"Now settle down children, you are here to listen to the story of Seon and her Father. Many would call this girl a myth but I know better. She lives right up there in the stars with her Father, Astraeus, and watches over the winds. The story doesn't start there though. No, we have to go farther back to-you in the back row! sit your behind on the ground boy! Children these days...where was I? Ah well I suppose I shouldn't give away all of the story now anyway. So on we go to Astraeus' world..."

Way above the clouds, farther than any mere man has ever gone, right there among the space drifters and color spirals, was the Kingdom of Stars. King Astraeus lived there alone reigning over the stars. He was dreadfully bored with this existence, it was just so monotonous! Every day he would get up, eat his breakfast of crunchy munchies, and start stringing stars. He was getting quite tired of it.

"Stringin' stars? What kinda weirdo is this guy?"

"Well what do you think stars are? Little balls of light just floating in the middle of space? No, Astraeus is the one who holds down the little buggers down-stars are quite rambunctious after all-wraps them up tight and then ties them to the ceiling of the sky! Now hush, and wipe your nose that's disgusting. Anyway..."

One day Eos, the dawn, was passing by on her way to the sun for an emergency meeting and saw Astraeus all gloomy and decided say hello."Hey dude what's with the long face?"

"Good morning to you Eos. Nothing is wrong thank you, I just happen to be in a state of extreme boredom."

"I've got just the thing!" Eos then pulled out a ratty old pouch from her belt and handed it to Astraeus. "I've got to run, the sun needs me for another day, but be sure to open it soon! You will never be bored again!" Then she sped off in a burst of purpley-dawn colored light.

Astraeus looked down at the pouch, deeply doubtful for it was old and rather moldy looking. But he shrugged and tucked it in his pocket, vowing to open it at dinner.


After finishing his hearty bowl of Black Bean Soup (his mother always did make the best) he pulled out the little, moldy sack Eros had given him. He carefully inspected it again, but it really just looked like an old hobo bag. He thought it to be quite ridiculous looking and was tempted to throw it aside, thinking Eros tricked him for a bit of fun. After all, she was the goddess of dawn and dawn wasn't necessarily the most serious time of day. Curiosity got the best of him though and, admitting defeat, he opened the little zipper at the top.

Now here he was expecting a car model or a wooden toy or even a teeny-tiny kitten. Instead he heard a loud 'WHOOOOSSSSHHHHHHH' and a great gale of wind whipped his hair about. He spluttered around a bit before realizing that he would have to close the bag. 'Thank goodness I only opened the bag slightly!' he thought.

He quickly threw the bag across the table, where it slid and landed in the corner of the room. He stomped out of his kitchen and fully intended to give Eros a firm tongue-lashing tomorrow. Unbeknownst to him, the poor little wind bag had been torn- just a few frayed strings! -and the wind was once again slipping out, forming tiny tornadoes on the floor...


Astraeus snuggled deeper into his soft blankets and sighed, ready for his restoring sleep to make the day seem not so bad. He closed his eyes and welcomed the blackness of his perfectly light-proofed room. The faint sound of rustling papers broke his calm rest. He sat straight up in bed and threw off the covers. 'This better not be what I think it is!' he thought. He rushed down the hallway straight into his kitchen and the definition of chaos.

There were pots and pans whizzing around, spoons and strainers, broken grablijers and loofahs! He grabbed the grablijer out of the air and held it close to his chest, mourning the loss of the shiny appliance.

After taking a moment to observe the pandemonium that was his kitchen, clutching the grablijer, he began to search out the cause of his distress. He pinpointed the spot he had thrown the pouch but, alas, there was no ugly pouch sitting atop the table. He then leaned against the gusts of wind and struggled to walk forward to the corner across the table, where according to the trajectory of his throw, the pouch should have landed.

Each step was harder than the last, for the closer he got to the pouch the harder the wind would blow. Eventually he got to the bag and, shakily, reached out a hand to grab it. Once the pouch was in his hands he took the grablijer he was still holding and mushed it up into a flat piece of metal. He then painstakingly enveloped the bag with the metal and summoned his indestructible, star hanging string. He then wrapped the metal with his everlasting string. Mercifully, the wind stopped and everything clanged to the ground.

Wearily he cast a look around the room. All his dishes had broken when they fell to the ground, his loofah had scratches all over its soft underbelly, and there were pots everywhere. He sighed, and too tired to really do anything about it, turned around and headed to bed, carefully laying the swaddled bag down on the table.


Astraeus stalked down the hallway, a dark rain cloud following his footsteps. It was Boreas' idea of a gift, which wasn't really a gift at all, even though it did match his mood right then perfectly.

Astraeus was currently in Jude's Orphanage. He was in great need of helper- Astraeus had quickly figured out that handling the winds was more than a one man job. The winds had somehow managed to unwind his string and break free and getting them back in was like giving a cat in a bath. He made sure to double knot the string from then on. After a grueling day of trying to control them he had finally thrown in the towel. He was behind in his star work and all he had gained was the knowledge that not only was there one wind, there were four! They all had different personalities and names, but that made them all the more horrible to work with. They refused to see reason and he was forced to keep them contained unless he wanted the world to be ripped in half, which they actually had the power to do. So here he was looking for company that he never wanted.

Astraeus waved his hands around his head and finally shooed off the bothersome rain cloud that had been following him. He turned the corner and ran straight into a very unbecoming, frowning face.

'Hello?' Astraeus said.

'What?' the squat, round woman said crankily.

'I am looking to adopt a child. How must I go about doing that?'

'Find the director.' This woman was not very cooperative.

'Do you know where she is currently?'

'You're lookin' at her.'

'Great! Can I adopt a youngling?'

