It is not meant to be a home or a mode of transportation. It is to be a place of comfort, a protective enclosure. The practice can differ drastically across cultures and throughout history but the general destination is always the same.

The first matter you must address is to consider the material that you will use. Will you prefer the hearty warmth of pine or oak, the sturdy and protective hold of the stone, or resistant and everlasting strength of carbon steel, bronze, or copper?

Next, will your pride demand fanciful shapes? Symbols that will visually define you for the few hours before you are hidden away.

Will I be chosen for comfort, elaborate trimmings, and expensive fabric of which will provide senseless warmth in vain?

Of course, you must also consider that which is most important, can I be afforded at all? Additional features are a luxury and therefore it is much harder to meet the expenses when you are only but a common man. In fact, your budget may be the deciding factor to your earlier questions. Certain materials are much more expensive than others and therefore will reduce the options which are available to you.

Oh, how happy am I when you choose the simplicity of my maple embrace. There is much I will share with you. We shall be old friends and I will welcome you into my six-sided figure. We will both be continually changing, growing age rings, becoming wise. However, when you become feeble and frail, I will provide you with my steady and strong support.

Finally, you are clothed in your finest attire, dressed up for such a somber occasion. I am flattered at your pristine appearance as I made sure that I am spotless as well.

With weeping eyes, they force you into my welcoming arms before decorating us in roses, smelling of a bittersweet farewell. I am grateful for the trust that you have now placed upon me.

I say nothing to you, for silence is my forte, but in return, you too are silent. You see, I'd rather burn to ashes, than to awaken you from your slumber and despite everything; I will block out the cold and become your safe hold.

As they close my lid to seal you in, there will be nothing to fear, for I am more than just a coffin. And even though we are now placed in someone else's hands to do with us as they see fit, we are together, you and me, your dark companion.