My Little Goddess

Chapter 1: Natasha, the Raging Fire

In one stormy night, in front of the Palace of Taiki, the thunder clap and strong wind made a loud sound, as the King noticed a crying and whining sound outside the door and then he slowly opened the door.

He saw a child only a week old in the palace door step a voice echoing in the wind "Take care of the child, I warn you this child is a demigod, daughter of Hephaestus, and she will be given a big choice that will change her life forever. She will be given the chance to live in Olympus and be an immortal goddess in her favor." it said.

The King took the child in his arms and named her Natasha Chase of the raging fire knowing her powers were fire since her father Hephaestus was the god of fire. As years passed she got control over her powers, she had everything, riches, servants, nice clothes, delicious food, and lots of things but she didn't have what she wanted the most love, care, and freedom.

Natasha grew never knowing what true happiness is, she never smiled and laughed, she never showed her feelings to anyone not even to her father. She was like a mountain immovable, hard, and strong but in the inside it was filled with emeralds and diamonds. The doors of her heart were closed and locked all anger, sadness, excitement, happiness, and all other feelings were locked inside. She was like a living doll never changing expressions and never revealed them.

Let us begin in one sunny day, Natasha was staring at her window as she looked her sparkling green eyes looked somehow happy but her thin pinkish lips were still as plain as ever she waved her hip-length, beautiful, blonde hair it softly flowed with the wind her moment of peace was broken by the King and maids who opened the door "Natasha, please change into this gown Prince Jacob will be visiting you today and you must look your best." Natasha looked at her father with a blank expression and said "Father, do I have to?" her voice smooth as silk and calm she was so soft spoken and never raised her voice her father answered with a nod and said "Yes dear, you have too".

After changing she went down to meet Prince Jacob, she was wearing a purple gown and her hair ponytailed and some untied set of hair beside her face "You look beautiful." said her father with a smile.

A young man with brown hair and electric blue eyes the same age as Natasha introduced himself as Jacob. Natasha looked away at Jacob and stared at her father in an intimidating way, her father looked back at her and said "Natasha, could you please take Jacob around the palace?" "Father using "could" means I have no choice "would" would be more like it?" she responded "And I'm not in the mood..." she added, "I have no interest in women who continue to reject me…" Jacob said "Good, and its lady not woman. I'm not rejecting you I'm just pushing you away and if you have no interest in me then just leave" she responded.

"She's a girl with strong spirits, isn't she?" said the King "And she's also a sturdy and strong one, you've impressed me Princess not many girls insult me mercilessly…" said Jacob "I'm not sure if it was meant to be a compliment or an insult or is it just something to provoke me?" Natasha replied. "It was meant to be a compliment…" Jacob said "Forgive me for I have not noticed" she replied. "Natasha" her father exclaimed "Understood Father..." she looked back at Jacob and said "Let's go I do not prefer to stay in one place" Jacob replied with a nod and followed Natasha outside.

He quickly opened up a conversation "You're a demigod?" Natasha replied "Yes, I am but I am imprisoned in this palace I never went outside". "Would you go with me? Has anyone made you smile, Natasha?" he asked and she replied "No, not even my father …" "What will you do if someone did?" Jacob added, "Well, I'd probably fall for him…" "Then I'm willing to be that person" said Jacob… Natasha looked at him and studied his face "You look sincere" she told him with cheerful eyes yet her lips still plain…. "You were about to smile" he said with a smile. They made it outside the palace gates Natasha packed a few things and wore a white flower-patterned hood it matched her tan skin pretty well.

Natasha got off the horse; Jacob followed after her and tied his horse over a pole. "Natasha, I just told you 'you could see the outside for a while' don't get off" he exclaimed. "You don't understand Jacob just give me a year to explore then I'll return home, just a year of freedom. Please, then I'll accept you as my betrothed; whole heartedly" she replied. He stared at her eyes though he knew she was lying about coming back she looked convincing he took a deep breath and said "I like you, Natasha. You're always so convincing; did I tell you I hated girls with pride always ahead of them? But you're an exception to that, a very big exception." Natasha waved her blonde hair back and said "Natasha Chase, age 16, not in the marrying age. You'll have to wait, cover for me with my father please."

