Chapter 5: Hecate's Spell and the Land Of Prophecy

No one knew what happened, no one except Natasha, who made them stop to camp for a while, probably tired or hungry. But she sat near Caden and replaced his bandages, and it was already dark. Lucas had to talk to the horse to make them stay in one place, and then he sat across the fire in front of Natasha and Caden, sharpening his knife while looking at the flickering fire from time to time. His eyes were serious at what his doing but he looked distracted somehow. Cheska was staring at Lucas with a raised eyebrow and she giggled a little bit then set her eyes on the book Caden was reading. Nicole was holding Cheska's hand and was poking the fire with her other hand.

Jolo arrived holding 4 squirrels dead and not bruised; he shot them straight in the eye. He was holding his bow on the other hand; his quiver was full as usual. He smiled at everyone who was sitting there all silent and gloomy "Here's dinner, anyone want to cook? Anybody?" he asked sarcastically.

Natasha nodded and stood up, she took the squirrels out of Jolo's hand and turned at everyone "I'll do it, Cheska and Nicole can you help me?" she asked them.

Cheska stood up and dusted the dirt of her skirt "Sure, but I'm not fond of touching raw meat." She told them.

Everyone else laughed except for Natasha and Cheska. Lucas rolled his eyes and smiled a bit "Even Nicole is braver than you, grow up, and you call yourself the big sister." He told her while pointing at Nicole who was standing right beside Natasha, Nicole was holding 3 of the squirrels in their tail.

Cheska raised her eyebrows and walked close to Natasha who was trying to get rid of the squirrels' fur and Cheska took 2 squirrels out of Nicole's hand. She smiled at Nicole "I'll take that, okay?" Nicole nodded with a soft smile.

Lucas suppressed his laughter "You just have to anger her a bit for her to risks" he said with a warm smile.

"I guess" Jolo said with a slight laughter he's trying to suppress but he couldn't for some reason.

Then everyone stopped when Natasha and Lucas armed themselves looking at huge trees trying to find something, or someone. Natasha looked at everyone else who looked confused "Don't you hear it?" She asked them they all shook their heads except for Lucas she stared at Lucas her eyes asking for help.

Lucas nodded "I heard it. Everyone ready your weapons." As soon as he said it Jared unsheathed his sword, Jolo took out an arrow in his quiver and prepared to shoot. Cheska took out her dagger and Nicole also armed herself and hid behind her sister. Out of nowhere a death scythe appeared at Caden's hands. A beautiful scythe, blade made of gold, its long golden handle resting in his hands. Lucas smiled at Caden "Nice scythe" Lucas said gripping his sword.

Caden slightly laughed "Her name's Glaudia, she's a gift from dad or a wild boar." He said with a very determined look from his face.

Lucas slightly laughed as well, a voice echoed around the forest "Take care of me, and don't break me this time, Caden." It sounds like a girl's voice coming from Caden's scythe.

Caden took a deep breath he said to his scythe "Sorry about that Glaudia, it won't happen again."

Then a rustling sound came from the bushes, a shadow was all they could see. Everyone followed the shadow running around them. Lucas tried to follow the shadow; this one was cunning but Natasha she caught the shadow quicker than Lucas. She brought the girl back to their camp her burgundy hood was covering her face. A smile spread around Caden's face "Hey Zoie, what were you planning to do exactly?" he asked her as he got rid of the hood.

She was cute and she looked young like 14 years old, she had light skin and a small pointed nose. Her brown shoulder-length hair was flowing around her face. She had big attractive violet eyes, she had kissable lips. She looked like a little doll, she had a baby face. Zoie rolled her eyes "Watching from a distance, I was just curious about what you guys are planning to do" she said to Caden.

Caden laughed a little "Watching from a distance, lame excuse. Were you spying us, Zoie?" he asked her with one of his eyebrows rising.

Zoie was mysterious, she was so unpredictable her face was plain at least she showed expressions unlike someone "I need help Caden, I need your help." She pleaded to all of them.

Caden held her hand and made her sit, he knelt in front of her "You think I have helped you too much? I'll help you if you help us, one favor for another?" he said to her with a half smile.

Zoie nodded with no hesitation, Natasha went close to her "I'm Natasha Chase, daughter of Hephaestus; it's nice to finally meet you. You must be hungry; we'll talk about this while I cook, okay? Make yourself comfortable." Natasha asked her and went back to the squirrels.

