Calmed by the Storm
The cold harshness of winter
brings peace to my soul.
The strength of the wind pounding on my window
reminds me of a Higher Power,
one of which I cannot see nor touch
but can feel and hear

Bare feet on cold, wet pavement,
Strong winds blow wisps of hair about my face
Whirlwinds begin to encircle about me
Caressing my body kindly,without the harshness of touch

My soul is lifted and I feel at peace
The red line falls,
leaving me numb to the pain of the world
Now His peace and love falls over me
wet and splashing on my skin, washing away my fears;
cleansing my soul

Pounding, steps are quicker
The wind snatching away the sourness of my heart,
The ringing chimes behind my eyes
are strangely calmed by the wiping winds

Soaking through my hair and clothing
releasing me from my cage
In this raging environment do I feel free
Here I feel safe and secure.

Lightening flashes in the sky in instant color
reflecting off the rain, heaven sent
A vision of His power
Thunder pounds through the clouds
and reminds us of His powerful voice

It splashes over me still
the winds hurling drops at me like needles
that pin to my worries and doubts
and are blown away by the next gust

The harshness of the storm
overpowers that which lies within me
My emotions are gentled
and I am calmed by the storm.