Jacob nodded and said " I'll give you time if it's what you really want, but you'll return no matter what or else I'll do everything in my power to find you. I will find you, you know that, right?" She walked away, and stopped by a nearby town and rented a room to stay in for at least a day. She checked her bag and what was inside and how she could use them, there was:

Extra clothes

Neck chokers in different styles


A dagger with a silver double hollow grind, a golden cannelure, with a purple quillion that has a small diamond imbedded in it, and a light purple handle.

A small bag of jewelry

A box which has a necklace that was given to her by the goddess, Aphrodite. It had a small heart made out of silver with pieces of diamonds embedded on it; it had small angel wings made also out of silver.

She wore a short night gown revealing her legs; the night gown was light pink and her hair was loose, and she was also wearing the necklace given to her by Aphrodite. She laid down on the bed and slept but at midnight she woke up and noticed someone was staring at her window. She stood up and checked, she looked down and at both sides of the window. Before falling asleep again she saw a silver cross necklace hanging down on her window which seemed like it was hanging down from the roof. She ignored it and slept again.

The next morning she saw a black haired guy with sea green eyes and tan skin, he looked very handsome in deed even she looked at him with at least more idolism than to Jacob. She then noticed he was wearing the silver cross necklace she saw last night so she sat beside him and talked to him a bit. He looked at her and she looked back at him and she said "You were sent by Jacob weren't you?" "Prince Jacob, not just Jacob" he replied.

She rolled her eyes "You're a demigod, son of Poseidon; you're level is higher than his" she said. "He's a demigod too, son of Zeus; still higher than me." He said with a faint smile. "You were the one watching me last night, right?" she asked. He grinned and laughed a bit and asked "You knew?" she replied "It was easy to figure out who was watching me because of that necklace." He touched his necklace and gazed in the sky and said "This necklace, I knew 'this thing' brought bad luck" "but I couldn't bring myself to just throw it away" he added. "Why do you work for Jacob?" she asked him "He promised me something that's personal."

He looked at her so curiously and said "You related to Aphrodite?" She replied with a nod and said "She's my grandmother, how would you know?" he smiled and said "You have this Aphrodite power where you can easily make people do what you want them to do or to call for their attention." Natasha's eyes widened "I can?" she asked with doubt. "So you think I would lie to you?" he said while he looked at her so intimidating.

She shook her head and said "No, I think you would never lie to me. We have something alike you see, being controlled by Jacob; it hurts me being kept captive though I've experienced it for many years it still hurts." She looked down at the ground sad and lonely then she looked up straight took a deep breath and looked at him straight in the eyes "Why don't we travel together to be free of him." He was about to speak but she quickly stopped him by speaking as well "I know, you must have asked yourself about your wish I can help you with that too. I can grant you an audience with the gods surely they can help." She said to him so kindly with concern.

He smiled at her like he just thinks she's playing a game "How can you grant me an audience with the gods?" he asked her still thinking that she's playing a little game. She swallowed up all her courage and said to him with bravery "I'll do something that will shake them up, something to get their attention and grant me at least a wish and I'll make your wish for you or we could both do it, we could both do something that will shake them up." He's eyes sparkled he took things seriously now but he still managed a smile "I envy you, you know. Your bravery, you're so compassionate and driven. Your even braver than me; to be truthful, your stronger than me too." he said to her.

She still didn't smile but you can see the happiness in her eyes, she had hope in her eyes that made the guy smile even more. Natasha looked at him and said asked "Oh right, can I please have your name?" he nodded "My name is Lucas Hunter, you?" he introduced himself "Natasha Chase, it's an honor to meet you Lucas." She said politely and softly.