The sound of light footsteps broke the silence of the night. His black Converse hit the ground as his feet connected with the ground beneath his feet. As he moved, his black hair fell over his light blue eyes, which were lined in black eyeliner. His all black jacket and black skinny jeans blended into the dark environment that surrounded him. It was about midnight, and the sky was actually black, the only light coming from the crescent moon.

The cemetery was Elijah's favorite place to be at, especially at night. Every night he would sneak out of his house around eleven and walk around, going up and down each row of deceased bodies. He was always careful not to step right over wheresomeonesbody laid at. He spent a long time reading the headstones, they were interesting. For some reason, the place just relaxed him. When he was done for the night, he would go back home. Normally around 12:30 AM is he would return.

He pulled out his phone and checked the time. 12:37 AM. "I'd better head home for the night," the fifteen year old thought to dropped his phone into his pocket and began the walk back home. The cemetery was about four blocks away from his house. He'd normally skateboard there, but he didn't want the noise of his board to wake anyone. Curfew was at eleven for him, so he stuck to the shadows in the night.

About fifteen minutes later, he was outside of a medium sized house. His house. He went into the backyard and grabbed onto the rope ladder that was hanging out of one of the higher windows. He quietly got his foot on one of the steps and made his way in through the window, pulling the ladder inside as he got in. He shut the window and turned his light on. He didn't have to worry about anybody seeing that he was still up, as his mom was the only one who lived with him and she was already asleep. Even though, he still turned the light on it's lowest setting and moved about his room with quiet footsteps. He kicked off his high tops and plopped himself onto the bed, the black and white skeleton blanket flying up at the impact. Realizing he forgot about the lights, he got up and turned off the lights and fell asleep shortly after.

Elijah woke up in the morning to his mother's soft voice saying "It's time to get up. You'll be late for school if you don't get up now." He sighed and threw on dark gray skinny jeans and a dark purple shirt. He pulled on his Converse and went into the bathroom. He put on his eyeliner and teased the back of his hair, making it stand straight up. He straightened the front part of it and let it fall, covering one of it his eyes. After brushing his teeth, he ran back into his room and threw his book bag over his shoulder before running into the kitchen.

"Make sure to eat something!" His mom called from the other room.She didn't say it had to be something meant for breakfast,he said as he picked up a cupcake and headed for the door. He grabbed his skateboard which was leaning against the door and skated the few blocks to his bus stop.

Right as he got there, the bus showed up. He kicked up the board and got onto the bus. "Hey, look who it is, Emo Boy," a guy at the back of the bus called out as Elijah stepped on the bus. The guy had medium length brown hair that he had to move out of his brown eyes often. He threw an empty soda bottle at Elijah as he walked down the aisle. He sat down in the fourth row as another guy called out, "You know, makeup and painted nails are for girls, not guys, right?" He started to laugh at his own comment while he threw an eraser at the back of Elijah's head.

"Obviously he isn't a boy considering that his pants are too tight, probably girl pants," a girl added in.

Elijah stood up and said, "I wear what I want to, freedom of expression, right? I'm happy with the way I look so shut the hell up already."

"Elijah, no use of bad language on the bus or I will write you up!" The bus driver warned.

"Oh, so it's okay for them to throw stuff at me and make fun of me but I can't say hell?" He questioned while glaring to the driver.

"I haven't heard anything."

"Whatever," he said as he pulled out his iPod and started listening to music. After one song was over, the bus pulled up to the front of Jamesview High School. Elijah was a freshmen, as he was fifteen years old. He grabbed his skateboard and exited the bus, walking into the school. He went to his locker and saw pieces of paper taped to the front of it. "Emo", "go kill yourself", "fag", and "go to hell" were wrote on the signs. He ripped the papers off and threw the to the floor, put his skateboard in his locker and grabbed his books, and slammed the locker door shut.

As he walked into his first hour classroom, someone in the back of the room asked him, "Did you see my signs?" Elijah looked back and saw the same guy from the bus.

"Leave me alone," Elijah replied.

"Go to hell."

"I'm there right now," Elijah said under his breath.

The guy walked over to Elijah's desk and shoved him. "What's that?"

"Nothing," he replied, not wanting to start anything so early in the morning.

"That's what I thought."

"Braden, get in your seat and leave Elijah alone," the teacher said as he walked into the room. Mr. Rhyn was a tall, slender guy who was missing hair at the center of his head.

"Yes sir," The guy, Braden, replied as he walked to his seat and sat down.

It was the end of the school day and Elijah was walking to his locker to switch out for the day. Expecting more notes to be taped to his locker, he put all his things in one hand so he could rip them off. Once he got to his locker though, he was surprised to find that the locker was note-free. He hurried and dropped off his textbooks and grabbed his skateboard before shutting the door and rushing down the hallway to catch the bus.

As he turned a corner, he ran into someone else. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" Elijah apologized before looking up and seeing who it is that he ran into. As he looked up at the 5'6" brown-haired, brown-eyed boy, he said, "Actually, I'm not sorry." He had ran into Braden.

"Hey, Emo Boy," Braden greeted.

"What do you want?" Elijah snapped.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. I just wanted to hang out with my best buddy," Braden smiled as he wrapped his arm around the shorter boy's small frame.

"Get your arm off of me," he replied while shaking his arm off of him.

"Watch it, Emo Boy."

"Stop calling me Emo Boy!"

"Why would I stop calling you what you are?"

"I am not emo! It isn't even possible for someone to be emo! Emo is short for emotive hardcore, not emotional!"

"Whatever you say, Emo Boy."

"Go away. Leave me alone!"

"Don't you dare talk to me that way!"

"Too late, I already did." "

You had better not ever do it again," Braden warned.

"I'll talk to you however I want to! Now get the hell out of my way right now!"

"Why don't you just go home and cry while listening to your emo music and cut yourself already!"

"First of all, I can't go home cause you've made me late to catch the bus. Second, that's it!" He yelled while bringing his fist up and punching Braden right in his face. Braden took a step back while holding his nose in pain.

"Oh, look. Emo Boy knows how to punch. Lucky for you, I know how to too." He punched Elijah in the stomach and Elijah fell forward.

By this time, they've managed to gain a small crowd of the remaining students. "Fight! Fight! Fight!" They chanted over and over again. Braden tried to punch Elijah in the face, but Elijah ducked out of the way and kicked Braden in the area you don't want to be kicked in if you're a guy. Braden fell to his knees with a few tears in his eyes. Elijah used to the time he had to hurry and run out of the school.

"You'll pay for that, Emo Boy!" Braden called out to him before he got out of the doors. Once he was outside, he set his board down on the ground and made his way home.

So, I hope anyone who's (hopefully) reading this enjoyed it. I have a lot of this story already in a notebook, so updates should come as fast as I can type the story out. This chapter was a little long, and I think that there is quite a bit that happens, maybe too much, but the only other spot I saw a good place to stop at was after Eli got home from the graveyard, but that would be too short. So I went with this. I hope that this is alright and not too bad.