The next morning, Kole got out of bed and got ready for the day like usual. She got dressed in the same outfit from the day before, which had been cleaned before the factory visit. A knock at her bedroom door made her whirl around in surprise. Marvel had already left to go hunting, which meant that it was Trevor knocking, and Trevor was never up before her.

"What's up?" she asked, opening the door. Trevor shoved his way in and sat on the bed.

"Not that good," he grumbled, putting his head in his hands. Kole stood by the door awkwardly.

"Yes, please come in," she joked. Then she noticed how torn up he looked. She walked over to him and bent down so she was eye level with him. "Hey, are you alright?" Trevor looked up at her with bloodshot eyes, signifying that he hadn't slept.

"Kole, I've been up all night thinking. Did you notice it?" he replied. His voice was frantic and desperate. Kole looked at him, bewildered.

"Notice what? You thinking? No, can't say I did... What's wrong?"

"One of those guys, the blond one! He looked just like me!" Trevor exclaimed. Kole shook her head.

"You're imagining things, Trev. He might have had the same haircut, but other than that he looked nothing like you," she said, disregarding his statement.

"Kole, I know what I look like. He looked a lot like me. You must not have been paying that much attention to him."

In truth, Kole had been looking more closely at the other boy. The dark-skinned one. She hadn't seen many people who looked like that in Velon. Only one, and he was a very old man who passed away in his sleep when she was young.

"Would you like to go visit him and we can both find out?" she asked him. Trevor shook his head.

"No way. I'm not going anywhere near Carmin's house. She'd probably think I'm jealous or something stupid like that," he answered, rolling his eyes at the thought of Carmin. Kole stood up and put her hands on her hips.

"Well now you've got me curious. This is our only free day for a week, and if there's anytime to get answers to questions, it's now. You can come with me if you want, but even if you stay, I'm still going." With that, she left the room. Trevor just kept sitting on her bed, making no attempt to follow her.

"Go ahead then!" he called after her. "I'll just be here..."

Kole slipped on her coat, but when she walked outside, she noticed how unusually warm it was. She took the coat off and put it back on the rack, then walked outside again, amazed. Bingo came bounding towards her.

"Kole! Kole! Kole! You wouldn't believe it! Those guys that moved in are amazing! They tell the funniest jokes, and have so many cool stories to tell! And have you noticed this warm weather? It's never been this warm! Even in the summertime! C'mon, you've got to meet them!" she said eagerly, dragging Kole with her.

"I was actually just about to-" Kole started.

"Could you pick up your feet a little? I'm not that strong," Bingo grunted.

Kole looked back at the drag marks in the dirt. "Oh, right," she said quickly. "I was actually just about to see if they were around."

"You're not the only one! There's a line outside of Carmin's house. Seems like all the people want to meet them. Carmin isn't letting any girls in, but I'll bring you in through the back," Bingo whispered, pressing down on Kole's shoulder to make her crouch. They creeped through the bushes to the back of the house. "I'll go scope the area!" Bingo slipped quietly out of the bushes, looking in all directions. She cracked open the door and peeked inside. When the coast was clear, she ushered Kole over. "Carmin's too busy at the front door managing admission. If we're quiet, we can avoid her wrath. The guys are upstairs talking," she explained. Kole nodded and followed her inside.

Kole and Trevor rarely went into Bingo's house, mostly because of Carmin, but also because visiting houses in Velon was weird. Everyone just talked outside, because that's where most everyone stayed. Houses weren't for hanging around. They were for eating and sleeping.

Bingo led Kole up a small, steep flight of stairs and down a small hallway. They were careful to mute their footsteps so Carmin wouldn't hear.

"This room," Bingo whispered, knocking as quietly as she could on the door. After a moment, the door opened, and standing in it was the dark-skinned boy. He was wearing a rather tight brown shirt, black shorts, and black sports shoes. Kole started at the shorts curiously. No one in Velon had ever worn shorts. Ever. "Hi Camedon," Bingo greeted. "This is my friend, Kolida!"
Kole gave a small wave. "Everyone calls me Kole, though," she added. Camedon smiled.

"Hey, Kole. I'm Camedon, and that guy over there is my friend Nicholas," he introduced. Nicholas was sitting by the window, looking out on the town below. He didn't even glance at them. Camedon leaned in close to Kole and said quietly, "He's a quiet guy. Don't expect lots of conversation from that one."

Kole was too shocked to speak. Trevor was right. Nicholas looked exactly like him. There were a few small differences, but he could easily be mistaken for Trevor. No wonder Carmin was so excited.

"Well, thank you for this Bingo, but I've really got to get going. Carmin's bound to find out I'm here sooner or later!" Kole said.

Bingo made a sad face. "You're leaving? But you just got here! You haven't heard any of Cam's jokes yet!"

"Yeah, I tell some rad jokes," Cam chimed in. Koled pulled away from Bingo's grasp slowly as she backed up.

"As I said, I'd really love to stay but-" She bumped into something.

"But what?" a familiar voice from behind her asked. "Can't keep Trevor waiting?"

Kole sighed. "Oh, hey Carmin. Look, something has come up and-" She was interrupted by shouting and screaming.

"Do you smell that?" Bingo asked, sniffing the air. Kole's eyes lit up in fear.

"Fire!" she exclaimed, pushing Carmin and racing out of the house. Camedon, Bingo, and Carmin all followed her, Nicholas staying by the window. "No!" Kole screamed. "Nonononono!"

Marvel's home was ablaze.