He laid on the floor with his pale blonde hair sprayed about while he watched the flames dance across the room. These were the flames that he started himself, with the emergency gasoline his father had kept in the garage and the lighter his older sister had hidden.

They were all gone…all gone.

Crystalline tears fell from his eyes as the fire licked his skin; memories of his deceased family invaded his mind as he was finally going to be free from all of this.

Little Clara's suffering ending as that damned disease stole her last breath. Her grip on his hand, slack, as the heart monitor released one long, monotonous noise.

His fathers' binge drinking as he came home from work late in the night, day after day. The bitter beverage poisoning his blood until he collapsed in a helpless pile, unmoving in front of his son's young, horrified eyes.

How about his elder sister's depression? The stress of school and a part-time job, being bullied and the loss of family driving her to the point of taking half of their mothers' sleeping pills, leaving him to wait for her to waken.

Leaving his mother… Who refused to believe in the fate of the rest of his family and went 123 MPH on their small street. His poor, delusional mother as she was crushed under the weight of a large semi-truck that delivered the school's water bottles. But why, why did he have to wait outside in the snow, only to witness yet another death?

All of these events unfolded in front of his coffee-brown eyes. Was he supposed to have been there to witness these tragedies? Have he wronged someone up there to deserve this?

A noise, a mixture between a laugh and a sob escaped Ren's mouth. He would be the last to go out of his family - having had watched as they all die.

Five things ran through his head when the scorching heat of the flames reminded him that this would be his last moment.

One died of sickness…

One died of alcohol…

One died of medication…

One died from a car crash…

And another died by flames.

That would be five out of five.