As always, the weekend ended leaving Elijah to go to school on a slow Monday morning. On Saturday, after returning from the mall with his mother, he logged onto Facebook and searched "Aiden". Yes, he knew that it was stupid and had a small, small chance of actually finding the Aiden that he had just met, but he did anyways. To no avail, though. Sunday was a lazy day, really. He just sat around playing video games and watching movies.

He walked into his first hour class and tried to go unnoticed. He didn't feel like dealing with Braden today, so he really hoped that he wouldn't notice he was already in class. He took out a notebook and started to doodle, not noticing when the teacher walked in earlier than usual.

"Class," Mr. Rhyn began. "We have a new student today. He has just moved here and I would like all of you to make him feel welcomed." Not looking up to see what the new kid looked like, he continued his drawing of what looked like a cross of an octopus and a monkey. "Would you like to introduce yourself?"

"Uh, hi." The kid began. "My name is Aiden Lane." When he heard that name, Elijah's head shot up immediately. He drank in the appearance of the boy standing in front of the class. He couldn't believe it, it was the Aiden he had met at the mall. He was standing there with his hands folded in front of him. He looked really shy. His black hair and red streak was straightend to fall in front of his eyes and he had on eyeliner. A black Dead By April band T-shirt was over a pair of white skinny jeans, like super skinny. He had on one black Converse high tops shoe and a gray high top one as well. His eyes roamed the room until they fell on Elijah. "Elijah?"

"You know Elijah?" The teacher asked. "I thought you moved from a different state?"

"I did, we sort of met Saturday," he said as he had a confused look on his face.

"Oh, well would you like to sit next to him? I can move Hannah to a different spot, since you are new to this area."

"That'd be nice, thank you." Hannah got up and moved to the seat that Mr. Rhyn switched her to as Aiden sat next to Elijah. "I can't believe this," he said.

"I can't either," Elijah responded. It's like some thing you'd see in a movie. He thought to himself. You meet a guy somewhere after he just moves, you fall for him a tiny bit, and the next day he's in your class. "I didn't really expect to see you again," he admitted.

"I didn't either. But like I told you, I just moved here and well, here I am!" He said while smiling that very same smile that made Elijah weak in the knees.

"Hey, Emo Boy," a voice greeted as Braden walked into the classroom. He noticed Aiden sitting next to him. "Who's this, your boyfriend?" He shot him a look of pure disgust.

"Go away, Braden." Elijah replied while his face turned a light shade of pink. Why am I blushing? "He's not my boyfriend. Leave me alone already."

"No, I don't think I will. No one here likes you, Emo Boy. Leave my school if you know what's best."

"I like him," Aiden cut in.

"Ew, you're gay too?" Braden made a disgusted look on his face. "Great, another disgusting gay emo boy."

"Oh, it's true isn't it? Little Emo Boy has a boyfriend. I always knew you were gay. Emo boy is a little fag."

"Shut the hell up, Braden."

"What if Elijah and I were dating?" Aiden asked suddenly, making Elijah's eyes widen.

"That'd be disgusting. All fags should burn in hell."

"Why are you such a homophobic asshole? I mean, I just met you not even a minute ago, and I can alreayd tell you're one. If you feel that way about love-"

Braden interruped him, "Two guys can't love each other. It's fine if it's two girls, but guy, no."

"Oh, cause that makes sense." Elijah was confused. Is Aiden standing up for me? "Look, I know you'll love this," he said while turning towards Elijah. "Just go with it," he whispered loud enough for only Elijah to hear. Aiden grabbed ELijah's hand, pulled him closer, and wrapped his arms aroun Elijah's neck. He slowly made the gap between their lips smaller until they were in a soft kiss. Fireworks went off in Elijah's head, and he never wanted this moment to end.

Braden gagged in disgust as Aiden pulled away. He went back to his own desk and sat down until the teacher came back into the room. Elijah hadn't even realized the he had left the room.

"Sorry for Braden being an asshole," Elijah apologized. "I wasn't expecting him to bring you into this."

"Who is he and why is he so against you and gays?"

"He's Braden, on the football team. I don't know what his problem is. Sorry for him calling you gay and all. You didn't have to kiss me though to get him to go away. He would have once Mr. Rhyn came back."

"I know I didn't have to. I wanted to though. And don't be sorry for what Braden said."

"Alright. Well, what's your schedule?" Aiden pulled out the piece of paper and handed it to Elijah. "No way," he said.

"What? Do we have all classes togther?"

"Ha ha, no. That'd be freaky. We do have first, third, fourth, and sixth hour together, though. Do you ride a bus?" He asked while handing him back his schedule.

"Um, yeah. Bus 206."

"For real?" Aiden nodded. "Where do you live? Cause I ride that bus."

"I live on South Fourteenth."

"Weird. I live on South Eleventh."

"So we only live like three blocks from each other?"

"Yep," Elijah said while giving Aiden a half smile.

"That's really cool. And since we have sixth hour together, we can walk together to get to the bus. But after school is when I need to walk fast to avoid Braden. He likes to make me miss the bus. Oh, he also rides our bus."

"Oh great. I can tell he's not someone that I'd enjoy being around."

"Yeah, he isn't. At least not to me."

"Why doesn't he like you?"

"He's a homophobic jerk. He also doesn't like the way I dress cause apparently skinny jeans are only for girls."

"I like the way you dress. I mean, we dress alike though."

"Watch out for him. Like to see if he goes after you or if it's just me. He might try to go after you because of how you dress but you shouldn't have to worry. Just try not to do anything to upset him and you should be good.