Chapter 6: Zeus's Lightning Bolts

Lucas helped Nikki get Lillian out to be buried in the village and told everyone the news, but Nikki doesn't seem to be in the right mind, maybe she couldn't accept the death of her friend. But Lucas was sure of something, Nikki is the new Oracle. Lucas gave her a pat in the back and she asked all of them at least to stay for the night. They all decided to sleep in only one room, to intimidate Lucas into giving them all the information they need about Lillian and how he knew her name.

When they all took their places in the room, girls at the bed and boys on the ground then everyone stared at Lucas and he smiled "What?" he asked everyone sarcastically.

Natasha lay on the bed and she glared at Lucas "I thought you'd tell me everything, but I guess there are still some secrets between us about your past." She rolled her eyes

Lucas slightly laughed "You must be feeling dramatic." He said then everyone gave him a death glare "Fine, I'll tell you about it." He said at last

Cheska let out a relieved sigh "Oh, thank the gods. I would've tried to kill him if he didn't tell us." She said as everyone nodded in approval.

Lucas sighed softly and Natasha came down the bed and sat next to Lucas holding a pillow and wearing her short white sleeveless night gown. He smiled at Natasha and he waved a streak of hair behind her ear. He took a deep breath "Alright, Lillian was Ina's mother." Lucas said and it took Lucas a lot of courage to speak her name.

Jared looked confused "Who's Ina?" he asked Lucas.

Natasha looked at Jared "His ex-girlfriend." She said to Jared with a slight nod.

Lucas raised an eyebrow "She was not my girlfriend." He said to Natasha.

Natasha rose an eyebrow too "Yes she was." She said arguing.

"No she isn't"

"Yes she is"

"No she isn't"

"Yes she is"

"Fine, she was my girlfriend."

Jolo looked irritated and laid down on his part of the floor "Please, just continue." Jolo said with a sigh.

Lucas nodded "Sure, when I was young my life was ruined by monsters they killed my parents and one day I was found by Ina and Ian Martinez and they took care of me. I came to love Ina and her father Ian also became family to me. But not just Ian and Ina even Lillian. Apollo asked for help he needed a new body for the Spirit of Delphi. Lillian volunteered for Ian, Lillian was dying she was deeply ill. And she wanted to continue to live for her family; Apollo guaranteed that her life span will be prolonged so she accepted. But she didn't know she was going to be taken away by Delphi. It was painful I guess for all of us not just them but even for me." He said as he tried to force a smile.

Natasha sighed softly and touched Lucas's face "I don't like forced smiles, please no more smiling for no apparent reason." She said to him as she stood up and went back to her bed. She lay down and then she slept, everyone was wide awake except for Natasha. Then there was a creak in the door and Natasha sat up awake everyone stared at the door "Nikki, come inside." She said as everyone else smiled at Nikki.

Nikki went inside, and smiled at everyone "I'm really sorry for listening to your conversation I couldn't help be curious about your relationship with big sister Lillian; she always talked about her daughter, husband, and a stranger who she treated like a son that never disappointed her." Nikki said as she looked at Lucas.

Cheska sat at the bed and smiled "it's alright, what seems to be the problem?" she asked Nikki.

Nikki closed the door behind her "I'm just not used to sleeping alone, can I spend the night here?" she asked them Lucas responded with a soft nod.

Caden sat down on his part of the floor and took a pillow and a blanket with him "By the way, Zoie our deal." He said to Zoie as he raised an eyebrow. The bed wasn't big enough for all of them so Natasha just suggested she sleeps on the floor beside Lucas. She gladly gave Nikki her place in the bed.

Zoie nodded softly "Okay? What's the deal? What do you want?" she asked him with a soft smile.

Caden took a deep breath and looked at Natasha then back at Zoie "We need you to teach us where Olympus is, could you?" she asked him with a grin on his face.

Zoie slightly nodded "That's easy, I'll be heading there after this, and I'm going to report what happened to the Oracle. But I tell you it will take us a long journey. Are you up for it?" she asked all of them.

Lucas slightly laughed "Us, up for it? We're more than ready." He said with a confident half-smile. He looked at Natasha who nodded in approval.

Nikki sat in the bed "May I come with you?" she asked them looking at Natasha.