Caden smiled at Natasha and Lucas sat beside Zoie he held out his hand "I'm Lucas Hunter, you must be Zoie? This is our small group, that's Cheska." He slowly pointed at Cheska and the others while introducing them to Zoie and telling Zoie their godly parent. Each smiled at Zoie and it was her turn to introduce herself.

Zoie smiled back at them, such a warm smile "I'm Zoie Fien, daughter of Hecate. I do quests, missions, and pursuits for Olympus." She said to them.

Nicole nodded at Zoie "What do you need help about?" She asked Zoie with that cute smile.

Zoie's body tensed "The spirit of Delphi, she won't leave her dying mortal body, she said that 'no one's worthy of my power' she needs a new body. The problem is her body is too weak for her now, I need help from you; I tried to convince her to take the body that has been offered to her. She refused." Zoe said her smile slowly melting away from her face.

Natasha stood up and two of the squirrels are furless "Do you know the reason why she refused? There has to be a reason; the Spirit of Delphi is wise, she will not make a careless decision without a reason." She asked Zoie, she was trying to think obviously.

Zoie looked at Natasha like she was trying to hide the answer to this question but Natasha has figured it all out, she just wanted to make sure "She does not want to hurt the sacrifice" Zoie said and Natasha nodded as if she already knew the answer to her question before Zoie said it "The sacrifice is a young woman with the age of twelve, she is too young but she is perfectly qualified for the role of the Oracle. She is the perfect person to pick as the future Oracle, she has gone close to Delphi, they are friends and Delphi refuses to hurt her because she has known to love the little girl. I couldn't find anyone else who would be perfect for the role of the Oracle, and I found out the body only had a few days to live so I found it better to seek help and I thought of Caden. I met you guys once when I was searching." She explained to everyone.

Natasha finished up with the squirrels and started cooking them "This young woman, where is she?" Natasha asked with a very determined voice.

Zoie with no hesitation answered her question "She's in the village, taking care of the mortal body Delphi has possessed. She does not want Delphi to go and die, she's trying to stop the Fates. Go against what was meant to happen, do something against the plans of the gods and I can't stop her, Delphi's trying to but she said she won't stop until Delphi continues to live in a mortal body. And she sacrificed herself Delphi's refusing her offer."

Cheska nodded and sat down "That is a confusing story, but I understand." She said to Zoie.

Jared managed to suppress his laughter "Not really the brains type, are you?" he said to Cheska and Cheska forced a smile and made a face.

Natasha blew on the food "It's done." Everyone sighed in relief "Hungry much?" she asked them and they all responded with a nod. She distributed the food fairly to everyone. She served it on a bowl "Squirrel stew, enjoy." She said to them.

There were exactly four logs surrounding the fire with two people in each log. In the first log, Natasha and Caden were sitting together; in the second log, Nicole and Cheska were sitting beside each other. In the third log, Lucas was sitting beside Zoie; in the forth log, Jolo and Jared were sitting and eating happily perhaps very satisfied. Lucas looked at his food then at Jared "This is getting awkward, Caden switch seats with me, please, I beg of you." He asked Caden with a soft smile.

Caden nodded and took his food "Yeah, it's getting awkward too. I better go before I start blushing hard." He said a little bit louder than he expected.

Lucas stood up and switched seats with Caden "You, blush? What kind of feeling do you have for Natasha? Seriously, this one makes you blush, haven't been in love yet I see?" Lucas asked Caden and Jolo suppressed a laugh.

Caden shook his head "It's not what you think; I don't like Natasha or anything." He said.

"So you hate me?" Natasha asked him.

"No, I don't hate you."

"You mean you like me?"

"It's not that either" Jared started blushing.

"If you don't like me it only means you hate me, it can't mean anything else"

"Natasha, don't confuse me. You're making it worse. Let's just say I like you."

Lucas rose an eyebrow "So, you do like my girl?" he asked "I mean partner" he corrected "in battle" he added.

Out of nowhere the voice came again "I really thought, someday, Caden could be mine." Said the voice which is somehow they all suspect is Glaudia.

Caden sighed "This is not the time Glaudia, and I'm not into scythes." he said.

