen to me..." I replied back. (Did I just develop a stutter in like a minute!?)

"No worries, things happen."

"T-thanks, ahm I should get going! Oh School!"

"It's Saturday."

"Then never mind, I should get-" I trailed off as I wasting thinking. I remember now! That creeper. Me drunk, carried me to his room! (Holy Sh-ot! Practically the whole school has been there!

"OH. My. God. People saw you carrying me up right! W-what are people to thinking, I mean we didn't actually do anything but still!"

"Actually... Who cares? Let them think what they want, in fact I have a proposition, if you say."


"So since next Trendsation is LGBTs and everyone saw us, why not fake a relationship? It's beneficial to both of us, a reputation booster if you say."

"... I got to go..." (What is he thinking? I mean I do like this opportunity, but still! Manipulating our situation like that!?)

"K then, bye. And think about it over the weekend, my number is xxx-xx39"

"O-ok b-bye!" ( Omg, I have his number, but what am I going to do!?)