Natasha held her hand and nodded "Of course you may." She said to Nikki looking polite.

Nikki smiled "I'm the new Oracle, right? I might as well meet my patron." She said as she looked at Zoie who nodded with confidence.

They had to pack everything they need to go; they helped Nikki pack her things and also extra food and some fruits and vegetables. As soon as they got out of town Lucas called the horses and they arrived with a start but they were already six of them, two people sharing a horse and the others alone, one for their things, and one running which is probably Jolo. Lucas smiled and Natasha went to meet Reina and hugged her in the neck and Reina who neighed with joy to see her master again.

Lucas smiled at Reina and put all of their things in one dark brown horse "Oh, your name is Ace of Spades, that's a cool name." he said.

Cheska stared at Lucas in awe "You speak horse?" she asked him.

Lucas nodded "Yeah, I'm the son of Poseidon, who created the horse and well I can understand them." He said to Cheska.

Nicole looked at Lucas "He speaks horse, that's cute." She said with a soft smile.

Lucas rode on his horse that he later ended up naming Tornado, Natasha rode on Reina, Cheska and Nicole shared a white horse with a grey diamond in the middle of his head named Star, Jared rode on another brown horse that is female and named her Nadia, and Zoie and Nikki rode on a male white horse named Wind Rider, Caden rode on a male black horse named Ruin. They rode until the sunset and Lucas ordered them to stop for the night because the horses are tired of running. The camp fire was pretty noisy because they tried to decipher the prophecy.

Jared stared at the piece of paper "I wonder who the son of wisdom is? I hope it's not what I think it is." He said with a worried look on his face.

Natasha nodded also looking worried "It is what you think it is, wisdom refers to Athena. Final breath is death so the line literally means 'A son of Athena will die' I hope it's not you." She said to everyone.

Lucas stared at the paper "How about we explain everything so things will become at least a little bit clearer." He said and everyone nodded in approval.

"Demigods will turn away from the right path?" she looked at Zoie who was thinking hard about that line.

She sat down beside Jared and read the line again "There's a rebellion rising against Olympus in the east who has monsters, creatures, titans, and yes, demigods." She said to everyone with an intimidating voice.

Natasha nodded "That must be it, I wonder why they would hate the Olympians?" she asked Zoie with a gloomy look on her face.

"That's a question we have to find out, I think the gods would want to talk to us about that." Zoie said as she raised her eyebrow.

Lucas nodded with a grin on his face he must really be interested in the topic "'But some will continue to fight the Titan's wrath' must be us? The gods are even kind enough to let us live until now." He said as he patted Natasha's head softly.

Cheska laughed a bit "Yeah, they sent me you guys to help me. Okay, next line 'Daughter of flame will change Olympus's laws' does that mean anything?" she asked.

Lucas smiled softly "My turn to solve the line, Daughter of flame which means daughter of Hephaestus my bet is Natasha. And Olympus's laws must refer to the Olympus runs things or tradition. So it practically means 'A daughter of Hephaestus will come and make a big change of how Olympus runs things.'" He said and he does make a point.

"Son of sky's destruction will cause?" Jared said and thought hard about it "The leader of the rebellion is a son of Zeus and he's making plans that might." He said waiting for someone else to continue.

"The greatest fear of Olympus unleashed, greatest fear of Olympus is probably the Titans that are coming back to life back from Tartarus." Natasha said as she looked at the east. She softly sighed "Well, maybe we should start eating." She said as she took out food from Ace's packs.

The night went out as they all laughed and talked, if you saw them they look like a real family that stayed together for a long time. The laughing and the sounds of joy they made would make everyone in the place feel happy. The camp fire was warm around them, Lucas argued about some matters but later on they all ended up laughing about it. Natasha felt happy but she still couldn't find how to smile. But finally she gave in, she smiled a bit and looked at the ground and Lucas stared at her and he ended up smiling as well.

He could feel it, the feeling of being satisfied of seeing her smile even just a little bit. Lucas blushed too he couldn't help but think that Natasha looked adorable smiling. They finally finished up, they all went to their tents and this time Natasha and Lucas didn't seem angry at each other anymore, they talked almost the whole night, it was fun. Then morning came, they got enough sleep and everyone had a very energetic aura. Every time Lucas looked at Natasha he smiles remembering all the things they talked about during the night.