The woman sighed. 'Sure. What kinda kid are ya' looking for?'

'I need one as fast as a leopard, cleverer than a fox, stronger than a krylion!' he said with enthusiasm.

She looked at him with a deadpan face and replied, 'Well we ain't got any of those. How bout a kid at the top of our classes.'

Astraeus deflated a bit but agreed readily. She lead him to the gym where multiple students were exercising and opened the door. Inside it seemed like any other gym class, with some kids at the top and most at the bottom but no one standing out particularly. He was widely unimpressed.

'Are there no other children here?'

'Nope, this is most of them. Only Seon's not here.'

He turned toward her and asked, 'Well where is she?'

'Disciplinary infraction.' The woman sighed, 'She always was more trouble that she was worth.'

Astraeus made a split second decision, one like he had never made before. 'I want her.'

The woman dropped her cranky face for a second and replaced it with surprise. 'Seon? Are you insane?'

'No madam I am not. I need someone strong of heart and this "Seon" sounds exactly like that.'

'Whatever, it's your funeral.' The woman scoffed at him and walked out of the gym with a gesture for him to follow.


Astraeus was greatly regretting his decision of adopting Seon. She was everything he was not, uncultured and uncouth! She cut a poor figure indeed in her outrageously colored shirt, multiple necklaces, and heavy combat boots. He could not see them getting along well at all, never mind acting like father and daughter!

'Come along Seon, we are going back to my, and soon yours, home.'

'Why do I got to go anywhere with ya?' Ah yes did he forget to mention she had a mouth on her?

Astraeus pinched his nasal bridge, a stress habit he thought he had kicked long ago. 'Because I have just adopted you. Therefore you are now my daughter and will live with me. I need an extra hand looking over something.'

'You know adopting someone is not a code word for free labor,' she snarked back at him.

He gave her a puzzled look, 'Well then what is it?' Seon just scoffed and started walking toward his intergalactic farca. They both got in and clicked the openings shut, neither blinking as the pod-like car closed in around them, flying at the speed of valkum.


'Alright Seon here is my problem. I have aquired a cloth bag filled with four winds. They are very strong and are most likely plotting the destruction of my house as we speak. I can not control them myself and find myself needing reinforcements. You are the reinforcements.' Astreaus gave her a pointed stare.

'Well have you ever thought of building them a playhouse? I'm sure all they want is to be free.' She gave him a 'Duh!' look.

'A what?'

'Playhouse! You know you put a bunch of toys and things in a big pen to keep kids occupied while you go have fun without them.'

'A playhouse..hmmm...such a thought has not occurred to me. I believe I will try it!'

'Alrighty then I guess my jobs over then, see you later, bye!' Seon quickly turned around and started to run. She got about a pace away when a hand grasped her by the hair and pulled her back. 'Noooo I wanna leave!' she pouted.

'Too bad! Your job is not over yet. I have decided to make you their guardian, I am sure you will be able to handle it.' Astraeus gave an ungodly smirk at the sight of her horrified face. He turned around and started walking toward a patch of unused land, dragging Seon behind him by the hair.


'Seon the house of play is finished!' Astraeus exclaimed dropping down onto his couch with a huff beside the reading girl. 'We must now bring in the Winds.'

They had forged an uneasy truce during the past few days, mostly based on the fact that somewhere along the way Seon had learned to cook, and, well, you know what everyone says. The way to a mans heart is definitely through his stomach!

'Whatever you say boss.' Seon remarked sarcastically as she put the book aside. They both got up with some snarky comments from Seon's side and what Astraeus thought were 'hip' replies.

They walked the short distance behind his house to the impressive looking blue dome. Astraeus lead Seon to the hidden door blocked by eye recognisers and password keys. He quickly typed in the password and leaned forward so the robot could scan his eye.

'I have programmed this scanner to recognise your retina also. I will also tell you the password at a later time.'

The robot chirped a 'Welcome!' and the curved door swooshed open to a wind beings paradise. There were trees, a small lake, and numerous umbrella's laying around. Astraeus spread his hands and asked, 'What do you think of it?'

Seon whistled and replied, 'Very impressive! I guess you aren't just waste of space!'

Astraeus gave her a half-hearted glare before reaching at his belt and withdrawing the metal bag. 'I am going to open the bag, stand back and try to stay out of the way!'

He slowly unwrapped the indestructible string from around the metal and peeled away the casting revealing the same old moldy, hobo bag. He held it out, an arms length away, and carefully pulled down the zipper all the way. Like the last time, a gigantic 'WHOOOOSSSSHHHH!' howled in the room but this time Astraeus could see four figures dancing among the gale.

'Wind gods this is your house of play! You are allowed the length of this room but are forbidden to leave!' Astraeus had to yell to be heard over the sound of the Winds joyful giggles and tempest. He just shrugged when it appeared the Winds were not going to reply and gestured for Seon to follow him.

Once they were out of the Winds room Seon said with a little smile, 'They seemed happy.'

'Indeed. Now they are yours to protect and guard. This means you must stay and make Black Bean Soup for me every Wednesday. This is now your home.'

'I suppose I could stand for that. You would get lonely without me anyway and I just couldn't do that to someone of your age...'

"Their banter continued for years to come where they became best of friends and, though Astraeus would never say it out loud, he considered her his daughter. Their story did not end that day though, no, it continues on even today! For they still live and as long as they do so their story will continue on. So children, there's the story of the beginning of Seon's true life but only the first of many adventures. Maybe tomorrow I will tell you about the Breeze Thief and how Seon had to use all her wits to defeat him! But not today I think, no the story is over for now. Until tomorrow then and if you come early I have cookies and hot chocolate!"

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