Just when I felt like giving up,

you came along and picked me up.

And I like you more than I thought I would,

but I feel like it'll turn into something good.

You inspire me and make me feel better.

I no longer want to write the letter

I was supposed to write to my ex,

when my thoughts amounted to a googolplex.

My thoughts of you, far outweigh

any others throughout my day

and almost every chance I get,

I thank the stars above that we met.

Who knew an old flame could flicker on

when it seemed so long that it's been gone?

You rekindle my smoldering, internal fire

and turn on all of my hidden desire.

You make it hard to keep a hold

of the thoughts that used to seem so bold.

Instead, I let them filter through

and I like the effect they have on you.

I really hope this all works out,

although my nature harbors small doubt,

but I'm trusting you with my heart

and hoping this is all a new start.

So please don't prove me wrong

because I've been waiting oh so long.

"Potentially Beautiful"


Devin Liotta