They all decided to walk too at least make the horse rest a bit. And then Lucas and everyone saw two people flying high up in the air Lucas laughed "HEY! SKY GOONS!" he screamed to flying men. They looked at him and came down laughing.

The first one who came down had round electric-blue eyes that stood out against his tan-skin. He had golden-brown spiky hair and thin pointed nose. He was cute in a silent but deadly way he looked kind of silent. Lucas looked at the guy "That's Jeffrey Tyler, everyone we'll do role call later, this time just the names." Lucas said with a soft and warm smile.

Then the second guy came down, now he is really handsome and attractive. He had the same electric-blue eyes and dark hair. He had kissable lips that were smiling bright. His eyes call attention that looked like they knew everything. He had an average body build and tan-skin. Then Lucas grinned at the guy "That's Joshua Cullen, there both the sons of Zeus." Lucas said.

Joshua went close to Natasha "And you are, young lady?" he held Natasha's hand and kissed it like a gentleman.

Lucas slapped Joshua's hand away "Natasha Chase, that's her name. And no more hand-holding." Lucas said looking irritated.

Jeffrey went close to Joshua "Sorry about my brother he's kind of a playboy." Jeffrey said with a warm smile and he stuck his tongue out at Joshua.

Lucas laughed "What do you mean by kind of?" Lucas asked with a sarcastic look on his face.

Joshua took a step back "I didn't know she was your girlfriend, I'm really sorry." He said with a soft smile to Natasha.

Lucas hit Joshua in the head "She's not my girlfriend." He said with no hesitation at all.

Jeffrey laughed "So, why'd you send as a message through a divine eagle?" he asked looking at Lucas like 'what's wrong with you?' and he managed a smile.

Lucas made a gesture like 'how am I supposed to know?' he laughed a bit "It was a gift from your dad and I couldn't think of anything else." He said with a soft smile.

Jeffrey stared at Zoie who seemed to be casting a spell "What is she doing?" he asked Lucas.

"I don't know but she's cute, I'm going to go approach her." Joshua said staring at Zoie who doesn't seem to be paying any attention to the guys.

Lucas looked at Zoie and shook his head at Joshua and Joshua frowned. Lucas smiled "She's casting a spell for some reason, Natasha do you know about it?" he asked looking at Natasha.

Natasha nodded "Judging from the words 'θεούς και θεές να μου δώσει τη δυνατότητα να οικοδομήσουμε μια ισχυρή δύναμη τομέα σε αυτή την ομάδα με το όνομα της Εκάτης, η προστάτιδα της μαγείας να μου δώσει τη δύναμη να με προστατεύσει και η ομάδα μου, παρακαλώ' which means 'gods and goddesses give me the power to build a strong force field in this group by the name of Hecate, the patroness of magic give me the power to protect me and my group, please' she's building a force field" Natasha said with a soft smile.

Joshua nodded and laughed a bit "She speaks Greek that's cute. One thing I like about a girl is being able to speak different languages." He said to Natasha.

Natasha hid behind Lucas and Lucas smile, Lucas put his tongue out "She doesn't like you, Josh." Lucas said in a not-so-kind tone.

They decided to go on for the night and stay at another cabin with two rooms one for the boys and one for the girls, the guys were noisy they called it 'catching up to each other' as Josh said. The morning was quite joyous, breakfast was served on the table, and Natasha cooked so the food was really good.

Josh grinned at Natasha "This is really good. Where'd you learn how to cook?" he asked her.

Natasha looked at Josh and then at Lucas then back at everyone "At the palace, I practiced the chef's technique in cooking." She said as she took a bite from her steak.

Josh raised an eyebrow "I see, I find you really cute Natasha. You have those lady-like charms." He said as he looked at Lucas.

Lucas glared at Josh then Cheska stared at Lucas, Cheska rolled her eyes. Lucas looked at Natasha softly and he gave a death stare to Josh "Lady-like charms, please?" he made a half-smile.

Caden drank from his cup "it's true, she is kind of cute." He said with a warm smile.

Lucas knitted his eyebrows together "Natasha's more than cute." He muttered.

Cheska nodded "He has a point you know." She said with a slight laugh.

