A group of teenagers were walking in a mall in Atlanta, Georgia. A girl with blond hair glanced behind him and saw a weird looking guy staring at him.

"There is this weird guy watching me," she whispered to one of his friends. She did it very discreetly so the guy wouldn't notice what she was saying.

"What? Where is he at," her friend whispered.

"He's in that store over there," he said moving his eyes over that way.

"Oh I doubt he's staring at you. He's probably just bored waiting for someone," his friend said.

"Ya...sure I'm just being paranoid," she said. But she wasn't convinced.

They kept walking around and going into stores. And every time they went into a store she would see him. If she didn't see hims he would see a different creepy looking guy. She mentioned this to her friends and they finally noticed it. They started talking about it trying to figure out what to do.

"Okay it's really creepy," a girl said.

"I think we've already established that Kendra," the girl said. "Besides it's creepier to me 'cause he's watching me."

"No he's obviously watching me since I am the hottest out of everyone here," Kendra said very condescendingly.

"Just shut up Kendra," another girl said very annoyed.

"What it's the truth, Kebree," she said.

"Obviously it's not since he's looking at Maia and not you," Kebree said.

"Okay, so what do we do?" Kendra asked.

"We separate into groups," a guy said.

"Chase, that is a pretty good idea," Maia said.

"Okay, so how do we decide?" Kebree asked.

"I'm with Chase," everyone looked at her questioningly.

"We are the hottest people here," Kendra said.

"Kendra you are not going to be with Chase," said Kebree.

"That's right, it's gonna be Kebree and Jared, Kendra and Jason, and Chase and I," Maia said.

"Why do you and Kebree get the hot ones," Kendra whined.

"'Cause you need somebody who can scare the guy away," Kebree said.

"Oh...and you two do that for your groups," Kendra said.

"No, we have guys who can beat the crap outta him," Maia said.

"Okay, we will go now," Kendra said.

"Meet us at the security office in fifteen minutes," Chase said.

"Okay," Jason said staring at Kendra, and they turned the corner into Dillard's.

"So we will see you two in fifteen minutes," Kebree said walking the other way.

"I guess it's you and me now," Maia said and turned to look at Chase. He was flirting with some girls. So, she went and leaned against the wall and got her iPhone 4 out. She then texted Kebree, 'Chase is flirting, again.'

A few minutes later he got a text back and it said 'W/u? Or other grlz?' She texted back 'Not me...other girls.' Just as she sent it she looked up to see Chase have a scared face.

She turned around only to have something thrown over her head. She was thrown over something, it felt like a shoulder, she then heard Chase yelling her name.

Chase ran after the guy who had taken his friend but was stopped by two huge guys. So, instead he ran into Dillard's to find Kendra and Jason. He ran around until he got to the men's section to find them making out.

"Kendra...Jason," he said.

Kendra pulled away from Jason and said, "it hasn't been fifteen minutes yet."

"No but somebody took Maia," he said.


"Yeah so we've got to get to the security office," he said panicking.

"Ya, let's go," Jason said.

They ran to the security office and saw an officer coming from inside. "Hey security dude," yelled Chase.

"One I am not a dude. Two what do you need?" the officer said.

"Oh wait so you are a transvestite?" Kendra asked.

"No little missy I am indeed a MAN!" said the officer.

"Well you said you weren't a dude," Kendra said.

"Because I'm not," the officer said.

"But you said-" Kendra got interrupted.

"Shut up Kendra you're not helping," Chase said. "Sir, our friend got kidnapped."

"How long ago and where," the officer said in a professional tone.

"About five minutes ago over by Dillard's," Chase said.

"Okay we'll get right on it," the officer said then ran back into the security office. A couple minutes later a bunch of security guards came rushing out of the room just as Kebree and Jared showed up.

"Dude what is going on...and where is Maia?" Kebree said.

"Umm...she...uh...kinda...umm...shekindagotkidnapped," Chase said.

"What? Slow down! Now repeat that but slower," Kebree said.

"Oh my gosh! She got kidnapped cause Chase was too busy flirting with a bunch of girls," Kendra said.

"What the heck! How could you do that Chase?" Kebree yelled.

"I didn't mean to! I was keeping an eye on her but some guy came up behind her and I didn't know that he intended to kidnap her," he said.

"Okay, guys let's stop fighting and focus on Maia", everybody stopped talking. "She wouldn't want us fighting she would want us helping,"Jason said.

"He's right let's go in and tell them what we know", Kebree said.

They all turned and walked into the security office and began telling their stories