Then out of nowhere a girl appeared beside Caden. Tall and pretty, she had a pony tailed copper blonde hair, and golden-brown eyes. She had light skin and a slender figure. She was wearing a dirty white colored Greek dress and brown Roman sandals until her knees. Her dress had a white cape at the back and the right sleeve was long but the left was sleeveless. Natasha guessed she was Glaudia, so did Lucas and they were right. The girl smiled "I'm Glaudia, Caden's scythe." She said as her smile faded, then she smiled again but it was forced "My name came from the Latin word 'gladius' which means sword" she added.

Lucas laughed "So you like or love Caden?" he asked Glaudia.

Glaudia thought there and made a gesture with her hands, a gesture like "something in the middle" then Lucas smiled.

Lucas looked at Natasha with a warm smile then back at Caden "Glaudia, I think someone already beat you to Caden's heart." He suppressed a laugh so did Jolo, Jared, Nicole, Caden, Zoie, and Cheska.

Cheska looked at Lucas "Love is truly in the air." She said as she grinned.

Lucas made a sarcastic look in his face "Why are you looking at me?" he asked.

Cheska rolled her eyes, and smiled at Lucas "I'm the daughter of the goddess of love, I can feel when someone's in love and in this place there is a lot of love. And there's a tragic story in this camp." Cheska said.

"Who has the tragic story?" Caden asked.

Cheska thought of it hard "I can't tell who but there are many. The first one is the opposites, the Fates support their love, which is true and never ending, it is infinite. The second one is tragic because they are not the same kind, but they will fight for their love. The third one waits for each other, even if it takes them long, they know they will meet again when the time is right, they are truly meant to be." She said as her eyes sparkled and she stared at the fire, no one could settle what color her eyes were. It was amber, then blue, purple, green; they changed color from time to time.

Lucas laughed softly "I wonder who are the ones that you mentioned, hopefully my love story won't be tragic this time." He said.

Jolo looked confused "This time?" he asked in curiosity.

Lucas sighed "Yeah, if you want to know about it please just ask Natasha about that. It hurts me when I talk about it; it hurts me more than anything. When I talk about it, death seems less painful." Lucas said as he looked at Natasha and whispered in her ear "Get me out of this conversation, please" he pleaded.

Natasha shook her head "No, it's unfair; you teased us all and you're trying to not be teased." She said.

Lucas knelt down "Please, Natasha, I trusted you to keep this a secret. Just like that and you're going to tell everyone." He said as worry spread in his face.

Natasha looked at him "sit down, Lucas." She ordered and he sat down "I wasn't planning to break the promise; I was just teasing, minor joke." She said as she patted him in the back.

Lucas rolled his eyes "It's not just a minor joke" he looked angry, he took things too seriously. Of course he did, it's about Ina, she's important to him the most important in the world for him, Ina Martinez. She's the only one who gave him purpose to live, she convinced him to fight, to fight death, to live, and taught him to love.

Natasha sighed and touched Lucas's face "If I could smile right now, I would. But apparently, I don't force smiles; I don't smile, because I can't. I idolize you Lucas, you have experienced hardships greater than mine, yet you continue to smile. I should ask help about that, I want to learn how it is to really smile, to be really happy." She said she made sure only Lucas could hear what she was saying. The others were talking to each other and made a little noise to cover her voice. She was using her bed voice to speak; Lucas softly laughed at her and kissed her in the cheek.

Everyone stared at them like 'what just happened?' and Natasha was blushing, her cheeks were red and she covered her mouth with her right hand. Somehow Lucas smiled at her and everyone was still staring. Lucas stuck his tongue out "Revenge is so sweet." He said and everyone rolled their eyes and Natasha looked like she wanted to slap him in the face. Worst case scenario is he gets killed. He raised an eyebrow "Don't act like it's your first kiss ever?" Lucas said.

"It is, you big idiot!" she said as she stood up and entered the tent aligned with their log. Everyone stared at Lucas.

Cheska shook her head "I can't believe Natasha's first kiss was stolen by you, of all people, Lucas Hunter, the Fates just really had to pick you. This is really weird and depressing, just see you all tomorrow, I think we are all tired." She said as she rubbed her temple. Everyone fixed their things outside, they shared the tents the same way they shared the log they were sitting on. Natasha slept with her back against the place Lucas slept in and she was probably mad, really mad.

