The next day, Yumi was able to go to school. After she handed her excuse letter to the teacher, she sat back in her seat. Akatsuki, not knowing what to say, had felt the awkward silence between them. He tried to start a conversation, but it always ended with Yumi's last statements. This was how their conversation went:

"It's good that you're back."


"Uh, are you feeling better?"


"Did you understand the lesson?"




Yumi's head was always wandering in the clouds. She kept thinking about what she should say to Akatsuki.

At the end of the day, Haru went home early, saying that his mother needed him to do an errand for him. That left Akatsuki and Yumi alone to walk home. The silence between them wasn't very comforting. "Akatsuki, can I ask you something?" Yumi said, finally starting a conversation. Akatsuki nodded his head and said, "Yeah." "Are you still mad at me?" Yumi asked. Akatsuki was surprised with her words. Was she really worried that he was mad at her? "No, I'm not mad. Yumi, I will never be mad at you, " Akatsuki said. "Really? Then what were you silent about for?" Yumi asked, her eyes shining again. Akatsuki looked away, blushing and said, "Well, it's because, um, you wouldn't understand." Yumi looked at him with a determined look, "I will. Just tell me." Akatsuki sighed, still blushing and said, "Okay, since you insist. Don't laugh or whatever. When you said you were, you know thinking of Haru, I felt a little, um...j-jeal-jealous. I mean, you like Haru, right?" Akatsuki had blushed madly, his face facing the ground. "Of course I do, " Yumi said, "he's my friend."

He's my friend...

He's my friend...

Dosen't this sound familiar?

Akatsuki took a deep breath and said, "Yumi, I'm sorry that I made you cry and there's something I should tell you." Akatsuki stopped walking and held her shoulders. "I like you."

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