On a warm summer day, a little girl sat in her backyard at a little table and sat on a plastic chair. Her little face was set in a pout as balls of scrunched up paper were around her, and some of the crayons she had on the table were almost worn away. Letting out a whine of annoyance, the little girl picked up the balls of paper before running back inside and dumping them in the kitchen garbage. The little girl soon zoomed into her papa's office and climbed in his big chair; her eyes lighting up as she saw blank paper on his desk. Grabbing a couple sheets, the little girl climbed off her papa's chair and started to head toward the backyard before bumping into someone.

"What's the rush, kiddo?" her Big Brother said to the little girl with a kind smile before eyeing the paper.

"I gotsa hurry!" the Little Girl said, "Momma's birfday's tomowwow an I wanna do dwawing for her."

"A drawing, eh?" Big Brother looked at the Little Girl before kneeling in front of her. "I'm sure Mom will love it then. She loves all the others."

Big Brother smiled and looked at the refrigerator where all sorts of crayon drawings were hung. Pictures of unicorns, fairies, flowers and many other adorable things were hung from the magnets, and what wasn't hung was most likely in a special place in the home. However, the Little Girl pouted and shook her head.

"No!" she said shouted and put down the paper, "It has to be da best, it has to Bwother!"

Big Brother just smiled gently at the Little Girl before mussing her hair gently and saying: "Silly, baby sis. Mom won't care if it's perfect or not. The only thing she'll think about is whether or not it came from here," he pointed to her heart, "not here." The Little Girl giggled as she felt her forehead being gently poked.

"So, just do your best and you can't go wrong," Big Brother finished before heading outside.

The Little Girl looked determined as she went upstairs to her bedroom. Sitting down at a little desk with her paper, she looked thoughtful before a smile spread on her face. She worked a long time on her drawing and once she was done, she kept it in a cute little box and placed on her table going to bed. The next day came like a blur for the little girl. She was engulfed in a swirl of happiness and love on her mothers birthday. Remnants of the day zoomed in her mind; the smell of pancakes at breakfast, the feel of the grass beneath her feet when she played in the park during the day's picnic, and the sweetness of birthday cake after a very yummy dinner made by her Papa and Big Brother. All the while, she excitedly clutched the cute little box that held her Momma's. During the present unwrapping, however, she did see that Papa got Momma the pretty dress she wanted, and Big Brother got momma a music box that played Happy Birthday. She got nervous when it was her turn to give Momma her present, but when she saw her Momma smile kindly at her, the Little Girl smiled back and handed over the little box.

"Happy Birfday, Momma!" the Little Girl said cheerily as she saw her Momma open the present.

"Oh my," Momma breathed out as she unfolded the picture, "It's perfect, Sweetie…"

The picture revealed a crayon drawing of the family in a big hug surrounded my hearts, with "love" scribbled in big capital letters at the bottom of the paper. The Little Girl beamed happily at her Momma before climbing on the couch.

"Big Bwother said to tink wif my heart, not wif my head," she said proudly, "And den I drew what my heart tinked."

With that, the picture began to flutter to the ground as the family joined in a group hug. Once the picture touched the ground, the music box Big Brother got started to play "Happy Birthday" on it's own in a delicate tune. And so, a simple and heartfelt present ended another birthday…