Nicole stood up from her seat "Would you guys just hold it?!" She said to them with a voice louder than usual and sat down again.

Jeffrey slightly laughed "Now that girl has fire inside her. You could be a fighter when you grow up." He said with a slight smile.

Jared, Caden, and Lucas pointed at Natasha "Now this is a fighter." Lucas said with a smile.

"You mean Natasha fights, really? I did not have you pegged as a fighter." Josh said with big eyes.

Natasha nodded softly "You want to spar sometimes?" she asked him.

Lucas looked at Natasha then at Joshua who nodded with no hesitation "Wait, I thought I was training you?" Lucas asked Natasha.

"I take challenges." Natasha said looking at Josh.

Josh nodded with a soft smile "Let's go after breakfast, let's see who's better." He said looking confident.

Everyone was in the forest a bit further from town, Natasha and Joshua was standing under the falls while the others were at the top 'far from harm' as Lucas said earlier before they went. Natasha was wearing a black sleeveless top and dark short shorts her clothes were wet because of water they weren't see through she made sure. Joshua was wearing a dark blue shirt and black pants and he is wet too. Everyone was sitting on the top of the waterfall; Natasha thinks they call the waterfall 'Neon Falls' perfect name because the water shines bright as the light of the sun reflects on it.

She took out her dagger and Joshua controlled the wind and it surrounded him. His hands were holding balls of wind. His feet were lifted 8 inches of the ground; Natasha's dagger was on fire. She took a position; Josh tried scanning for an open part of her body where he could attack, he can't find a place to attack and everything was guarded. He made a very suspicious smile and looked at Lucas, Lucas's eyes grew larger in shock and he shook the head. Joshua threw a ball of wind at Lucas and Natasha figured out what he was up to and blocked the ball with a barrier of flame. Josh flew of the ground into the air, his territory, the place where he is strongest, Natasha looked at him and he chuckled.

Natasha looked at her right hand and formed a fire ball she nodded confidently; she stood up straight and stared at Joshua with intimidating eyes. Out of nowhere fire flickered on Natasha's back, they formed a pair of wings thin but strong, they were burning fiercely. She then willed her wings to lift her off the ground she flew of the ground her wings flapping fast like a pixy. She was already as high as Josh was he freaked out when she saw Natasha heading to him with a dagger in hand. She lunged at Josh who almost got hit, his right arm was scrapped.

Natasha acted quickly and grabbed Joshua's neck forcing him to fall on the ground they were falling and soon Josh would hit the ground but then he forced the wind to lift him up, he gained control ten feet before they hit the floor. Natasha moved back as soon as Josh made a wind blade in his hands, and then there came a thunderstorm. Natasha looked at the clouds and nodded softly she looked at Josh "You have no idea what I'm capable of. " She told Josh with the confident look on her face.

He made lightning bolts go around aiming for Natasha and then she was gone, not dead she just disappeared. Josh panicked he looked at Lucas who smiled widely "YOU AREN'T GOING TO SUCCEED WITH THAT TECHNIQUE JOSHUA!" Lucas screamed at Joshua. He tried to find Natasha, she was behind him and it was too late she had cornered him. Her arm was around his neck and had a knife on his throat, and with that the game was over. Everything was back to normal they both landed on the floor.

Joshua smiled at Natasha "I accept my loss" he said to Natasha and he held his hand out for Natasha.

She shook it and Lucas and the others came down the falls as quick as they could, Natasha was still wet and Lucas had a towel for her. Her back was dry but she was still wet and cold, the sun shined again and Lucas wrapped a towel around her "Thanks Lucas." She said to him.

Lucas hugged her tight "Nice job Natasha." Then he let go of her, he looked at everyone "Let's go back?" he asked everyone.

Cheska shook her head "Nah-ah, this is the first time I had a chance to bath in a falls. Could you at least consider it?" she asked Lucas with a smile.

Lucas shook her head "No, we're going Natasha could have a fever because of this." He said putting his right arm around Natasha's shoulder.

They went back to the cabin and then everyone was busy then Joshua mentioned something "hey, I have a friend we need to pick up in the nearest town. His name is Carl Bien and Irene Hartlock, can we bring them with us?" he asked them and Lucas nodded with a soft smile…