They all woke up and Natasha made sure everything was ready; their destination is the place the Oracle is staying, Roar of Madrid. Everyone was staring at Natasha who stayed quiet the whole trip. Lucas sighed "Natasha, if you keep on staying beautiful I won't be able to handle you soon" she ignored him.

He was right of course, she was beautiful, and no, that doesn't even cover it. Her blonde hair was braided beautifully. She was wearing brown short shorts and a black belt with her dagger strapped to it, black boots until her knees. She was wearing a dark green sleeveless top, it was backless and she was wearing the white choker Zeus gave her, a sun pendant in the middle, designs carved around her choker, the necklace Aphrodite gave her was also around her neck. Natasha sighed when she heard Lucas's weird compliment.

Lucas was wearing a white shirt and black pants. His weapon strapped on his back and he was wearing his hunting boots, His eagle was on his left shoulder looking proud like Lucas. His hair was a little bit messed which made him look extra cuter than before. Zoie had her hood on and a black dress. Her sandals were strapped around her legs; her hair was messed like she didn't fix it ever since last night. In the morning you could see a streak of hair white; this made her look mo re magical and less like a doll.

Caden was wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants. He was wearing hunting boots as well, Glaudia was in a smaller knife form, and she could change into any weapon she wants this made her a great weapon. Glaudia was strapped on his belt, looking pretty and shiny. Jared was wearing an orange shirt with dark grey pants, with brown ankle-length Roman sandals. He had his weapon in hand, and his sleeping bag hanging on his back.

Jolo was wearing a bronze Greek armor like before, his quiver filled with arrows. His bow in hand; he looked strong, proud, and he looked like a fighter. His red eyes standing-out among all of his features, just like usual. Nicole had a pig tails and little necklace around her neck, a little heart pendant in the middle that brought out the sparkle in her eyes. She was wearing a cute light blue sleeveless dress with dark blue shoes, and a dagger strapped around a brown belt.

Cheska was weird today; she had no effort on being pretty which is really weird for a daughter of Aphrodite. Her hair was down, it was flowing around her face; her multi-colored eyes sparkled in different colors. She was wearing a purple sleeveless v-neck dress and black Roman sandals. Her dagger was strapped on her brown belt. Though she had no effort she was still beautiful and astonishing. They stopped walking before they entered Roar of Madrid; Lucas left the horses claiming that he could call them later on, when they need to leave.

They entered the village, it was peaceful and there was a temple on top of a mountain at the edge of the village. The village people seemed to be happy, Zoie pointed at the temple "There, that's the place. The place where she's staying is right there." Zoie said with a soft smile.

Jared looked at the temple and examined the details he could see "It looks like a long climb, that temple is meant for Apollo. I've read about it already, just last night. The temple offered to Apollo and his Oracle, the perfect place for the oracle to gain strength." He said as everyone listened to him curiously asking for more details.

Natasha nodded at Jared "Nice job, Jared. You really came prepared." She said to him with an encouraging pat in the back.

Jared smiled at Natasha "Thank you, I did extra research on the other books I have about the Oracle. Did you know that the first goddess to hold the Spirit of Delphi was actually Gaia?" he asked.

Lucas smiled and nodded "yeah, it was in the legends I've read once." He said and he sighed "Let's go, to the Temple of Apollo." He offered them as he bowed down sarcastically.

They headed to the village and observed as they go along. Now climbing the mountain was harder than they thought it would be. It was challenge; once in a while they'd encounter a wild animal but Lucas and Jolo ended up scaring them away every time they showed their weapon. When they got to the Temple's door, Zoie knocked and someone opened the door. The way Zoie looked back at them gave away that this is the sacrifice, the little girl, the one who's meant to be the next Oracle.

She had light skin that matched her baby doll face. She had big almond brown eyes; her shoulder-length hair had black roots and is colored brown. She looked tired but cheerful, she opened the door with a welcoming smile like nothing's wrong. She was pretty cute and adorable, so young yet she looked wise. Just by her appearance and her aura you could tell she is very much suited to be an Oracle and serve the gods. She was wearing a plain white sleeveless dress and white shoes, you might think of her as an angel at first sight.

The girl tilted her head a little bit "Hi, what can I do for you?" she asked with a soft smile.

Natasha nodded "Could we consult the Oracle? Our friend here Zoie, whom you might know, told us that the Oracle could help us with our problem." Natasha said as she approached the girl slowly.

