Summary: It's a new world, in the year 2300. In this world everything is regulated and focused towards the good of the nation, led by their leader J. Jennifer Nostry loves this world with all her heart. However, she risks breaking the law for the new girl at her school. Which leads them to make a strong bond and, after one night being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Jennifer being forced to choice between her life and betraying her country to join her friend in the underground, which fights for everything she stands against.

Chapter 1

On the day went. Jennifer made her way onto the same subway train she took every morning, along with her four hundred and eight two schoolmates. These schoolmates also served as Jennifers' dorm mates, eating mates, and,in a sense, her brothers and sisters. All things she did, Jennifer did with these same children. Never anyone else, of course, that would be terrible contamination. Instituting even one extra person took a total of three entire days for them to readjust to a different scheduled. How they ever caught back up was beyond Jennifer.

The subway took them directly to school, and from there the children proceeded directly to their classes in neat, orderly fashion. No one talked to each other other then simple small talk that branched out of 'Hello, good morning.' No one dared to break formation and merely proceeded to morning studies in the same stiff lines they always did.

All students filed into their seats with minimal noise, the teacher appeared out of a hidden room and began the lesson for all four hundred and eight two students. Jennifer was happy to have the day on its way, she quite enjoyed school. It was a place where everyone achievements were put on display, and in this great empire society there were many achievements to celebrate and enjoy. She was proud to say she'd recently been deemed number seventeen in her class, making her , valuable the top caste in her school, those just beneath her were deemed examplatory beneath that was acceptable beneath that was appropriate.

However, her feeling of pleasure immediately fell away as she discovered her missing pencil. Her eyes went wide with fear, a valuable without proper equipment in class she could be dropped three entire places as punishment. She'd once heard a story of a girl some years ago who overslept and came to school without her entire backpack and was dropped an entire cast. She couldn't let that happen to her, not after how hard she'd worked. But she couldn't ask someone either, she'd be far to embarrassed. But the teacher was walking down the aisle and she was the only one not taking notes. What should she do? What should she do?

Suddenly, there was a pen being pressed firmly into her hand. Jennifer's head snapped into the direction of the girl next to her, and auburn haired girl was looking directly into Jennifer's blue eyes, in her own laid a clear message Take it. So, Jennifer did before she had time to question a good fortune such as this and quickly faked notes so that she would not stand out as the teacher passed.

However, she found concentrating impossible. Why would someone loan her a pen? Especially a valuable such as herself. All members of others casts were told that if a person was ever caught without proper materials to report them at once. Children were meant to earn their places always, even the slightest slip up could cost you dearly. But instead, in a golden opportunity to topple competition, that girl had helped before hurt her. What was she thinking?

Well, at the very least, Jennifer decided she owed that girl a proper apology. Even if it required a breaking her saviors concentration as well. She slipped out an extra scrap of paper and scribbled Thank you and slipped it towards the girl. she quickly turned away and pushed a golden lock of hair behind her ear as she felt her face grow hot. Why was it hot? Because she acted improper and broke routine Jennifer told herself.

A moment later she felt it being shoved back. Jennifers face grew even hotter as she turned it over on her lap.

No problem. You're Jennifer right? I'm Sara.

Yeah, I am, You just transferred here from sector 14 right? You adjusting OK? She wrote and shoved back

Yup. Have you ever been to any other sectors?

No. Being transferred is pretty rare now a days. I've only ever known life at Sector 11 school. I think you're pretty lucky to have seen two

"Jennifer Nostry!" The teacher called.

Jennifer snapped to attention, her face red in fear. She stood and yelled in response "Yes, sir!"

"Please explain to the girl next to you, as well as the class, why we do not allow note passing in Sector 11."

Jennifer's face went ever so scarlet, she nodded her head "Of course, sir. In the year 2130 note passing was determined to be a distraction from children studies. Therefore, it was made illegal by our great leader J in one of J's great amendments to decrease working age and increase productivity of our nation and work force. Due to this law, along with twenty-nine others passed at the time, working age was decreased by two years and young men and women are able to proceed to their assigned job at the age Sixteen rather then eighteen, as before."

"So, you would agree that this was a necessary law?" The teacher questioned

"Absolutely, sir." Jennifer replied "All changes made by our great leader J are necessary and focused towards the good of the nation. It was He who made our scheduled which designated all citizens to have the ideal life as a student and working citizen. All choices He makes are not to be questioned, as He knows better then us."

"And then, would you like to confess to the offense of passing notes in class?" The teacher pressed

Jennifer hung her head "Yes, sir." She said quietly

"You will both report to the principals office for disciplinary action immediately. I expected better from you."

"Yes, sir." Jennifer could only repeat before obediently walking out of the classroom behind the auburn haired Sara. Not once did she remove her eyes from her shoes. Perhaps the worst part was the silence. Every single eye in the entire student body watched her shame as she exited the room. She heard the empty close of the classroom door and the teachers voice reminding the other students never to act as Jennifer, a girl who should have known better, just did.

What's this? Jennifer thought

She was shaking.