In the midst of this cloudy life,

We can peek behind the curtain,

And maybe see the light.

When we're looking at the confusing, treacherous reality,

I feel the rays of sunshine on my cheeks.

I can see it now.

In this picture with total hopelessness and disgust,

I dust off a picture in my mind.

It's a warm, spring day in the picture,

And I see a white dress.

I see a tuxedo.

A man trying not to cry,

And little girls playing as the walk down the aisle.

An organ is playing, and the white dress with the tall shoes starts following the small girls.

As she looks around, she realizes something about all of those people.

Every person there knows how special their love is.

And her eyes glow when it hits her.

But she soon finds herself just feet away from the front of the room.

And she locks eyes with him. Him.

Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue.

Because this love is true.

A.N. Loosely based on Mine by Taylor Swift, and inspired by a commercial for Say Yes to the Dress, even though I haven't the first clue what that show is about…. Review? J