She opened the door wide to let them in "I see, please come inside." She said politely. She led them in a room with eight chairs enough for all of them. The eight chairs straightly aligned were in front of two chairs specially designed for someone special, the girl sat in the right chair who seems lower than the other. The young girl smiled at all of them "I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Nikki Arielle Jeremy, a villager. You all are?" she asked them politely.

Lucas sighed "This is going to take long. I have a suggestion just say your name, age, and 'godly parent' or other." He said and he smiled "Lucas Hunter, sixteen, son of Poseidon." He added as he slightly bowed.

"I'm Natasha Chase, sixteen, daughter of Hephaestus." Natasha said.

"My name's Cheska De Valier, sixteen, daughter of Aphrodite." Cheska smiled politely at the girl and waved her hair back.

"I'm Nicole De Valier, nine, human and sister of Cheska." Nicole said with a soft smile.

Jared paused and looked at everyone he had his book in hand "What?" he asked everyone confused. Jolo elbowed his shoulder softly.

Lucas sighed again "Jared, weren't you listening? Introduce yourself, knuckle-head." He said a little angry and annoyed.

Jared nodded and closed his book "I'm Jared Edwards, son of Athena." He said with a smile.

Lucas did a face palm "Your age?" Lucas asked him sarcastically.

"Yeah, I'm thirteen" Jared added with a slight smile.

"And he's an idiot." Lucas said out loud and everyone suppressed a laugh, even Natasha covered her mouth with her hand, perhaps even she wanted to laugh. Lucas smiled at the sight of Natasha wanting to laugh.

Nikki smiled at all of them "We're not going to finish this are we?" everyone went back to their senses. Everyone sat up straight and Jared rolled his eyes.

Jolo slightly laughed "I'm Jolo Daniels, sixteen, I represent Pan and I'm a satyr." He said.

Caden smiled "Caden Matthews, sixteen, son of Ares" he said.

"I'm Zoie Fien, fourteen, daughter of Hecate." Zoie said with a soft smile.

"She already knows you, right?" Lucas asked sarcastically.

"Yeah, but it looks fun." Zoie said with a slight laughter.

Lucas rolled his eyes like 'forget it' and Nikki slightly bowed "its nice meeting you all." She said softly and kindly.

Then there was a creak in the door and there was a woman who entered the door, it was a woman in her late 20s. Her hair was auburn blonde and curly; it was tied in a messy hair bun. Her eyes were big and navy blue, she had long eye lashes, and she had pretty eyes that looked wise. She had light tan skin and was wearing a long sleeve dark blue dress. She sat beside Nikki that gave it away, she's the Oracle. She looked weak, like her strength has been sucked away from her.

She smiled faintly "Do thee want thy prophecy?" she asked them her eyes went darker.

Lucas slightly nodded and Natasha looked at him like then she muttered something Lucas could understand perfectly "what?!" she said with the angry look in her eyes.

The Oracle looked at Lucas and made an intimidating smile "Very well" she said her eyes went darker, her pupil shrunk. Then she took a deep breath:

"Numerous demigods shall fight to the death

Son of wisdom shall take his final breath

Demigods will turn away from the right path

But some will continue to fight Titan's wrath

Daughter of flame will change Olympus's laws

Son of sky's plan of destruction will cause

The greatest fear of Olympus unleashed."

Everyone started looking at each other, Jared was prepared he wrote everything in a piece of paper. Lucas and Natasha seemed to be in a deep thought, thinking about the prophecy. The Oracle closed her eyes and she returned back to normal, she looked weaker than before. She was gasping "My time is short." She said as Nikki tried to help her calm.

Lucas stood up from his chair "Do you want to continue to live, Lillian?" he asked her. Everyone stared at Lucas wondering how he knew the Oracle's name without even being told.

The oracle looked at Lucas "Oh Lucas, you've grown into such a fine man." She told him while still gasping.

Lucas smiled at the Oracle warmly "Please, take her offer. I'm sure that this is what Ina and Ian would want, for you to accept Nikki's offering." The Oracle smiled warmly. She started gasping harder, the Oracle touched Nikki's face. Nikki's eyes started glowing green and so did Lillian's and then they were back to normal but something was wrong Lillian's presence was no longer there. Lillian was dead.