He knew he was tired. Oh so very tired. But why, you may or may not ask? The pent-up frustrations, the pain, the emotions! It was to the point where he wanted to screw it all and just sleep… Sleep for a very, very long time.

But the thought of what could happen if he slept… Would he go up high in the sky to some unknown paradise? Explore deep underground in a world of flames and agonizing screams? Float forever in a world of nothingness? Forever watch as the Earth slowly crumbles?

The thoughts of "what ifs" and more terrified him more than he would have liked. It was frightening.

He curled into himself, trying to fight off the night's cold air. His stomach wouldn't allow him to sleep tonight, nor would the weather it seemed.

Sighing, Arran sat up and looked around the alley he was sitting in. The Orphanage was filled to the brim with children who has somewhat of a chance to do something with their lives. The food bank refused to give to those under eighteen. Others like him were left to die and rot at that point. Survival of the fittest, some would say.

He leaned against the alley wall, his rags-for-clothes hanging off his thin frame. There were only so many things a child could do to survive, and he had given up. He would rot here; watching as people walk by and he would star with his empty blue eye. Yes, an eye; as in a singular.

Raven strands of hair fell over his miserable excuse for an eye patch. His eye was the reason that the Orphanage left him out in the cold to starve, and he accepted that.

Why did the world have to be a cruel place? His heart clenched and he squeezed his eye shut as emotional pain raced through his chest.

He took a deep breath – in and out, in and out.

The pain gradually died down and Arran relaxed his grip on the world around him. He was too exhausted, too scared.

As his vision dimmed, he briefly wondered if his mother would feel guilty for going into that crazed state, taking her life and his eye with her. If his father felt anything for leaving them, taking all they had except for the clothes on their backs.

They were both gone and far, far away now. He rested his head against the cold brick wall just as he fell into an uneasy slumber.